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5 Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers To Grow Blog Traffic

best pinterest courses for bloggers

Pinterest marketing is one of the most productive ways to get blog traffic for bloggers. But is it not working for you? Here are the 5 best Pinterest courses for bloggers you must check out! 

Pinterest has great potentials for driving lots of traffic. So if you’re not using Pinterest in your marketing strategy then you are missing out on a big chunk. 

But you might also be in a place where you have to do everything to make Pinterest work for you but nothing seems to work. 

Wherever you are, today I’ve got some of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers that will help you big time. 

In this post, you will learn why you should take a Pinterest marketing course and how to choose the perfect one. 

You will also find a list of the best pinterest marketing courses so you can easily choose the best one for you. 

Cool? Save this pin quickly, I can’t wait to tell you how investing in a Pinterest course changed it all for me. 

pinterest marketing courses for bloggers and business

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Don’t have a lot of time? Here’s my recommendation.

My Recommendations for Bloggers: Pinteresting Strategies 

If you are a new blogger who wants to get started with Pinterest from the beginning then I recommend you to go with Pinteresting Strategies. 

It is perfect for beginners because of so many reasons – 

  • Affordable
  • Carly explains everything most easily. 
  • Updated regularly
  • Straight forward Pinterest strategies to get results 

I took Pinteresting Strategies after another course that failed to teach me how to plan a successful strategy. 

And it is one of the best courses I have taken so far. 

It is worth the price.

Why Should You Invest in a Pinterest Course? 

My first Pinterest account was a failure. 

I decided to learn about Pinterest myself. Yes, and just when I thought I know how Pinterest works a massive algorithm update launched and my Pinterest account went down. 

Here are all the things that happened to me during that time. 

  • My account got suspended 4 times. 
  • Pins that were ranking were removed.
  • I joined various Pinterest groups hoping I’d find something.
  • I joined the Pinterest community because I read somewhere that I’ll find answers there. 

But nothing happened. So I finally decided to take a course. 

Then I bought a Pinterest course that I never promoted because it was not worth it. 

The course contained basic information that you would find on any blog post about Pinterest. 

Please don’t think I took any random course because it was cheap. I took a famous course that costs $47. 

Then I took another, it was filled with the same old strategies that don’t work anymore. 

Finally, I took Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies and I found out how many things I was doing wrong. 

And these things were pushing my account down. It was in place that it could not be recovered. 

So I started another account, I am working on it every day, applying only those strategies that Carly taught in the course and my traffic is growing every day. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with trying but it just takes a lot of time. 

I wasted months trying to figure out how to work with Pinterest. 

Now, I do things that I know will bring me results. I just have to be patient. 

Okay, now that you know you need a Pinterest course for growing your business you can’t buy just any course. 

Otherwise, like me, you will regret it.

Therefore, it’s good to do some research. 

Things to Consider when Choosing a Pinterest Course

So here are all the things that you should check out before investing in a course.

Is it updated regularly?

Pinterest changes regularly. They are launching new things like idea pins, video pins, etc all the time. 

The first two courses I took were just a few days before the major algorithm changes happened. 

And they haven’t been updated since. 

It is still the beginner course that teaches old strategies like adding pins to group boards etc. 

Which are of no use to anyone. 

Therefore, when buying the course make sure it is the latest version and is updated regularly. 

So that whenever a new update is there you get the most accurate information about it.

What is the course teaching style?

The next thing is to check if the course is in written material or video format. 

It’s up to you which format you like better. But some parts can be better explained by showing how things are done. 

So, videos can help. 

The Pinterest courses in the list below are both styles and some are combinations of both text and videos.

What type of course level do you want?

Then, you should check what level and type of course you want. 

For example, if you want a beginner, moderate or advanced course. 

In my list, I have collected only the beginner friendly courses that are great for bloggers who are looking to get started with Pinterest. 

But these will also help you create a Pinterest strategy. 

Is the course trustworthy?

And you want to make sure that the information in the course can be trusted. 

How? Check out the instructor on Pinterest. If the person teaching you has a good Pinterest account? 

You can also read testimonies. 

What’s the course price?

The Pinterest course you want should be affordable. 

Don’t worry, my list has all the affordable courses that you can easily buy. 

Is the instructor helpful?

Most importantly, if you need to ask questions then is the instructor willing to answer?

If so then what are the contact mediums? 

Most instructors will invite you to join their Facebook groups which is great because you will not only have the instructor help you but other group members too who have taken the course. 

The first two courses I took did not have any contact method. I still haven’t received the replies to the questions I asked when I bought the second course. 

So make sure that your instructor is willing to solve your questions. 

