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Pinterest For Bloggers: How to Create Pinterest Boards?

how to create pinterest board

Pinterest boards play an important role in your success. You need to have the best Pinterest boards. But, how to create Pinterest boards? 

Pinterest boards are extremely important – they are the reason for your growth in Pinterest. 

A good Pinterest board will continue to get you impressions, engagements, and link clicks. 

A bad Pinterest board is good enough to get your account down. 

But don’t worry, you can fix this. 

This is the second part of the Pinterest series. I have told you twice till now that Pinterest boards are extremely important – thanks to Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies I learned that. That’s why I have written a whole blog post on this. 

You will learn everything about Pinterest boards as well as how to make them. 

In case you missed the first part in which I helped you start a business account on Pinterest, you can read it here. 

So let’s get started. 

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how to create pinterest boards

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What is a Pinterest Board? 

A Pinterest board is a folder where you collect, save, and organize ideas in the form of pins.

You, as a creator,  can add inspiring pin ideas to these boards. Your viewers will follow these Pinterest boards to get new ideas. 

Pinterest allows you to create different types of boards.

Types of Pinterest Boards

There are 3 types of Pinterest boards. Want to learn which of these are important for you to grow your business on Pinterest? 

Let’s find out. 

Personal Boards

The boards you create and manage (add pins) are your personal boards. These boards are open to the public viewers on Pinterest but they can’t add pins to them.

Personal Boards have one creator as only you will be adding pins to it.  

For example, this was my personal board of an old account. 

Personal Board on Pinterest

Having personal boards on Pinterest is extremely important. 

Group Boards

Group Boards, on the other hand, are created by you but are managed by a group of people. These boards are also public to everyone but only collaborators can add pins to them.

That is, pinners in a similar niche collaborate to add pins to a group board and hence share them to increase exposure. 

For example, I used to be a member of this group board from my previous account. 

Group Board on Pinterest

A quick note about Group Boards 

Group boards used to be a great way to grow your presence on Pinterest. Anyone can easily join several group boards, add pins and gain traffic. 

But soon Pinterest noticed that many spammers are using group boards to spread pins and that most group boards are spam. 

So they decreased their importance. Today, Pinterest group boards don’t hold much importance. 

Yes, some group boards are great but many are spammy.

Should you bother to join group boards now? 

You can, but I don’t find any use. However, if you want to then make sure to join boards that appear non-spammy. 

How would you know that? 

Good group boards are those in which

  • Pinners add pins regularly. 
  • People also engage. 
  • No one is adding too many pins. 

Secret Boards

Secret boards are those that only you can see. If you want to create a place where you want to collect your ideas for inspiration then secret boards are a great option. 

I still don’t find any use. 

Now, why are Pinterest boards important? 

Why is Pinterest Boards Important?

Think about it, what would be the two most things on Pinterest? 

  • The content we add – pins.
  • The place we add – boards. 

Get these two things right and in no time you’re going to get lots of traffic. 

But if you get your Pinterest boards wrong you will see your traffic decreasing. 

Carly teaches a step by step detailed process of making Pinterest boards in her course Pinteresting Strategies

I was doing all things wrong before then. 

Moving on, what boards should you create? 

What Boards to Make on Pinterest? 

Having the right Pinterest boards is equally important. 

You must be very sure of what Pinterest boards to make for your account. 

But, how would you do that? 

Here’s how. 

  • You already know your niche so keep your boards related to that niche.
  • Now, collect the main topics you write on your blog.  
  • These are your boards.

1- Your Pinterest boards should be relevant to your blog niche. 

For example, if my blog niche is blogging then my Pinterest boards can be – 

  • blog writing tips, 
  • grow your blog, 
  • blogging for beginners, etc. 

2- You must have content written on these topics. 

You are going to pin blog post ideas on these boards. So make sure you have a few relevant blog posts to pin. 

So come up with some topics in your niche and these are going to be your boards.

Now let’s move on to the real stuff. How to create a new board on Pinterest? 

How to Create a Board on Pinterest? 

On your Pinterest dashboard, you will see two options. 

  • CREATED – All the pins that you will create will appear here. 
  • SAVED –  All of your boards will appear here. 

Click on the saved option and the “+” sign and choose the board option. 

You will see a window like this.

how to create pinterest board

Now you are asked to add a board name. For now, write the topic (we will do it later) and click on “keep this board secret.”

