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How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost?

how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost

Ready to start your own blog? But how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost? Keep reading as you are going to start your blog on Bluehost today in only 3 steps.

Because I’ve written this post especially for beginners so if you know nothing about how to start a blog here is something to cheer you up. 

“Starting a WordPress blog takes barely 10 minutes.” 

Yes, exactly! And it’s easy. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and turn off all the distractions because after reading this post you will have these following things.

  • An understanding of why a free blog is not an option.
  • One of the best self-hosting blog platforms that you will love.
  • How to start a WordPress site so that you can have your own self hosted blog.

Ain’t that exciting? Make sure you stick to it because this might be one of the easiest Bluehost tutorials you will ever find.

how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost?

So let’s get started.

I’ll start with the most asked question. And this one needs to be answered.

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Can I Start A Blog For Free?

Yes, you can but it is not a good option for money-making purposes. I know no such bloggers who are making money from a free blog. The reason is that free blogs are with limited functionalities and you can’t optimize your blog for money.

Therefore no, starting a free blog for money-making is not an option. However, the bloggers who just want to pursue their passion usually start a free blog on sites like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Yes, WordPress offers both free and paid features. But that is a story for later (below).

So, free blog – nope. Then how to start a blog and where? I’ll answer that for you.

The Concept Of Starting A Self Hosted Blog

The blog we will start is called a self-hosted blog in which we purchase hosting for our blog to live in. Ideally, you buy a space (you will have the claim of it) for your blog to keep it (content and other things) safe.

The self-hosted website meaning is to buy some space for your blog.

Hosting provides you that space. 

Similarly, the domain is the name given to your blog by you. It is purchased for a similar reason. To have your claim on it. 

  • When you purchase hosting, then your hosting partner will be there for you whenever you need them. (You will be needing them a lot and then it will be good to know that there is someone for you to help you out.)

The common difference between a free blog and self-hosting a blog is in its domain.

Suppose, our blog’s domain name is blogging easy.

The domain with a free hosted WordPress blog will like –

And with a purchased hosting it will be –

Purchasing your domain and hosting will give you the freedom to remove that “wordpress” from your domain. 

This will help you establish a brand online on which blog visitors and other brands will trust. Because other brands after viewing your domain can easily understand if it is a purchased hosting or a free one.

Moving on, you may be excited to know about the exact process of setting up a successful blog. That’s what I am to tell you!

How To Set Up A Blog?

I am going to give here a brief explanation on how to start a blog step by step but after that, I will cover each step in detail.

Here is why I chose Bluehost.

But, you can read my full review of Bluehost here.

It actually involves 4 steps. But with Bluehost, you get to skip one step. (One of the features of Bluehost that I love!)

1 – Choosing an affordable Bluehost plan.

2 – Choosing a domain.

3 – Fill in your details to complete the signup process.

4 – Setting up your WordPress Dashboard.

The step that we get to skip with Bluehost is purchasing a domain. Bluehost offers a free domain for the blog for one year.

Normally, with another host, you will have to buy a domain name that costs nearly $11 – $12 per year. Money saved!

So we are going to use Bluehost as our host.

However, the free domain for the blog is not the only reason why I love Bluehost. There are many more. The other amazing features of Bluehost that I love are listed below.

Why Is Bluehost The Best Blog Hosting Site?

There is a bag full of reasons why I love and recommend Bluehost. Let me reveal them one by one. 

WordPress Officially Recommended Hosting.

wordpress officially recommended Bluehost

Bluehost is a recommended partner of WordPress. Using Bluehost with WordPress will unlock all the incredible features of WordPress that you may not get anywhere. 

Over 38% of web developers use WordPress for blogging. And this big number certifies the credibility of WordPress. – best for self-hosted blogs.

But hey, what is this

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used to manage a blog or website. You can add blog posts, edit settings and so much more. and are the two extensions that WordPress offers its users. 

  • With, you can create a free website with limited features.
  • With, you can create a self-hosted website with advanced features.

Does Bluehost use Yes. And we will be using that too.

Easy To  Use Dashboard.

Bluehost’s dashboard is extremely beginner-friendly. 

And this easy to use dashboard is what I needed when I started. Trust me this will save you from a lot of frustration and scratching your head. 

Free Domain Name.

You are saving around $10 – $12 a year. You get to choose a free domain name for your blog. Type in your favorite blog name and done!

24*7 Support.

This is what I absolutely love about Bluehost. I accept that I am not a pro in all these things. But my readers don’t have to know this. That’s where Bluehost’s incredible support saves me.

They literally take less than 2 seconds to respond back to me. Also, I have both chat and call options to reach out to them.

