Hi And Welcome To My Resource Library!

I’ve collected all the best blogging resources and tools that I use on my blog as well as recommend you to do the same. 

So if you are a blogger looking for something, I hope you find the best blog tools from here. 

So let’s begin. 

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost Web Hosting

If your blog is not self-hosted then you should do it now because with a free blog you have limited options and so you can’t make money from it. 

Bluehost is one of the best web hostings for bloggers who are new to this. When I started my blog I chose Bluehost and never switched to any other (planned to but could never gather the courage).  

I love Bluehost because of so many features. 

1- Beginner-friendly. – It is easy to navigate. 

2- Free domain – I got a free domain for a year.

3- Free domain emails – With other hostings, it will cost you 10 – 11$ per month. 

4- Free SSL. 

5- And amazing customer service. 

Check out the Bluehost now


The Astra Theme – A Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Astra theme

I’ve switched to so many blog themes to improve my site load time but none of them helped. 

That’s when I installed the Astra Theme on my blog and a little later when I checked my page speed insights reports it was much better. 

It is because the Astra theme is coded keeping speed in mind. 

In short, if you are facing the same problem switching to the Astra theme can be helpful. 

Plus it is a free WordPress theme and you can at least give it a try. 

Check out the Astra Theme here. 


The DIVI Theme For WordPress

DIVI theme

Divi theme is one of the best blog themes for WordPress launched by Elegant themes.

Although it is a premium theme you would regret the money spent. 

It is because the DIVI theme is a drag and drop theme that you can edit as an absolute non-coder. 

Plus, it has a library of pre-made templates that are free to use. 

Check out the DIVI theme here. 

Keyword Research Tool For SEO 

I use the following three keyword research tools for SEO. 

1- Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest – Keyword Research.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research tool

I use Ubersuggest for researching keywords for my blog. It is my second favorite tool on this blog resource page. 

I love it because it gives me a lot of related keywords that I can use on my content. 

Try Ubersuggest for free. 

2- Moz – SEO.

Moz Keyword Research tool

Moz is a great free SEO blog tool. 

I use it to research my competition and know my Domain Authority (DA) score. 

Try Moz for free. 

3- Answer The Public Tool.


Answer The Public is a blog tool for bloggers to find out exactly what questions their target audience is searching for. 

I find these questions and answer them in my blog posts. 

Try Answer The Public for free. 

I’ve also used Semrush (a premium tool) and no doubt it is one of the best. However, it is very expensive for me at this time. So, I moved to the free options and thought I should not include it in my resource library.

Elementor Plugin – WordPress Website Builder

Elementor landing page creator

If you are looking for the easiest way to design a professional-looking website then look nowhere. 

Elementor is the best landing page creator for you. 

I’ve created many landing pages with Elementor Plugin only because of its drag and drop style. Otherwise, I must have hired someone to do it for me because I don’t know how to code. 

Thankfully, Elementor made it as simple for me.

There is a free version (it has limited features) but enough for you to get started.  

Try Elementor Plugin here. 

Plagiarism Checker – Grammarly

grammarly proofreading tool

I’m not obsessed that my content should be flawless but I like to fix common typos. 

And the process is super easy with Grammarly. 

Is Grammarly free? 

Grammarly is a freemium tool that fixes all of the errors. You can download the Google Chrome extension and use it for free.

Try Grammarly For Free here. 

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Canva – Free Graphic Creation Tool

Canva a free graphic creation tool in this resource library

Canva is my first favorite tool of all blogging resources. 

With Canva you can literally create anything for example blog graphics, social media graphics, and more. 

Plus, Canva is free. I mean the free version is enough although the paid version has a lot more features. 

Try the Free Canva Here.

Stock Photos

You will need stock photos to use on your blog and social media graphics. 

I highly recommend you check out these two sites for cheap stock photos. 

1- IvoryMix

ivory mix stock photos blog resources for bloggers

IvoryMix is run by Kayla and her stock photos are beautiful. Plus she sends free stock photos every month. 

Check out the IvoryMix Subscription Plan. 

2- PixiStock

pixistock stock photo subscription

PixiStock is another great site by Alicia to find professional-looking photos that are ready to use on your blog. 

Get her 21 free stock photos. 

Head over to PixiStock Subscription Plan. 

Creative Market

Creative Market for fonts, graphics and templates.

Creative Market is a go-to place to find great stuff for blog designing. 

For example, fonts, graphics, templates, and more. Their prices are very affordable. 

And I love that you get 6 free Creative Market stuff every week. 

Visit Creative Market here. 

Mailerlite – Best Email Marketing Tool

mailerlite email marketing tool

I use Mailerlite to send emails to my subscribers. 

I love it because, as a beginner, it is very easy to use it and it has ready-to-use templates. 

Mailerlite is a free email marketing tool with up to 1000 subscribers. 

Create a free account on Mailerlite today.

Angela’s Blog Planner

angela's blog planner one of the best tools in my resource library

To plan my blog content and strategy I recommend using Angela’s blog planner. 

It is one of the best blog planners that are available at a low price. 

What I love about her planner is that she has included her own promotion methods on a page so you can also try them. 

Buy Angela’s blog planner now. 

Hootsuite – Social Media Scheduling Tool

Hootsuite social media Scheduling Tool

I use Hootsuite to schedule my social media posts. 

After trying all of them I finally found this amazing free social media marketing tool (limited)

Hootsuite allows you to schedule 30 posts at a time but if you need more you can always upgrade to a plan. 

Check out Hootsuite here. 

These were all the blogging resources that I am using now but keeping checking out because I have a habit of trying and switching to another.

If you want any help with blogging or want to start a blog from scratch then head over to my extremely valuable walkthrough to becoming a successful blogger.

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