11 awesome reasons why you should start a blog

11 Reasons To Start Blogging & Why I Love It!

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Of all the decisions I made in my life starting a blog is the one that I don’t regret a bit. Therefore, here are all those reasons to start a blog. So, if you’re not sure then keep reading.

In each of these benefits of blogging, I’ll tell you how my blog has made me a better version of myself. 

So that if you are not sure whether you should start a blog or not I hope these benefits help you decide. 

Blogging is worth it and also fun. 

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One of the reasons is the lovely blogging community. 

Throughout the journey, I have met amazing bloggers who have always helped me. And it is one of the reasons why you are never alone in it.


Let me quickly tell you all of the benefits of blogging because of which I love my blog. 


11 reasons to start a blog
11 super awesome reasons why I loved being called a blogger.

Here’s a quick intro to what is a blog. Skip it if you already know about it. 

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work? 

A blog is a collection of web pages where information is published on a specific topic. 

You add web pages regularly on your blog and slowly it becomes a helpful source of information for people who are looking for it. 

To understand what is the purpose of a blog let’s consider the example of Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia is a blog that shares free information on every topic.

People got to Wikipedia to find answers to their questions. And also other blogs.

11 Lovely Reasons To Start A Blog

Now that you know what is a blog here are the reasons why you should start a blog. 

1- Become More Disciplined.

This is one of the best benefits of blogging for students who don’t have time or even when you have to go to your job. 

One of the pros of blogging is that it taught me how to manage my time and prioritize things that matter. 

Blog planning is an important part of maintaining it and this has helped me decide things ahead of time. 

I’ve learned to manage my time and divide it according to my studies and blogging. 

At first, I was afraid that blogging is hard and it will take all of my time and I may not focus on my studies. 

In reality, it’s just the opposite. I have become more organized and I’m balancing my studies and running my blog in my spare time. 

I know I have to set monthly (or weekly) goals and do my best to slay them all.

2- Become More Confident.

This is one of the best reasons to start a blog if you get nervous about sharing your opinion in public.

I publish blogging tips that would help other beginners to blog better. 

Publishing information regularly has made my blog a source for people who want to improve their blogs. 

So when you know that there are people who follow you to learn something it gives you the inspiration to do better. 

And I think the role of followers in becoming confident is very big. 

Getting positive blog comments, shares, and more things has helped me become confident over time. 

And now I am determined to learn more things and teach my readers about them. 

Blogging has also helped me learn how to solve problems so whenever I face a new problem I’m willing to find solutions. 

3- Allow You To Be Your Own Boss. 

Why start a blog? Because it is one of the jobs where you can be your own boss. 

Even if it’s a side hustle. 

You start publishing great content regularly and become an authority when people start trusting you. 

You can start making money from it. Blogging can be a career and an amazing one. 

Many bloggers are making money from their blogs. 

I have also started making money from this blog. I know blogging is still profitable and has a lot of potentials.

4- Become A Blogging Inspiration. 

I have been blogging for two and a half years (this blog is one year old) and since then I have received so many positive responses from my readers. 

The feeling is so great. It is because I started my blog getting inspired by bloggers online. 

I used to read blogs every day and that’s how I got into blogging. 

Now, whenever I receive emails and comments from my readers that they like my tips I feel blessed. 

With your blog, you will be helping a lot of people who would regularly check your blog to learn more things.

5- Make Money With Blogging.

One of the reasons to start a blog is to make it profitable.

I hear a lot of people ask if they can make money blogging. 

And it is logical. They want to be assured that their time is used in something productive. 

Yes, you can make money from your blog and I say this because I know many examples of blogs that do so. 

Another great reason I say this is because there are so many ways to make money blogging. 

If one method didn’t work out for you then you can always go for others.

For instance, there are types of blogs that make money from only displaying ads, some earn money with affiliate marketing and more.

Here are a few ways to monetize a beginner blog but there are many.

6- Meet Amazing People Like You.

There’s a very big community of like-minded individuals who are so friendly and helpful. 

I have met so many amazing bloggers till now and some of them have become my close friends. 

During my blogging journey, I have had so many questions and whenever I needed them these awesome bloggers helped me. 

Or whenever I needed support when I was launching something new they were always there to appreciate me. 

The blogging community is truly amazing.

7- Become A Better Writer. 

It’s not a surprise that you will improve your writing skills as you continue to publish blog posts regularly. 

If I haven’t told you before I always wanted to do that. Write better.

Starting a blog has given me all the resources to improve my writing skills. 

If you have wanted to make a career as an author, a blog could be your first step.

I’m sure you must have heard that to become a writer you must read regularly. However, if you write regularly you are taking action and putting things into practice. 

And that’s how you grow faster. 

8- Learn New Skills. 

Blogging is not just writing and publishing. There are new skills to learn online through blogging. 

You will learn something new every day even if you are just writing and publishing. 

Such as, you will learn SEO, improve content writing skills and blogging skills. 

The interesting thing about these skills that you would learn is that you could make money by helping other people. 

Many small businesses are busy, so they are looking for someone to hire and get the work done. 

And they pay big money. If you want to have a look check out these 11 freelance sites that offer work. 

If you haven’t noticed it before, there is a huge demand for SEO services. You can simply learn SEO skills to make money and keep improving them. 

9- Passion Into Business. 

This is one of the things I love about blogging. 

If you have ever put your dream of starting a blog on hold because you wonder what I should blog about then keep reading. 

You can blog about anything you are passionate about. 

It can be your unique business idea. Whatever you think you can teach people about starting a blog on that topic is the way to go.

And if you are not sure about it then starting it as a side business while you are employed or studying can also work for you.

Such as me. I’m managing this blog and my studies side by side.

I started my blog to improve my writing skills and I may start my writing business soon. 

There are many bloggers I know who have started their online stores to sell their homemade products.

If you like creating something then you can do it too. 

There are many benefits of blogging in business. For instance, the purpose of a blog site is to spread the word about your amazing products so that people can check out them.

10- Blogging Is Good. 

And it is easy. 

Once you learn things and understand everything about blogging it becomes easy. 

There are a lot of bloggers who are making a great income by helping people. And all they are doing is solving problems. 

Because it’s not rocket science. 

If you see these stats on blogging you will learn that in the future more people will start their blogs.

Some of these stats might dare you to blog but it is clear that blogging is not dead. It is growing. 

It is for people who love to take on challenges.

11- Unlocks Great Opportunities. 

Just like you can never know where life takes you, you can never know what new opportunities blogging can bring you. 

Starting my blog, I have got great opportunities such as getting writing work, published on blogs I always dreamed of and learning new things.

Now, I’m focused to scale my skills to get better opportunities.

It can work similarly for you. How? You will create your own little space about your passion. People will start noticing it and listening to your advice. 

That’s how you will open endless opportunities for yourself. 

Here are the free blog resources that I created for new bloggers like you to help them grow their blogs.



So this is how and why a blog changed my life and made me a better version of myself. 

There can be unlimited reasons to start a blog. You should focus on finding yours.

Blogging is fun and anyone can start a blog and make it successful. 

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The only thing needed is to be consistent but with these productivity tips, you can easily become consistent. 

From here, I have two great options for you. 

Follow this step by step guide and get a WordPress blog on Bluehost

I hope you liked this post. 

If you have any questions about blogging please let me know in the comments section. 

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  1. I love this. I am currently trying to find ideas and ways to create my niche… it is the hardest things as I’m passionate about many things.. and I love to ramble.. I have made 3 pre-first post outlines and I keep hesitating for that post. Thank you for this and being so fun about! Will be reading ad following more on this to help me with my journey!

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