Super Affordable Plans.

You get the Bluehost WordPress pricing for only $3.95 a month. That’s equal to a cup of coffee. Your money will be put to good use.

Fast Loading Speed

With the total loading time of 0.56 s, it is amazing that Bluehost provides a great speed for my site.

Best Uptime Value

Bluehost provides an uptime value of 99.98% and that’s next to perfect. So, if your site goes offline somehow, Bluehost will make sure it comes back within seconds.

Automatic WordPress Installation.

This might be the best thing for beginners. You don’t have to do anything to install WordPress, with  Bluehost, WordPress installation is automatic.

Bluehost will automatically connect and install WordPress with your domain. All you will have to do is to set a password and then explore the various features of the WordPress dashboard. 

Safe and Secure.

The data and files that you will upload or save in your Bluehost account will remain private to you only. They are very serious about providing the best safety system.

Free Domain Emails.

Bluehost gives 5 free domain emails for its customers. With other hosting companies, you will have to purchase an email suite that costs nearly $4 to $5 a month.

Domain email is like “[email protected]

Using domain emails will increase your brand value. With Bluehost these are free. Ain’t that classy?

No Other Costs.

This $3.95 a month is the only amount you will have to pay to sign up for WordPress Hosting.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Bluehost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its new customers. That is to explore the features of Bluehost and leave it if you don’t like it (but it won’t be required though).

<<Take Me To Bluehost>>

Since you are just starting with all this, using Bluehost with WordPress is perfect for you. This is how I started blogging.

wordpress hosting on bluehost

Bluehost is the best web hosting for a blog on WordPress.

Okay, But how to start a blog on Bluehost? That’s what this next section is about.

How To Create A WordPress Website With Bluehost?

You can easily get confused with the question of how to use Bluehost and WordPress? I mean, it sounds confusing, Right? But it really is not.

I’ll show you how. Let me detail the four steps that we discussed above. 

Pro tip – Open a new tab and follow this Bluehost WordPress tutorial along as I proceed to make sure you are starting a WordPress site from scratch in the right way.

Step 1 – Choosing An Affordable Hosting Plan.

First, visit the Bluehost site to get started. You will see this screen.

bluehost web hosting

Now when you click on the green button, you will be taken to a screen and when you scroll down you will see the plans.

bluehost pricing plans

You don’t have to choose the recommended ones. For beginners, the basic plan is enough. The basic plan of the shared hosting by Bluehost is the best web hosting for bloggers who are just starting.

I remember I chose the basic plan for this blog. It’s logical to pick the starter plan when you are starting because we are keeping your expenses minimum. Now, click on the basic plan. 

But you can also pick the plan of your choice.

Bluehost will take you to a screen where they will ask you for a domain name. Remember, I told you that you get a free domain. This is the place where you get it. 

Step 2 – Choosing A Domain.

The screen will look something like this.

choose bluehost domain

On the left is where you claim a new domain and on the right is already claimed domains are registered. We want to get a new domain so we will be using the left panel. If you haven’t picked your domain yet, scroll down and you will see an option to skip it.

But if you have your domain then enter it on the “create a new domain” panel and make sure you choose the dot com (.com) extension.

If your domain name is available then they will display you a green message saying “ your domain name is available” but if it is not then you can always choose the “skip it for later” step and curate a great domain name later.

Now click next. (Do you know, we have completed two steps already? I told you this is super easy!)

Step 3 – Fill In Your Details To Complete The Signup Process.

When you click next you would be required to fill in some information to complete the signup process. 

First, Account Details. Enter the necessary details.

bluehost account details screen

Second, the package information. Choose the duration of the Bluehost package you want. The longer you choose the more money you save. For example, a 36-month plan will save you $145.

The first time, I picked the 36 month plan because of two reasons.

  • This way, I will have a lot of time to learn everything.
  • I decided to renew my next subscription from the money that I will make within these 36 months. 

However, if you want to choose the 12 month plan you are welcome to choose that.

payment plan and package extras on bluehost screen

Below this, there is another option to choose the extra packages. My advice untick them because you don’t really need them. Also, you don’t have to buy them if you don’t know how to use them. At Least that’s what I thought.

payment details on bluehost

Third and last, enter your payment information, scroll down and click on the blue check bar saying that you have read the Bluehost’s terms and conditions.

Now click submit.

And Done!

Congratulations! You have completed the process and now you are one of the Bluehost’s Happy members.

Told you! It was this easy to start a blog on Bluehost.

Step 4 – Setting Up The WordPress Dashboard.

Within a few minutes, Bluehost will welcome you. They will also send you an email about the confirmation of the purchase. 

