the best pinterest strategy for bloggers for 2021!

The Best Pinterest Strategy For Bloggers In 2021!

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Pinterest loves updating its algorithms – all the time. More than usual. Therefore, it can be very hard to have a reliable Pinterest strategy for bloggers. 

But what we can have is a flexible Pinterest strategy that can be adjusted whenever needed. 

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Welcome to the fourth part of the Pinterest for Bloggers series. In this part, I’ll help you create a Pinterest Marketing strategy for your Pinterest account that will work for you in 2021! 

EDITOR’S NOTEI’m by no means a Pinterest expert, I have written this post after trying some tricks on my Pinterest account and I felt it my duty if something is working for me I should let my readers know about it. So, if you are someone who is really serious about Pinterest and wants to get results please consult a Pinterest Expert. There are really good ones out there.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous parts I would love it if you read them before going through this one. 

After the ‘Pinterest traffic drop 2020’, many bloggers (including myself) suffered from single-digit impressions even on freshly pinned images. 

If you are also a victim of Pinterest’s algorithm keep reading this Pinterest guide to learn what changes you need to make to effectively market on Pinterest. 


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Understanding Pinterest is very important to get results. 

Therefore, we will discuss how Pinterest used to work and how it is working now. 

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Pinterest For Bloggers Before The Updates

Back in the golden days, pinning on Pinterest used to be about these things. 

1- Fresh Pins And Repins

Meaning, you should add new images daily but you can also repin old pins to different boards. 

2- Pinning Others Content. 

To grow your account’s reach it was told to pin others’ content regularly. 

3- Tailwind Scheduler. 

Tailwind (a third-party app) used to work awesome for everyone for bloggers and online businesses who are marketing through Pinterest. 

4- Group Boards Were A Huge Thing. 

It used to be like the more group boards you are on the more is your reach. 

5- Hashtags Were Working. 

There was a temporary thing for hashtags. Many people say that they worked. For me also!

How I Was Using Pinterest? 

When I joined Pinterest, I used to think it was one of the easiest platforms to promote my blog. 

It was because we could grow our accounts only by pinning others’ content. 

Back then, my Pinterest pinning strategy that worked great for me was to (I was using Tailwind Scheduler) fill up my queue with

  • 2 to 3 fresh pins. 
  • 15 to 20 repins and other people content. 

Also, Doing this I was receiving 10 to 15 new followers every week. 

So, this is how it was using Pinterest as a marketing tool for getting blog traffic. 

I didn’t know how Pinterest works.

I was new to Pinterest and therefore I know that my way of blogging on Pinterest is not reliable. Therefore, I had so much to learn so I learned from Pinterest blog, community, and courses (free and paid).

I was seeing single-digit impressions on most of my Pinterest images that’s when I tried so many things and my stats slowly started rising. 

Now, my Pinterest statistics are not amazing it keeps on going up and down as I keep on trying new things but changing my Pinterest growth strategy has helped me get some positive results.

Let’s now move to what has changed. These updates will help you craft a successful Pinterest strategy for your blog.

Pinterest For Bloggers After The Changes.

These are the things I noticed after learning about the Pinterest updates.

1- Monthly Impressions Doesn’t Matter.

How to get more traffic on Pinterest? Why worry about this when your click rate is embarrassingly low?

Yes, seriously. I was obsessed with increasing my monthly viewers when my link click rate was very low. So, even if you have a million monthly viewers but no link clicks then they are not valuable.

2- Manual Pinning

I hated those days when after purchasing Tailwind I was filling the queues with the hope that my Pinterest would improve but it was making things worse for me. 

Because I was filling the queues with REPINS and Pinterest has said that they want fresh pins.

Also, I noticed that Pinterest now has the scheduling feature. It allows you to schedule a maximum of 80 to 85 pins at a time. 

Therefore, Pinterest has now launched its scheduler I don’t think Tailwind is now important. But if you (have invested in it) are still using it you can continue to use it.

Just was not working for me.

3- No More Repins.

Pinterest replied to my emails and said that they want fresh content rather than others’ content and old content. 

Therefore, I stopped repinning. Of any kind. 

I am now pinning my fresh pins to only one relevant board and leave it there.

Meaning, my pins only. 

4- Pinning To The Most Relevant Board

Before the updates, I was putting my pins randomly to any boards and wonder why my “monthly impressions” sucked. Then I learned from Pinterest marketing guides that boards are very important.

Pinterest uses boards the learn about a pin. To get more exposure you should pin it to the most relevant board.

5- Group Boards Are Not Helping. 

At least to me.

Before the updates, I was on a lot of group boards. Then I asked a Pinterest expert to do an account audit. That‘s when I learned that being on boards that produce spam can hurt your profile.

If you are on a group that is spamming then Pinterest thinks you are also involved and can mark you as spam too.

Then I left irrelevant group boards or the ones that were not helping me. 

Also, I am not pinning to any group boards at the moment. And I am not joining any group boards.

6- Pinning At The Right Time.

Timezone is an extremely important factor. 

When I was not seeing anything good, I started pinning on different zones to check what worked. And I found out that my audience is active between 1 am to 6 am according to my country’s timezone. 

