Pinterest For Bloggers: Personal Boards And Group Boards

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Pinterest is great for beginner bloggers who want to drive free traffic to their sites because it takes a lot of time to get your site picked up by Google. You need to know about Pinterest boards to do that.

This is the second part of my Pinterest for Bloggers series. In the first part, I explained how to set up an optimized Pinterest profile to appear in search results. 

If you haven’t already read the first part you will not know how to optimize your Pinterest profile correctly. Please go and check out the first part so that you can have a Pinterest optimized profile. 

In this post, we will be covering personal boards and group boards.

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Pinterest boards

Sweet. Let’s begin. 

Pinterest For Bloggers: Personal Boards And Group Boards

Before you add boards to your Pinterest account you must know what is a Pinterest board. 

What Is A Pinterest Board?

A Pinterest board is a folder where you collect, save, and organize ideas in the form of pins. 

Personal Boards On Pinterest

The boards you create and manage (add pins) are your personal boards. 

Personal Boards is maintained by a person hence it has only one member. 

For example, this is my personal board. Only I can make changes to it. 

Personal Board on Pinterest

Group Boards On Pinterest

Group Boards, on the other hand, is created by a pinner but is managed by a group of pinners.

That is, pinners in a similar niche collaborate to add pins in a group board and hence share them to increase exposure. 

For example, I am a member of this group board. 

Group Board on Pinterest

You will need both of them to grow your account. You will have to create some personal boards and join group boards. 

Let’s first talk about personal boards.

Personal Boards 

Since we are using Pinterest to drive traffic to our blog we strictly want it to be in our blog niche. Therefore, you can’t save just anything or have a board on anything. 

For that, you can have another personal account but this should be strictly dedicated to your blog or website only.


As much as you can manage. But since you are starting you must have at least 5 to 10 boards on your profile. 

But how do you know what type of boards you should create? You can find that in two ways.

  • Check out the accounts of the pinners in your niche and make a list of the boards they have. You must have 10 to 15 board ideas.
  • Doing a normal search on the Pinterest search bar to check out what type of boards come up.

Make sure that you have your content (blog posts) to pin to otherwise there is no need to create that board.

Now that you know all the group boards that you are going to create you need some keywords. We will be using these keywords in board name and board descriptions.

Follow this easy process to create your personal board. 

How To Create A Personal Board? 

On your Pinterest dashboard, you will see two options. 

  • CREATED – All the pins that you will create will appear here. 
  • SAVED –  All of your boards will appear here. 

Click on the saved option and the “+” sign and choose the board option. 

You will see a window like this.

Create a personal board on Pinterest

Creating an Optimized Personal Board For Pinterest

After creating a board you will need to edit it to fill up the other details.

Editing a personal board on Pinterest

Enter the details as told.


It should contain at least one keyword. Don’t think of a cute name because that takes up a lot of space and we only get 55 to 60 characters to tell Pinterest what our board is about.

For example, 

the board title “Pinterest tips” is much better than “Easy & Amazing Pinterest tips” because it is a popular keyword that would be read by Pinterest correctly. 


You get 500 characters to tell Pinterest about your boards therefore you must make proper use of relevant keywords. You must also make sure to form meaningful sentences otherwise Pinterest can easily catch you and mark you as spam.


You may not see the option now but when you add at least one pin to your board you will see on the settings tab that there is a board cover option. 

Board covers aren’t that necessary but if you add board covers that follow your blog’s theme that is great. It looks classy.

Check out this post to learn how to create board covers and upload them.

Now that you have created your board you must fill it up with amazing pins to tell Pinterest about it. An easy way to do that is a simple Pinterest search and pin at least 10 to 20 pins to the board.

Pinterest Best Practices For Personal Boards

Follow these best practices to make sure you are doing great.

  • Make sure that you are writing blog posts on the same topic. For example, if your board is “Pinterest Tips” then you must have some blog posts that are on Pinterest tips so that you can add pins that go to the blog post’s link. 
  • Keep your board strictly niche specific. For eg, if it’s a Pinterest tips board don’t add a pin about email marketing. This confuses Pinterest and you can end up being marked as spam.
  • Don’t add the same pin again and again. This is called spamming. 
  • Don’t stuff keywords. You must keep it as natural as possible.
  • Create one best of “your website name” board to add all of your blog posts there.

Now let’s talk about group boards.

Group Boards 

Group boards used to be the game-changer for business owners.

There was a time when the more group boards you are on the more traffic you are gonna get. Now, not so much.

Apologies if I haven’t told you before, but Pinterest has recently rolled out a series of algorithm updates. A lot of bloggers including myself have been affected. 

One of the updates was Group Boards don’t matter that much. What? Why?  

A little story, back in good times when Pinterest used to be normal, Group boards generally had a great number of followers and therefore if a pin is added to a group board then it gains a lot of traction easily. 

That was good, but Pinterest soon noticed a lot of spammers are using Group boards to spread their low-quality pins everywhere. 

And Pinterest is strict, very strict about spam. They regularly eliminate spam. Therefore a new algorithm update! Group boards don’t provide as much value as they used to be.

So what now? Read below.

Do You Need Group Boards?

Yes, you need them but you can’t just rely on them. You need quality group boards that are far away from spam and only pin content that is very helpful for their followers.

To find quality group boards you can go to your favorite pinners profile (who is in your niche also) and request to join that board. 

Make sure that the group board is in your niche too. Otherwise, if you add a pin that isn’t the same niche as the group board’s then you are also spamming the group boards.

I don’t use group boards because I was in a lot of group boards that were spammy before the algorithm update and after that, I was struck with account suspension 3 times. 

But, as soon as I emailed them that I am not doing anything to be called spam and they confirmed it they reinstated my account. 

Therefore, I removed any unwanted group boards and left only one or two that are in my niche and not spammy. However, I don’t pin my content on group boards as of now.

I try to keep away from any spammy behavior.

Secret Boards

You have an option to keep a board secret if it is not complete to be publicly available. This is a great way to start a board as a project and when you think it is ready to go public you can hit the button.

you can create a secret board by changing the settings on the edit board option.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Pinterest boards. You can create as many as you like to be the key is in maintaining them. 

The more you can maintain the better. Try using group boards a little less and focus more on personal boards. 

I have told you one reason for that but another reason is that you only want your boards to get more traction. Not group boards.

Because you want traffic to your pins. And you want them to convert into link clicks. 

So I hope you now have an idea to create some amazing personal boards that are also related to the content on your blog. 

Check out Part 3, how to create click-worthy pins, and my Pinterest strategy to get the best results. 

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Pinterest For Bloggers: All About Personal Boards and Group Boards

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  1. GREAT article. I jumped on the group board bandwagon when I started a couple months ago and so much has come out against it now with the way Pinterest is approaching them. I’ve backed off new collabs but still post to the boards I initially joined/created.

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