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13 Clever Productivity Tips For Bloggers To Stay Pumped!

easy and actionable productivity tips for bloggers

Blogging can be overwhelming. At least that’s what I learned so far. But I also learned how to not get distracted and stay focused. So, this post contains all those productivity tips for bloggers that I practiced and have helped me.

There were times when I would waste hours on Instagram. Or I would not write for days. 

Sometimes it was imposter syndrome (yep, it’s real) and other times it was unproductivity. 

Then I had a turning point and I started practicing some productivity tips and learned to stay focused. 

So, if you think blogging is too much and you can’t find any reason to keep going, please read my post as you are going to find actionable productivity tips that you can easily apply. 

Trust me, it’s not blogging, it’s your priorities. 

Save this post and help me grow. 

actionable productivity tips for new bloggers to stay motivated.

Let’s get started. 

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13 Actionable Productivity Tips For Bloggers

I want to start with your priorities. Productivity is achieved only when you are serious about that thing. 

It all depends on how badly you want that thing. For example, when I started my blog I wanted to make money blogging. 

I won’t lie, I badly wanted to. And that’s why I was serious about making it work for me. 

So, I did everything. 

Therefore you must decide your priorities first. If you want to make your blog work out for you then you must set your blog as your priority. 

Now that you have your blog as your priority you must do something about it. 

To make it work you have to be productive. So how to stay productive in blogging? How to stay organized as a blogger? 

Your practical productivity tips are below. 

Follow Productivity Blogs

No brainer. I know. 

But it helps. It’s because you don’t know most of the tips to be more productive. 

These productivity bloggers know way more than us. 

I have discovered so many productivity tips for procrastinators that are worth trying. 

For example, I learned that you get the most creative ideas in complex situations. I usually get them when I am eating. 

Some of the great blogs to follow are 

Regularly reading these blogs will help you stay focused. Towards one goal.

Practice Daily Affirmations

This tip has helped me stay motivated while working from home. 

In blogging, you are your boss, it is great but not discipline-wise. 

You can easily get distracted because you don’t have to answer anyone. 

That’s why I started practicing daily affirmations. It helped me in staying productive while working from home. 

Here’s what I do – 

I have a notebook that I use daily to write at least 10 positive affirmations about blogging. Some of the examples are

  • Blogging is easy.
  • I can grow my blog DA to 20 easily. 
  • Working on my blog makes me happy. 

I know they may sound silly but they help. Try it and see the difference yourself. 

It’s because when you write something you set your mind to it and you will start believing it. 

I usually write them in the morning so I begin my day with my goals. 

Use A Blog Planner

My next tip would be to use blog planners to plan everything out in advance. 

This helps in keeping a record of everything and allows you to prioritize. 

I use a blog planner daily to

  • Write a to-do list for blogging.
  • Keep updated on my social media goals.
  • Prioritize tasks. 
  • Have a premade list of blog post ideas. (More on this below)

I love and use this blog planner because it also has awesome tips such as for growing blog traffic in checklists. 

tia says blog planner for new bloggers that is also printable

You can check out my blog planner here. 

Maintain A To-Do List

Okay, you must have heard of this many times before. 

But I want to give you my process. 

Maintaining a to-do list is very helpful especially when you get distracted too easily, like me.  

For bloggers, there are two situations –

  • We have time and lots of tasks that we can’t decide which one to do and waste time. 
  • Don’t have time and lots of tasks to do. 

In either case, you will have lots of tasks but you can’t do all of them. 

That’s when maintaining a to-do list is one of the best things to do to stay productive. 

Here’s what I do – 

  • I know that some tasks are big like publishing a blog post, so I divide it into smaller tasks such as keyword research, writing, editing, etc. 
  • Then I’ll plan my next day before sleeping. 
  • I’ll add 4 to 5 small tasks to my to-do list for the next day. 
  • And I decide to do nothing else but these tasks only.

This way I’m focused on doing what’s important. I complete my to-do list and reward myself.

ALSO READ – How to manage a blog by setting realistic goals?

Create A Blog Content Plan

This single thing saved me big time. 

If you have read my posts earlier you would know that I would take months to publish a new blog post. 

Because I had no plan to work. 

That’s when I decided to change it. I learned and created a blog content plan such that I publish 1 post per week. 

This helped me a lot. For instance, I was able to grow my blog DA from 8 to 20 in only 5 months. 

Consistency is the key. 

Here’s what happens when you are not consistent. 

I couldn’t publish blog posts for a whole month because I had to focus on my exams. 

So I lost my DA. It decreased from 20 to 17. 

Yes, it hurts. But I’ve learned how much consistency is important. 

That’s why having a blog content plan is so helpful. It will help you stay constant. 

Follow this guide to create an acceptable blog content plan. 

Limit Your Tasks


How to stay productive in blogging? Limiting your tasks. 

I have a great story for this. 

When I started, I was everywhere doing everything to get blog traffic. 

On every social media platform, including Instagram. 

Trust me when I say this, Instagram is so addictive. Mostly because of the scrolling feature. 

