what is web hosting and how to choose one?

What Is Web Hosting & How To Choose The Best One?

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So you have decided to start a blog? Do you know what is web hosting and how to choose one? (It’s important!)


Choosing the right web hosting company for starting a blog is very important. Unfortunately, most beginners start a blog for free, and then shifting their free blogs to web hosting becomes a daunting task.

I started a free blog then had to shut it down. Since then I started using the Bluehost web hosting and have never changed it since.

Often I hear from most bloggers that they started a free blog and they had to move their blog to a web hosting provider later on. Bloggers don’t realize it then but web hosting provides a lot of benefits that free blogs don’t have.

So, in this post, you will learn what web hosting is, the different types of it and how to know which web hosting is right for you.


how to choose a web hosting 13 important things to look for in a web hosting service.

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Before hosting a blog, you should know what web hosting is and how it works.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is an online space that you buy to store your website files. These files can be your blog posts, images, and other important files that make a website. 

To understand what web hosting means, let us use my website for example.

When I purchased the Bluehost web hosting for Tia Says, I got a space online and it is owned by me. I got an address (URL) that leads to my website. 

https://tiasays.com – URL of my website. It is made up of two things https + tiasays.com – HTTPS is the protocol (more on this below) and tiasays.com is the domain name.

So whenever anyone types it, they are directed to my website. No one else can take this domain name.

Some of the examples are

However, owning a web hosting service unlocks a lot of other benefits. You will learn them below. 

First, find out about their types. 

What Are The Types Of Web Hosting?

There are 6 types of web hosting services available. 

  • Shared Hosting – In this type of hosting, your server is shared by multiple other websites. Best for beginners. 
  • VPS Hosting – In this, the website owner has more control but the server is still shared by other websites. 
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – In this type of hosting, your website will be the only hosted one on the server. Hence, you will get the most control over the features. 
  • Cloud Hosting – This type allows a range of computers to share combined resources. 
  • Managed Hosting – With managed hosting, your website is taken care of by the provider. 
  • Colocation – Renting your website to a colocation. 

Since you are just starting, you should go with the managed hosting services. Because they will help you whenever you get stuck. 

How Does Web Hosting Work For A Website?

The work is very easy to understand. 

You buy an online space for your website. All of your website data is kept there. 

Whenever a reader clicks on your link (via different referral methods) he commands the server to return the results. 

The server then contacts your web hosting provider to extract the files and then shows them to the reader. 

These web hosting providers are more dedicated to fetching results faster so that your readers don’t have to wait for long. 

Now when you know how web hosting functions it is time I tell you about WordPress. 

WordPress – Content Management System

To publish content on your website you will need a content management system (CMS) and WordPress is by far the best and most recommended one. 

There are other CMSs like Square space, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. 

However, I have been using WordPress and recommend that you too. 

I mentioned it here to tell you that many web hosting companies have a special WordPress dedicated hosting so if you are wondering what type of web hosting to choose then WordPress is the best choice for you. 

That’s what I chose and am using currently. 

So now it is time I tell you how to find a web hosting provider. 

How To Choose Web Hosting For Your Blog?

If you are wondering what to look for here are some important points. 

1- Speed.

The web hosting services that you are using must be able to provide your site – speed. 

Do you know the attention span of a human being is less than 7 seconds while waiting for the result of an online query? 

Google recommends that the website speed should be less than 3 seconds

This becomes very easy when you are hosted by a good web hosting company like Bluehost

Bluehost loads an average website in 0.90 seconds or less. 

Always look for speed before choosing a web hosting provider. 

2- Security.

Security is the second important thing to consider. After starting a website there are chances that hackers will try to get access to your site. 

A good web hosting service protects your website. 

Therefore when choosing a good company make sure to check out the security options. 

Web hostings like Bluehost, SiteGround, Dreamhost have security protections in their basic package. 

Check out the WordPress recommended hosts. WordPress recommends some hosting services that are good for bloggers in which security is one of the factors. 

3- Customer Services.

You need web hosting that has incredible customer support. 

Because there will be times when you are stuck and then you will need help. 

If I have to share my personal stories related to this then it would become a long list. I’ve had multiple moments when I needed help and the Bluehost support team has always helped me for free. 

And they solve my queries in a few minutes. 

PRO TIP – Also check the contact methods. For example, chat, call, email, social media, and more. 

Generally, an email response takes 3 to 5 days and we ain’t got that much time, Right? 