What is the best time to pin? 

You can find this on Google Analytics. On the report about visitors coming to your site on different timezones. 

Then start pinning on that timezone.

Another thing that helped me was spreading pins throughout the day. Not releasing a bunch of pins all at once.

But spreading pins with equal intervals. For me, it was all the pins between 1 to 6 am.

7- Hashtags – Not Anymore.

Hashtags used to work great. 

I was pinning a lot of Pinterest content using hashtags and they were showing up on search results.

But Pinterest noticed that many spammers are also using hashtags to pin the same pins again and again. 

That’s when hashtags were gone. 

8- Pinterest Branding.

A part of Pinterest marketing is establishing a brand. 

How well your account resembles your website? 

You can display your brand in many places. 

  • Your logo on your pins.
  • Pinterest board covers – If you don’t have time to create then you can take these beautiful board covers.
  • Adding your website. 
  • Enabling rich pins. 
  • And more.

9- Pinterest SEO Strategy

Pinterest is a search engine.

What is the purpose of Pinterest? It is to display the right ideas to the right searches. 

That is when Pinterest SEO helps us.

One of the best practices of Pinterest marketing is to follow SEO. It can include using keywords, user intent and etc.

10- Creating Quality Pins

This is easy. 

How to get traffic to your blog using Pinterest? By your pins. 

And if your pins don’t have the spark then no matter how many pins you publish daily no one is going to click on them.

I struggle with pin designs when I started. But I learned from sources like Pinterest creator academy, etc to create good images.

I have a bunch of my great performing pins that you can try for your account. 

11- Blog board. 

A blog board is the collection of your pins only that you published on your site. No others’ pins.

Many Pinterest experts say that having a blog board is good for branding and so I started mine. 

It is good. I have seen maximum impressions on this board. 

  • How to create a blog board on Pinterest? Like any regular board. However, you can name it to your blog name. 

For example,  “your site” + your main keyword.

  • How to pin your blog post on Pinterest? You should post a blog to Pinterest to the most relevant board first. Don’t pin to your blog board the first time. 

How to keep avoiding repins? – I have a solution. You can smartly repin content without it marked as “REPIN”. I’ll tell you in a bit.

12- Pinterest Analytics

Make a habit of regularly checking your Pinterest statistics. Even if you don’t like it. 

This will help you understand what pins are doing good and whatnot. So that you can create more of what’s working and less of what’s not. 

Following Pinterest, marketing trends are very important. The best way to grow your reach on Pinterest is to give users what they want.

13- Pinterest Strategy 2021

After coving all these points we have to craft an effective way on how to use Pinterest to build a regular Pinterest traffic method and a powerful Pinterest business strategy.

Because on Pinterest, traffic quality is impressive and we can’t afford to be missing this.

How To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business In 2021?

Here’s a Pinterest strategy template that you can also follow. 

  • Pin 5 to 10 fresh pins to the most relevant board only. 
  • Don’t pin the same URL for 7 days. 
  • Don’t repin. 
  • Use Pinterest SEO. 
  • Keep track of Analytics.

So this is how to promote on Pinterest in 2021 but it will not be the same next year.

If you follow this strategy I’m sure you will start seeing results very soon. But if you want to dig deeper I have something for you. 

Remember, I told you above about how you can smartly repin your content to your important boards. 

The Pinteresting Strategies By Carly

This is one of the best Pinterest courses after the algorithm updates. 

It is more informative than most of the premium courses that I purchased.

Carly is one of the best Pinterest experts out there. She shared amazing strategies in this course.

Check out the course now. 

She will also clear all your doubts about how to use Pinterest for marketing. 

Is Pinterest Effective?

Is Pinterest effective? Is Pinterest good for marketing? 

Yes! It is. The increased Pinterest trends yearly show that Pinterest is becoming more popular than ever. 

Pinterest has 440 million monthly active users. 

Best Pinterest Practices For Business In 2021!

How to be successful on Pinterest? By following Pinterest rules, being consistent with producing fresh content. 

Here are some Pinterest tips for beginners to grow their accounts. 

  • Pinterest hates spam. And they regularly clear spam accounts. So you should never produce spam or being in touch with it. Some of the ways of spamming are
    • Pinning the same pin over. 
    • Following too many people at once. 
    • Too much commenting on other pins.
  • Follow Pinterest marketing ideas of established accounts in your niche. See what type of content they are creating and get inspiration from this to create your content. 


So these were my best Pinterest tips for beginners. 

Learning Pinterest 101 all at once will not take you anywhere but learning it while using it will. 

Because there are so many things about Pinterest and to this point, I may have learned many things but I still have a lot of learning to do. 

Keep in mind that your Pinterest strategies will keep on changing because Pinterest will keep on changing. 

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Accepting the changes is the smart way to grow with Pinterest and on Pinterest. 

So this is it. All my best Pinterest for business tips in a place.  

And that’s also the end of the Pinterest for Bloggers series. But I’ll keep publishing more tips as I learn them. 

Because yes I’m obsessed with Pinterest and I may not see great results today but I will someday. 

Now, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments section. I’m excited to answer them.

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