The next step is to create a strong password. Choose a strong password and re-type the password then click next.

Yay! You are completely done! 

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Dashboard?

Have you noticed it? WordPress is automatically installed on your Bluehost dashboard. You didn’t have to do anything. And you were worried about “how to host a blog?” Okay, okay, thank me later. I’ll give you an option.

Choosing a WordPress theme for your Blog

In the next screen, you will be asked to choose a theme. You can skip this step also but if you want to, choose a free theme from these options. 

However, I have used the Astra theme in this blog. It’s a great theme. Check out my review.

The next screen is your two things.

  • Your Bluehost Dashboard. 
  • The dashboard you will see very often.
bluehost dashboard

This is the place where you are going to design a great website. Meet your virtual office! Do you like it? Of course, you do!

Simply click the login to the WordPress button and you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard. Another way to log in to your dashboard is to enter this URL on your search bar.

Type the domain name that you chose for this blog in place of “”.

After that, you will see a screen like this. This is your Bluehost WordPress Login screen.

wordpress dashboard

Simply enter your login details and wait for a few seconds for the next window to load. 

The screen in front of you is your WordPress dashboard. 

Here is a screenshot of my WordPress dashboard. This is where all of it will begin.

To help you with setting up a successful blog I have also included a WordPress beginner’s tutorial. 

The Beginner’s Tutorial To WordPress

The first screen you see is your dashboard. On the left, there is a sidebar. The options that you will see on this sidebar are – 


This is the home page. To navigate to your dashboard click on the home icon. You will see an overview of your site here.


This is where all the updates related to the theme, plugins, and other things will appear. Check out regularly for any updates. Not updating things can harshly decrease the speed of your site.


All your posts will appear if you click on the posts option. A drop-down menu will further open.

  • Add new – To add a new post.
  • All Posts – To open the grid of your posts.
  • Categories – To arrange posts in similar groups.
  • Tags – for giving a subcategory.


This is where all the media (images, videos, and other files) would appear. A drop-down menu will open when you click on the media option. 

  • Add new – To add new media. Drop your files and the media will be uploaded. 
  • Library – To open all the media added.


All pages of your site will appear here. To add a new page simply click on the add new button either on the drop-down menu or on the top of the page loaded when you clicked on the page option.

The must-have pages for your blog are – 

  • An about page.
  • A contact page.
  • A home page.


The comments you receive will appear here. You will not have any comments yet but over time as you publish posts and gain some traffic you will start receiving comments.

You can reply to them from here.


To design your website you will navigate to this option. On the drop-down menu if you click on 

  • Theme – you will see the activated theme. If you skipped adding your theme, you will notice that WordPress will by default activate the 2020 theme. You can also change your theme from here.
  • Customize – you can edit the look and design of your website.
  • Widgets – are extra features added on your blog such as on sidebars and etc.
  • Menus – to modify your blog’s menu settings.
  • Header, CSS, and Theme Editor – to modify your theme codes.


Plugins are mini software added to a WordPress site to add extra features to a site. For example, to add extra security we add an Akismet plugin. Plugins are the first things to install on a website. To install necessary plugins to your site check out this post. 

You can click on the install new plugin and type the name of the plugin on the search bar to find it. 


This is where you can update the settings about your User profile. You can add your social media profiles, edit your bio section, and more.


You will find some extra tools here. Such as sharing tools, and etc. 


To modify your writing, reading, and sharing setting you will have to navigate here. You can also change comments settings.

This was a short tutorial on WordPress but do you know Bluehost has a complete WordPress guide to check out and learn the basics. It’s not really that hard. Slowly, you will have a strong grip on everything. 

You can also check out the Bluehost blog to keep yourself updated with new things.

It’s time I tell you how to write your first blog post. Check out this post to write a blog post that gets viral. And some of these posts – 


So we have made it to the end. But is it an end really? 

No! It’s actually the beginning of an amazing blog that is ready to go live in this world. It’s time to start designing your website for the whole world to see it. 

Have you picked your niche? If you have not, follow my detailed guide to get a profitable niche. Because the most profitable blog is the one that is niche-specific. 

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful, and I am also glad that I helped you start your blog. Excited? Nervous? Curious? Scared? Heck, all of these and many more! 

I know the feeling and we both know it’s the best one. Now I am leaving you alone with your blog so that you can start designing it. 

Can you share how you are feeling? What are you most excited about? I remember I was the most excited about my first blog post and the least interested in creating the about me page. (I was just so shy about creating it)

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments section.

Oh yes, pin me if you haven’t yet!

how to start a wordpress blog with bluehost

You can also buy a money-making blog if you don’t want to start from scratch.

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