how to protect your blog legally


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Not sure how to protect your blog legally? I’ve got you covered.

Disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer. All of the information in this post is from my blogging experience and is for educational and informational purposes only. 

As a beginner, with so many things to focus on, anybody can easily skip this very important part of blogging correctly. Unfortunately not focusing on this can be harmful for you and your blog. Ignorance can lead to dangerous lawsuits.

Therefore, it becomes important for you that you not only understand but also make sure that your blog is protected legally and you are confident about your blog. 

For that to happen, you must first know why it is required. So in this post you will learn 

  • Why must your blog be legally protected?
  • How can you protect your blog? 
  • What do you need to protect it? 

In short, you will find everything here so make sure you are reading it till the end. 

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how to protect your blog legally

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

To protect your blog legally you must have a blog, if you don’t have a blog read this detailed guide to start one.

Why Your Blog Must Be Legally Protected?

Yes this is an ugly side of blogging.

Whether it is your hobby blog or money making blog you have to secure it legally. I’ll tell you why. 

1- Content Copyright

The content that you will publish on your blog can be copied or used by others (claimed as theirs). This is called Plagiarism. 

And you can’t complain if your website doesn’t have the required documents. 

Best Practice – 

You must also not copy or use others’ content. 

If you genuinely like someone’s content and want to share it with your readers then you should either ask the content owner if you can publish it or give proper credits by linking to its original page. 

2- Legal Pages

Defining some terms for your website can save you from a lot of trouble. 

For instance,

  • Privacy Policy – If you collect emails (or any information) of your subscribers then you must mention it in your legal pages that your readers are aware of this. 

You are not providing your readers information to any third-party. 

  • Affiliate Disclosure – If you don’t have an affiliate disclosure in your site, it will not be accepted by many respected affiliate networks.

Most big brands (where the real money is) will not accept your application if your site is not legally safe. 

There are still a lot of ways you can secure your site. 

How I learned about all of this when I started?

When I was new to blogging, protecting my blog legally was the last thing in my mind but then while scrolling through the Pinterest’s smart feed I found an article. 

In that article I found a free course to secure blog legally. I took the course and found out that I wasn’t blogging legally all along. 

That’s when I paid attention to this very important thing. 

Take the course and find out yourself. 

Free Legal Course For Beginner Bloggers

I love this course so much because it’s free and very helpful. Honestly I never miss free things. 

How You Can Protect Your Blog (Yourself) Legally? 

There are many places where you have to take precaution. That is the important information your legal pages must have. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

1- Affiliate Disclosure

As I have explained before you must have an affiliate disclosure on your site to get it accepted by big brands. 

2- Privacy Policy

A page in your site must explain to your readers that their information is safe. The cookies that your site may save will only be saved for good purposes only. 

3- Website Content Policy 

The content you publish is purely yours and it cannot be copied or produced in other forms. 

4- Communication Policy 

The information that your readers provided may be used for communication purposes. 

5- Image Credit

You can’t use any image that you like on Google. These images are subject to copyright. 

If you open any image on Google you will see something like this below. 

images subject to copyright.

If you are using these images (taken from Google) you must stop now and delete those images. 

A safe way to do this is to give proper credits to the creator of the image. 

Giving credits means that you have linked to that website page from where you found the image. 

Doing this certifies that the owner of the image has given you the permission to use it. 

But if you don’t want to give credits to each and every image you use on your website you can use stock images. 

The best is to take an affordable stock photo subscription and use these images without having to give credits. 

There are still more ways to secure your site. And if we go on discussing every single one of them we could lose on our topic. 

Which is to find a solution! So what’s the solution? 

Expensive Lawsuits – Is This The Only Solution?

It’s not a secret that a lawyer would charge thousands of dollars and even more to prepare these pages for a website. 

I’m sure you don’t have thousands to spend on a lawyer, right? Therefore this option is out of the race. 

Free Pages

There are many sites out there that produce legal templates for free but for the price of nothing you will get nothing. 

Meaning these templates skip the important stuff and give you incomplete or vague pages. That is of no use because your site will however be rejected by the big brands (or worse can get sued). 

Hence this is also not an option.

I have a better solution. Interestingly, it’s the easiest one. 

The super affordable Legal Bundle Package by Amira. 

Check out the Legal Bundle Package

What is The Legal Bundle Package?

legal bundle pakage

The Legal Bundle Package is a super affordable, customizable according to your needs, and easy to implement collection of required legal pages templates to save your site from getting into legal trouble.