Make sure that the web hosting you choose has a separate helpdesk that replies within seconds. 

4- Payment Plans And Options.

Another thing is payment plans and options. 

You are starting so you want to choose an affordable hosting that isn’t expensive.

However amazing the WPX hosting or WP Engine are they are not a good choice for new bloggers. 

Therefore, go through the list of web hosting options, compare their prices, and then choose from them. 

Since you are in baby steps you should go with a cheaper and better option. 

5- SSL Certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Remember the URL address of my blog? 


In “HTTPS” the s is added to secure sites only. When you click on it you will notice a little lock sign on the left side of the URL. 

ssl secure site by web hosting providers

It means that the information that the users may share is kept safe and protected. 

Now, most sites don’t have the security layer and the lock is replaced with the “aware” sign like this. 

not secure ssl

Having an SSL certificate makes your site more secure for your readers. 

Fortunately, most web hosting providers give it for free. All you have to do is to find one. 

6- Domain Name.

There are a few great web hosting services that give free domain names. 

For example, Bluehost gives a free domain for 1 year with a dot com (.com) extension.

However, if you purchase a domain name from sites like NameCheap it will cost you anything from $11 to $12 per year. 

Since we are keeping the expenses minimum, it is a great way to save more coins. 

7- Domain Email.

Like a domain name, you have to find a web hosting service that gives free domain emails. 

A domain email is in format – [email protected].

Having a domain email makes your website more professional. 

If you purchase the GSuite package it will cost you $20 to $30 a month. 

For instance, Bluehost gives 5 free domain emails and that saves me a lot of money. 

So choose a web hosting service that gives you free domain emails. 

8- Uptime.

Your web host must give an uptime value of 99% and more. 

But what does it mean? 

If somehow your website goes down then the web hosting must immediately pull it up for the readers. 

The frequency of coming up is the uptime value. 

9- Caching Options.

As your site gets older it will have unwanted files that are not important but only filling up space. These are called cache and needed to be removed regularly. 

Many web hosting providers have caching options like Bluehost

But SiteGround has an amazing cache clearing option using which you can clear cache directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

So look for caching options. 

10- Malware And Scanning Fixes.

At the time of writing this post, I had recently experienced hacking my site. 

I was told by one of my email subscribers that the link that I shared with her was leading to a page full of weird symbols. 

Then I found that members of my Facebook groups were saying the same. So I immediately contacted the Bluehost support team. 

They ran a malware scan and found the bug. They deleted it and my website started working properly. 

I was super glad that my site is hosted on Bluehost but there are many other reasons why I chose Bluehost.

I wanted to say with this story is that find out that your web hosting provider has malware protection options or not. 

11- Backup Policy.

Most web hostings nowadays give backup solutions so that you can always restore the backup version after some anomaly happens. 

Look for the backup options. 

12- Migration Services.

Your web hosting provider must have free migration services so that if you want to move your site from a different host they must help you free of cost. 

Check out migration options. 

13- Refund Policy.

Your web host should have a refund policy for some period such that if you don’t like their services you get your money back. 

Such a refund policy is in Bluehost, the 30-day money-back guarantee. Use their services for 30 days and if you don’t like it get your money back. 

Find out if Bluehost is for you or not? Read the Bluehost review.


So this is how to choose a web hosting service for your blog. 


I hope this post cleared all your doubts that you had about web hosting. And it’s awesome that you are thinking of purchasing a web hosting service for your new blog. 

This step alone says that you are serious about your blog. 

The best web hosting for wordpress that I recommend as well as use is Bluehost. I love how awesome their customer support unit is. They are very helpful and try their best to solve your problem. 

So, if you are new (and scared) then Bluehost is a perfect choice for you. It is easy to use and extremely beginner-friendly. 

If you have any questions, please use the comments section below. I’ll try my best to answer you. 

If not, but you loved the post and want to return the favor then pin this post on Pinterest. It would be appreciated a lot.

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  1. I wish I’d seen this article before I started my blog because I struggled with finding a good one. I originally had BlueHost, my site was really slow so I switched to siteground and I’ve never been happier.

    Definitely bookmarking that’s for the next time I make a website

  2. This is a great article explains the benefits of web hosting. When I first started blogging I remember telling someone and they immediately told me to get web hosting they explained the benefits and I am so glad I listens to them. It’s made blogging so easy.

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