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Publishing Pinterest pins regularly will help you grow your reach on the platform. But how to create Pinterest pins that go viral? 

Welcome to part 3 of the Pinterest for bloggers series. In this post, we will discuss how to create Pinterest images and publish them on Pinterest. 

If you haven’t already, I would recommend you to check out part one and part two of the series. 

In part one, you will learn how to set up a successful Pinterest profile. 

The second part is about Pinterest boards: Group boards and Personal boards. 

If you have been following the series then you can continue reading but after pinning this pin on Pinterest. 

how to create pinterest pins

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.


Let’s begin with some common terms. 

What is a pin on Pinterest? 

While using Pinterest you would have seen a lot of Pinterest images on the search bar, home feed, or on anyone’s profile. 

the pinterest home feed

These Pinterest images are called pins on Pinterest. The above Pinterest image that you just pinned (I would love it if you do) is also a Pinterest pin. 


Adding these pins to different boards is pinning. You can pin your own pin by creating a pin or you can save others’ pins by clicking on the Pinterest save button.

We will discuss in detail how to pin an image to Pinterest. 

Let’s learn it in two ways. 

  • How to create pins and then upload them on Pinterest as your pin. 
  • How to pin others’ pins by re-pinning them on your account. 

To grow your account you have to do both. But the “upload pin design” should be more than “repins from other accounts”. 

Follow this step by step process to make your own pins. 

How To Make Pins To Pin On Pinterest That Go Viral? 

These Pinterest practices will help you create click-worthy pins for Pinterest.

1- Get A Free Canva Account.

You can create a pin by using tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Adobe Spark

If you are wondering where to create free Pinterest pins, here is your answer. 

My favorite pin builder is Canva Tool. It is a free tool you can sign up for Canva here. 

I love Canva because I can create photo pins, video pins, social media graphics, and also my blog graphics. Plus, they have a library of awesome images and premade templates.

You can also do the same. Click here to sign up for Canva

2- Choosing The Best Pinterest Size. 

Yes, your pin image size matters. 

Pinterest is mostly used on mobile devices and therefore the Pinterest image size should be something that fits a mobile screen perfectly. 

So, what size should Pinterest pins be? 

According to the Pinterest best practices, the best Pinterest pin size should be in a 2:3 ratio. 

That is 1000 px to 1500 px. 

Long pins tend to do better than wide pins. So don’t create a square pin.

3- Use High-Quality Images

Canva provides a lot of free photos but the problem with them is that they have been used so many times that they are not unique. 

Pinterest wants new and unique pins and it can read the image. It can read the text as well as your images. 

Therefore it is advised to use high-quality images that are not used before.

Check out these 4 awesome sites to find stock photos. 

4- Use 2 to 3 Font Combinations. 

Keeping your pin simple is what you should always aim for. Because a simple pin is readable to more people and hence more clickable. 

Use 2 to 3 fonts on your pin to make it simple. To find out what fonts work for your audience you have to play around with them. 

Try bold fonts, text overlay, and different styles to make your text readout and see what works best for you. 

Then create more of what’s working. 

5- Use Bright Colors. 

I have noticed that pins with yellow, orange, red, and brown colors work better than pins with cold colors like blue, pink, and purple. 

But again, try different combinations and see what works for your target audience. 

6- Include A Call To Action. 

Asking your audience to do something is the best way to get something done. 

And you can do this by adding a little element to your pin image. 

Some CTAs I have used before are listed below, 

  • get your list! (for a freebie),
  • sign up now! (for the email list),
  • Make it yours. 
  • Get the formula. 

By adding these elements you are also telling your readers that your post has something for them. 

7- Include Your Website Or Logo. 

This is for brand awareness. You can add a small reference at the end of the pin telling everyone that it comes from your site. 

Another reason to do this is to avoid your pins from getting copied. 

If your site branding is not on your pin design anyone can pin the same image by claiming it as theirs. 

You can include a “” at the bottom of the image or you can include your site Logo at the top of the pin image if you have a fancy Logo and you want to show it. 

I like to include a link at the bottom.

If you follow these steps you can create high-quality pin images that get clicks. 