All in all, it is everything that you will need to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about getting sued. 

Check out the legal bundle package.

What’s Inside The Legal Bundle?

There are three main pages that you will need to secure your site. 

1- Privacy Policy Template

how to protect your blog legally

This easy to customize template is perfect for you to get a legally valid privacy policy page for your website in a matter of minutes. 

Meaning, the Privacy Policy Template and the rest of Amira’s templates are pre-made. 

What’s left for you is to fill up some necessary details like your website information to display and use them. 

That is, hours of work done in minutes. 

2- Terms And Conditions Template

how to protect your blog legally

Terms and Conditions is a legal contract signed between you and your readers. It is required by law that you define certain terms of use for your readers to navigate your website.

This all-in-one Terms and Conditions template is your solution to the problems like 

  • Affiliate Disclosure. 
  • Communication Policy.
  • Information policy. 
  • Comments.
  • Liability limitation.
  • And etc.

In short, all of the required pages in one Terms and Conditions page and that too in a form of customizable template. 

Saving you more time.

3- Disclaimer Template

how to protect your blog legally

To make sure that your site’s content is not copied (plagiarised) by any other site owner or if he does so you are given proper credits for it. 

This disclaimer template on your blog will tell your website visitors that your content can’t be used by anyone else without your permission. 

If he does so then you have full rights to charge a claim for your content. 

This Disclaimer template also contains affiliate disclosure.

These three important pages will save your site from any legal trouble and you can blog without any fears. 

You get all of this for a small price of $197 with 9 bonuses. 

Check out the Legal Bundle Package

What Are The 9 Bonuses?

If you purchase the Legal Bundle Package you get 9 bonuses and all of them are useful if you have an online business like a blog. Below are all the bonuses listed with their usability.

  1. GPDR Visitors Rights Policy – To show your readers that your site complies with GPDR policy. (worth $150)
  2. GPDR Email Marketing Policy – So your site has defined email laws. (worth $150)
  3. Cookie Policy – To tell your readers how and why your site uses cookies. (worth $100)
  4. Earnings Disclaimer – Protect yourself that your website earns profit after promoting some products or ads (if you publish income reports). (worth $75)
  5. Testimonial and Products Review Disclaimer – If you publish product reviews. (worth $75)
  6. Sponsored Post Disclaimer – An important additional disclaimer if you publish sponsored posts. (worth $75)
  7. Lawful use Of Website Clause – To prevent abuse of the website. (worth $150)
  8. Third-Party Links Disclaimer – To ensure liability of and=y third-party links you publish. (worth $150)
  9. Mandatory Arbitration Clause – So you can avoid any long and expensive lawsuits. (worth $150)

So you see all of these bonuses combine $1075 and you get all of these plus the 3 important legal pages at a small prize of $197.


What Are The Benefits Of Legal Bundle Package?

Some of the really nice benefits of purchasing the Legal Bundle Package are – 

  • You get 3 (basically everything you need) Legal pages for a price of one. 
  • These templates are prepared by a certified lawyer Amira Irfan. 
  • You will save hours that would be wasted in getting these pages prepared by a lawyer. These templates can be filled and published in only 15 minutes.
  • You will save at least $1000 if you use these templates on your website instead of hiring an expensive lawyer who would charge hourly. 
  • You get lifetime free updates in the pages. Amira is very particular about keeping the information useful and fresh. 
  • Access to exclusive membership dashboard from where you can download as many templates as you want. 
  • Access to Amira’s private Facebook Group where you can ask questions related to these templates and get answers. 
  • 9 awesome bonuses (with each template get 3 bonuses). 

I Want To Buy Legal Bundle Package


It’s true that the legal side is easily ignored by most beginners. 

We have other important tasks to do as bloggers. It’s logical! But it is definitely not safe! 

Thanks to Amira’s super affordable Legal Bundle Package that beginners can also blog confidently. 

Otherwise with those expensive lawsuits, all we could do was to watch our money sinking in. 

I hope that I have made this (extremely overwhelming) legal side of blogging a little easier for you. 

I hope that you have made your blog legally protected. 

When I found out that I was not blogging legally I couldn’t sleep at night trying to find a solution! 

I want to know what’s your reaction? Are you blogging legally? If not, are you going to protect it? 

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how to protect your blog legally

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  1. This is a great and also a very important post for every blogger out there! I think the legal side of blogging is easily overlooked, but it can get you in trouble… big time! Thank you for sharing this, and I will definitely look into the Legal bundle.

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