5 Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers

Now that you know what to look for when buying a Pinterest course it’s time I give you my list of the best Pinterest marketing courses. 

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

carly's pinteresting strategies

I love Pinteresting Strategies so much that I recommend it to anyone who wants to master Pinterest. 

Carly is a Pinterest queen. She knows so much about Pinterest and she explained everything in her course. 

Carly starts the course with the basics of Pinterest. 

Then she goes on with these topics and shares her smart tips – 

  • Things to do to get started with Pinterest the right way. 
  • How does Pinterest work?
  • What is Pinterest about? 
  • How to make Pinterest work for you? 
  • And more.

What makes this course special is that Carly teaches manual pinning methods. 

She does not recommend using any third party scheduler and says that using such tools can negatively impact your Pinterest account. 

Carly also teaches how to make money using Pinterest by adding affiliate pins. 

I love that Carly has a Facebook group created where she takes all the questions that the course buyers might have. 

Pinteresting Strategies costs $97. 

Learn more about the Pinteresting Strategies here.

Pinterest with Ell by Ell Duclos

pinterest with ell course by lauren

Ell Duclos created the famous course Pinterest by Ell

She is the blogger behind Ell Duclos’s blog in which she gets more than 1,20,000 views from Pinterest only. 

Pinterest By Ell is a great blog for beginners who want to get started with getting Pinterest traffic. 

Here’s what Pinterest by Ell can teach you – 

  • Setting up your Pinterest for Pinterest SEO
  • Finding keywords to help you rank higher in searches
  • Creating a click worthy pin & make sure you are getting the traffic you deserve
  • Driving traffic to your blog through Pinterest (including how often to pin, where to pin, how not to pin, and more)
  • Using tailwind effectively
  • Making money on Pinterest
  • And more that works after the algorithm changes! 

You can get this course at an affordable price of $39. 

Ell has an exclusive Facebook community that only has group members who have taken the course so she can take the questions. 

See how many testimonials Ell got you to show that her Pinterest strategies work. 

Scheduling Shortcuts by Amy LeBlanc

amy pinterest course called "scheduling shortcuts"

Scheduling shortcuts is a perfect Pinterest course for bloggers who want to master scheduling pins using a third party tool like Tailwind. 

I took Amy’s free Pinterest course Pin Rank Boost and became a fan instantly. 

Amy LeBlanc is a Pinterest Manager and knows a lot about Pinterest marketing. 

In Scheduling shortcuts, she teaches a clever method of pinning the same pin 20 to 25 times and making it a fresh pin each time. 

I’m also on her email list. She sends all the Pinterest updates. 

Scheduling Shortcuts is valued at $297. 

Check out all those case studies of happy bloggers who bought the Scheduling Shortcuts here.

If you are not sure how the course can help you then check out the free Pinterest Guide she launched that talks about the latest Pinterest algorithm changes. 

Pinterest Made Possible ebook by Ana 

pinterest made possible by ana

Pinterest Made Possible is a 180+ page ebook for bloggers who are looking to get ahead of the Pinterest game. 

In her ebook, Ana explains the most important things and you get bonus things like – 

  • 17 case studies of successful bloggers on Pinterest with their best tips.
  • Video training to create stunning Pinterest graphics. 
  • 60 days Tailwind trial 
  • 15 free Pinterest templates

You can get the ebook for only $45. 

Check out the Pinterest Made Possible ebook here.

Pinterest Academy by Pinterest

pinterest academy by pinterest

Pinterest Academy by Pinterest is a great place to find free Pinterest marketing courses. 

It has courses on 

  • Target audience
  • Creating a perfect pin design
  • Defining a Pinterest strategy
  • Things to avoid doing on Pinterest 
  • And so much more. 

When I was learning Pinterest myself I started with Pinterest Academy. It taught me the beginning things. 

I think you can easily learn the basics from the Pinterest Academy, you don’t have to waste money. 

But if you are looking to create a reliable Pinterest strategy then you can take the other courses. 

Head over to the Pinterest Academy now.

Conclusion: Pinterest Courses for Bloggers 

So these were some of the best Pinterest courses for businesses & bloggers. 

Having Pinterest in your marketing strategy is a smart decision. It will help you get lots of traffic which would result in more leads, subscribers, and income. 

Besides, you should always diversify sources. The more sources that send you traffic the more traffic you get. 

So, pick the best Pinterest course and start working on building your Pinterest account today. 

Great traffic is waiting for you! 

And help me grow by sharing this blog post. 

Pinterest for business courses

Are you on Pinterest trying to promote your blog? Have you invested in any course? 

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