To learn more about creating great pins, you can also check out the Pinterest academy. 

How To Create Pins On Pinterest? 

Follow these steps to learn how to post on Pinterest. 

STEP 1 – 

You can create a pin easily by clicking on the create button on the top left corner of the Pinterest screen. 

where to find the create button to pin on pinterest

STEP 2 – 

Click on the pin option and a window will open like this. 

 uploading the pin

STEP 3 – 

 Fill out these details. 

  • Select the most suitable board you want to add your pin image to. 
  • Write a keyword-rich and click-worthy pin title. The first 40 characters are generally displayed on the screen so make sure to use keywords in the beginning.
  • Write a keyword-rich pin description to tell your readers about your post. You get 500 characters so don’t try to stuff it with as many keywords as possible instead form natural sentences that make sense. 
  • Write an alt description to tell your readers what they see on the pin image. It is a great place to add more relevant keywords. 
  • I’m sure you must be wondering how to link a website to a Pinterest pin, well this is the place to add the link to the blog post you want them to go to. 
  • The last option is to publish the pin. You get 2 options here. 
    • Publish now – If you want to send your pin at the time you are pinning. 
    • Publish at a later date –  If you want to send your pin some other time. Simply select the date and time you want and then click on publish. 

So you learned how to add pictures to Pinterest. You can also create and upload video pins in place of Pinterest. 

How To Repin A Pinterest Pin?

You can repin other’s pin by clicking on the save button on the image.

How To Not Marked As Spam?

If you want to grow your account as well as your blog traffic through Pinterest you have to be in good terms with Pinterest. 

Pinterest is very very strict about spam and they want to keep the platform fresh and clean for their users. 

However, the Pinterest system is flawed, and therefore many accounts get marked as spam. 

If your account is marked as spam it can lead to cutting your reach and account suspension. 

To not let this happen, you must follow these best pinning practices. 

Pinterest Best Pinning Practices

  • Consistently pinning fresh and unique content is the best way to grow your account – says Pinterest. 

Therefore, pinning a lot of pins one day and then going blank for a whole week is not good. 

Instead, pin a few pins everyday. For example, I pin 5 new pins everyday. 

There were a lot of questions like “how many pins on Pinterest should I pin?” on Facebook groups. 

I think 5 to 10 of your fresh pins with a combination of 1 to 2 repins is good.

  • Don’t over repin. Not your pins and neither other’s pin. 

I pin my new pin to only one board. After the Pinterest update, I have seen that re-pinning to other boards isn’t working. 

I pin only the best pins from others’ accounts. By best pins, I mean from accounts that are already established in your niche. 

Don’t repin from accounts that you feel spammy. 

  • Spread your pins at different times throughout the day. With the scheduling option, you can do that easily. 

For example, Don’t pin all of your fresh images only at 5 pm, instead spread your pins between 5 pm to 10 pm.

  • Upload more of your pins and repin less of others’ pins. The reason why most accounts fail to get traffic to their blogs is that they don’t have their content. 


In this post, I told you how to create Pinterest pins and upload them on Pinterest.

There used to be a time when repins would get you blog traffic or a Pinterest scheduler would do it all for you. Yes, those were golden days but sadly we didn’t get to live them. 

Today, Pinterest is smart and it closely observes each account’s action. 

Therefore the best we can do for our blogs is to produce only quality pins on Pinterest and remain consistent. 

I hope that I helped you learn how to make Pinterest pins. 

In the next part, I’ll tell you how to optimize your site for Pinterest. 

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section. 

If not, please pin this. 

how to create pinterest pins

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  1. Thank you for this detail steps for driving traffic from pinterest.. Few mistakes i used to do, your blog helped to correct myself.I got a question Traffic drives more from followers or from increase number of repins?

    1. Hello BloggingAtm,

      According to the latest Pinterest updates, I think neither followers not repins drive traffic. According to their algorithm, Pinterest first distributes your pin to your followers and based on their engagement it is further distributed to more people. This is what Pinterest says. But they are also prioritizing new content so don’t wait for getting repins on your old pins. Focus on creating new pins daily. I hope this helps.

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