So, I wasted hours scrolling reels and nothing happened. Because that clever Instagram won’t even allow adding links to your posts. 

No traffic for me at all. (I’m not great at Instagram, so it didn’t work for me, please don’t get offended)

That’s when I left Instagram behind. And focused on a few social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

These were bringing me traffic.

So, it’s time you find out what is helping you and focus on that only. 

The best way to avoid distraction is to organize your desktop. I have deleted Instagram and other icons from my screen so that I don’t see them. 

Clever right!?

Keep Your Upcoming Blog Post List Ready

Writer’s block is real. 

A part of me dreaded publishing blog posts when I started because I didn’t know what to write. 

This made me a procrastinator and I started delaying it for the next day. Oops*

But as I said, I badly wanted to make it real. 

So, I was also trying to find ways to simplify it. 

And I learned about blog content planning and that’s when I prepared a list of my new blog posts. 

I have blog content planned for a year. This helps me avoid wasting time and focus on doing the actual work. That is writing. 

Again, my blog planner has a page for writing your blog post ideas. 

Set Goals

I was never a goal setter. Because I knew I would not accomplish them. 

Then I took a course (not on mindset, it was an affiliate marketing course) and I learned about setting goals. 

The first step is to set realistic goals. 

Like, I’ll get 10,000 blog views next month. 

Something that you believe can be done. 

Not anything like “I’ll get 10 million blog views next month.” Funny, right? 

You won’t reach anywhere. 

Then you should divide the big goal into smaller goals. 

Like weekly or daily. 

Such as if I need to get 10,000 blog views in a month then I’ll have to get 2500 every week and 300 to 400 every day. 

This makes it sound much easier to achieve. 

Now when you write goals you stay focused on them and do things to achieve them. 

I also like to keep revising my goals regularly. 

Use Canva Templates 

Using templates is the simplest productivity tip for working quickly. 

As a blogger, we have to create lots of graphics. 

Pinterest, blog, Facebook to name some. 

Now if you start from scratch then you would end up wasting hours perfecting the design. 

That’s why you should use templates. The best tip on time management for nondesigners. 

With a few tweaks, you can create completely different designs. And in only a few seconds. 

For starters, you can try my Pinterest templates

Different social media that have different standard sizes, I use the Canva pro’s resizing feature. 

It helps me resize my designs to any ratio. 

Read my Canva Pro Review to find out why it is an amazing tool for bloggers.

Automate Social Media 

Yes, social media is a powerful way to build an audience. 

But it is flawed. If you don’t show up you are lost. Worst case, forgotten. 

But you can’t show up every time everywhere. That’s not practical. 

Then my friend you automate things. 

Automation is the best way to stay showing up in places you get results from. 

For this purpose, I use the Hootsuite scheduler. 

It allows you to add 30 posts every day for free. And you can add 3 accounts. And with the premium version, you get more. 

For Pinterest, I used Tailwind but did not like it. Then I started using the native Pinterest scheduler. 

Create A Blog Post Outline Before Writing 

Starting anything is always difficult. 

A blog post is no different. You can waste hours thinking about what to write. 

Believe me, that empty sheet is wicked. 

So, I never let it hypnotize me. 

While doing the research, I plan out the outline of my blog post. Including the introduction, main content, and conclusion. 

And I plan the skeleton structure of a blog post in the same sheet, this way I never let it empty. So it can not scare me.

Then I take a break before starting to write. 

This helps me come up with ideas to start my blog post introduction. And I get all excited to write. 

Super helpful. 

Use Proofreading Tools

Proofreading your content all by yourself is important but it wastes time. 

And honestly, you can’t be satisfied in one go. You will be caught in the endless wheel of perfection. 

And it isn’t real. 

After writing for many clients I can say that. It’s not always fun. 

If you need help you can check out my writing services here. 

So what are the best ideas to improve productivity in the writer’s workplace? 

It is to utilize tools. 

For instance, I use the Grammarly tool to proofread my articles quickly. 

There are many ways it helps. Read my Grammarly review to find out. 

Do Boring Tasks When You Feel The Most Productive

When do you feel the most productive? 

For me, it is after I wake up. Weird, I know! 

Do you know I do boring tasks like research when I am motivated? This helps me feel they are not boring at all. 

You should also try this. It will make you less lazy if you are. 

It is a simple work-from-home productivity tip that helps.

My friend Francis over at Querianson shares amazing tips to not get overwhelmed with blogging.


So these were my best productivity strategies for bloggers. 

(At the time of editing this post, I realized that these ways to be more productive are applicable in normal life too.)

At the end of the day, why do we want to stay productive? To achieve our goals. 

If you are reading this now that only means you are serious about them. 

These productivity tips for bloggers are so helpful. I say this because I have tried each one of them. 

Now is your turn to try them. Have you ever thought about the power of mindset? Have you ever practiced positive affirmations? 

Ask me if they work and I can give you a good speech on that. 

So, are you going to follow these productivity tips at work? Is there any I may have left? 

Comment below! 

And, save this pin. 

clecer productivity tips for bloggers to stay motivated

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