You have just created a Pinterest board. This is how to make Pinterest boards.

Then, it’s time to optimize your board with Pinterest SEO.

Editing a personal board on Pinterest explaining how to create pinterest board

Remember in the first part we found some keywords? Use the same method to find keywords for this board too.

How to do it?

Type your main keyword and press the spacebar. Pinterest will populate keywords below your search term. 

Add those to your list. 

Keep in mind that you want to add only relevant keywords to your main keyword. 

For example, if my main keyword for the board is blogging tips then the relevant keyword is – blogging tips for beginners. 

But the irrelevant keyword is blog content strategy. 

Names for Pinterest Boards

To choose a name for Pinterest boards you can’t do it – cute or witty. Instead, you want to do it – simple and SEO friendly. 

Because you get only a few characters (60 to 65) to add a board name. And if you want to get exposure quickly then you must optimize it with keywords. 

The best way is to use a popular keyword as a board name itself.

However, your keyword should be big enough to cover many things. Don’t choose a word that only means one thing. 

For example, the Target Audience board will only allow me to add pins related to the target audience. 

But on the blogging tips board, I can add all things related to blogging. 

Description for Pinterest

You get 500 words to add a description to your Pinterest board. 

That’s why you must make proper use of relevant keywords and form meaningful sentences to help people understand what the board is about.

Pick 5 to 6 relevant keywords and create a meaningful description for your board. 

Pinterest Board Covers

I used to be the one to be over obsessed with adding beautiful Pinterest board covers but I learned that they are not very important in growth terms. 

Sure, your account will look branded but nothing more than that. 

But if you want to add board covers then here’s how to do that. 

Once you add a few pins you will see on the settings tab that there is a board cover option. 

Create a square image or use these board covers if you want. 

Create Pins on Pinterest

The first few pins you add to your board are very important. Therefore, I recommend you add pins from those that Pinterest suggested just after you created the board. 

However, not all Pinterest recommended pins are going to be relevant to your board so add those that you find relevant. 

Add at least 20 pins before adding your pins. 

So this is how to make a new board on Pinterest that is keyword optimized. 

Over time as you add more pins it will grow. 

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FAQs on Pinterest Boards

Now here are some FAQs on Pinterest boards for business.

How to create a group board on Pinterest?

You can easily create a new group board or convert an existing one by inviting collaborators. Click on the board settings and then on ‘invite collaborators’. 

How to create a private board on Pinterest?

You can turn your boards private by clicking on the settings and then on ‘secret board’.

How to create an archive board on Pinterest?

You can archive your boards by clicking on the settings and then on ‘archive board’.

How to rearrange Pinterest boards? 

To rearrange Pinterest boards you can go to the saved tab and then click on the settings icon. You will see these 5 options below ‘sort by’ –

Last saved to.
A to Z order.
Drag and drop.
Oldest or…

You can choose whichever way you want. Also, you can drag and drop the boards if you want to do it that way. 

How to make a section into a board on Pinterest?

To add sections on the Pinterest board you can simply go to the board and click on ‘organise’. Now Pinterest will give you suggestions or you can create your own section ideas. 

How many Pinterest boards should you have?

As many as you can manage. You have to add pins to your boards regularly. Therefore, create boards that you can manage. 

Where are my Pinterest boards? 

You can find your Pinterest boards after clicking on the saved tab on the home screen.

How to delete Pinterest boards?

You can go to the board and click on settings > edit board > delete board. 
However, I suggest you don’t delete any board as it will delete the pins you have created too. You can archive them so they are not shown on your profile. 

Conclusion: How to Create Boards on Pinterest? 

So this was all about Pinterest boards. 

Now, you can easily create the best boards on Pinterest. You can do this in only a few steps. 

The next part of the Pinterest series is on how to make pins on Pinterest

Adding pins is extremely crucial as you will be adding lots of pins to grow your Pinterest. Now head over to the 3rd part. 

I would love it if you save this pin and help me grow. 

how to create a new board on pinterest

Have you decided on your board names yet?

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  1. GREAT article. I jumped on the group board bandwagon when I started a couple months ago and so much has come out against it now with the way Pinterest is approaching them. I’ve backed off new collabs but still post to the boards I initially joined/created.

  2. So helpful! I just started my blog and exploring the Pinterest component! Thanks for the detailed explanation. Can’t wait to read the first part of the series!

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