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The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide For New Bloggers

email marketing guide for bloggers

As a beginner blogger, you should focus on email list building from the first day. If you are not sure what it is, keep reading this email marketing guide as I break down everything for you. 

Do you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing the return is more than $51? If you look at these ROI stats you will find out that email marketing has the best ROI. 

However, there are many other benefits of email marketing. So what are they? Why does it work? What is it used for? How to do it?

I have updated this email marketing guide for beginners to answer these and many other questions related to building and growing an email list. 

After reading this beginner’s guide to email marketing you will be able to build an email list for your blog. 


ultimate guide on email marketing for bloggers

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

What Is Email Marketing And Why It Is Important? 

email marketing to increase blog traffic

According to OptinMonster,

“Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.”

As a blogger, you will get website visitors through various platforms like Google, social media, and more.

You can add these random browser visitors to your email list and send them helpful emails to turn them into your fans and ultimately your customers. 

So now when you know how email marketing works you may be thinking why do I need to do this if there’s so much to do. 

But it is important because it is effective. 

I’ll tell you a real fact. 

I rarely used to send emails but I noticed (and was amazed!) that I got more clicks on my affiliate links from these emails than from website visitors. 

This is how I learned why email marketing is effective. 

Why Use Email Marketing As A Blogger? 

If you ask me, if email marketing is dead I would say no. Want to know why? Here are some other benefits of having an email list.

  • When you have an email list you can send a link to a new blog post to your subscribers each time you publish one. 
  • You can promote affiliate products in your emails. 
  • The email list remains with you. Meaning, you would not have control over your social media following something weird happens and all of it can be lost but your email list will be with you. 

That is if you nurture your email list with helpful tips you build a personal connection with your subscribers and then they are more likely to buy from you. 

So, now you know what is email marketing and its benefits.

You can now learn how to do it.

How To Do Email Marketing In 5 Steps? 

I have divided this guide into 5 steps so that you can easily understand what an email marketing plan is.

All blogs are different. They have their specific target audience, blog niche, and content types. Therefore using the process below try to figure out what is an email marketing strategy for your blog. 

1- Set Up An Email Marketing System

The first step is to get good email marketing software. But, what it is? 

An email marketing software is a tool that you will use to manage your email list and send emails to them. 

Using such software is helpful because you get access to analytics and templates. 

So which email marketing software should you use? 

There are many email marketing software out there like Convertkit, MailChimp, Flodesk, and more. 

I use and recommend Mailerlite. 

mailerlite for emails

It is because of these features. 

  • Mailerlite is very easy to use. 
  • It is free for the first 1000 subscribers. 
  • It has free pre-made templates. 
  • You get free access to Analytics. 
  • I can send mobile-friendly emails. 
  • It allows list segmenting.

I’ve been using Mailerlite for a year now and I have never faced any issues. 

Now if you want to continue with Mailerlite then sign up for free here. 

And if you want to choose another email software you can continue with it. 

Signing up with Mailerlite is very easy.  

Enter your details, create a password and click on sign up. 

After you have signed up for Mailerlite (let’s assume) you can explore the dashboard to understand how it works. 

When you are done. Let’s move to the next step. 

2- Create An Irresistible Freebie

To collect emails you should have a freebie. This is how to start an email list from scratch. 

A freebie is something free that you will give your subscribers in exchange for their emails. 

It can be anything free that is related to your blog niche. 

Some of the examples of freebies are 

  • Checklists
  • ebooks
  • PDFs
  • Free training session
  • Templates
  • And more.

However, your freebie should be something amazing that your readers can’t say no to. 

Your freebie should be a solution to one of their problem. 

Let’s say you are a food blogger and your readers are housewives who want to learn new recipes and kitchen hacks to serve deliciousness to their children. 

So your freebie can be an ebook on quick and healthy snack recipes. 

Since they want to cook for their children they will be taking your ebook and willingly giving you their emails. 

Again, it should be something that your target audience cares about. Otherwise, they won’t give it a look. 

3- Create Your First Sign Up Form

For collecting emails you need a signup form. 

Let’s take an example from this website. 

I give free blog resources to my blog visitors and they give their emails. 


This is a sign-up form. You will also create one. 

People enter their names and emails and then click on the button and I send them to blog resources as promised.

Using Mailerlite you can easily create as many sign-up forms as you want. 

From the menu click on forms and then after giving a name you can customize it in this window. 

customizing an email sign up form on Mailerlite.

You can also give it your brand colors. 

Make sure to add both name and email fields. Name is very important for sending personal emails. 

4- Set Up Automation

You can send mainly two types of emails using marketing software. 

  • Automation
  • Campaign

 What is email marketing automation? 

The series of emails are pre-written and set up in such a way that whenever a new subscriber is added to a list then the emails are sent automatically. 

What is an email marketing campaign? 

Campaigns are more written and sent at the same time (or scheduled) to the subscriber list. 

You will need both of them in a sequence that once a subscriber is added to the list a series of 4 to 5 email automation is sent and after that regular campaigns are sent to nurture the relationship. 

From our example above, you need welcome automation for thanking your subscribers for taking your snacks ebook. 

Therefore, write a series of emails including 

  • A thankyou email. 
  • An introduction email telling more about you and what you teach. 
  • One or two more emails. 

On Mailerlite, you can click on automation and start creating your series by defining a time gap between two emails. 

A 24-hour gap works fine for me. You don’t want to be sending all of them together. 

5- Add Subscribers To Your List.

So you have an automation set up, a signup form created and now everything looks great. 

So you should get some subscribers on your list. But how to grow an email list?

Some of the best ways to grow your email list organically are 

  • Adding the signup form in your sidebar. 
  • Promote it on Facebook groups.
  • Add your sign-up form in your blog posts. 
  • Create Pinterest pins. 
  • Tweet about it and add a pinned tweet on your profile. 

The more subscribers you add to this list the more chances of them becoming your customers or buyers or loyal followers. 

However, the number of subscribers isn’t that valuable. The value is in your emails. The connection between you and your subscribers. 

Because if you don’t focus on building a connection first, no matter how many affiliate links you send you will not make any sale.

6 Tips To Succeed In Email Marketing

If you consistently follow the above process then you can easily create an engaging list. But there are always some ways to speed up the process. 

1- Grow Your Email List Fast.

I know I have told you that the number doesn’t matter but 1000 engaged subscribers is a lot better than 100 or 200. 

Therefore, always try to add more subscribers to your list. 

The more the merrier. 

2- Write Personalized Emails.

Personalized emails always connect. This is the number one tip for writing great emails. 

I have noticed the emails with subject lines with names have got higher click rates than normal emails. 

Some other ways of writing personalized emails are 

  • Sharing a personal story. 
  • Sending helpful tips and tricks regularly. 
  • Replying to their emails. 
  • Asking them questions. 

3- Try A/B Split Headline Testing.

A/B testing is another great way to see what is working for your subscribers. 

You write Headline A and Headline B and send the former to a group and the latter to the other. 

The heading that got more opens wins. 

This will help you find out what your subscribers like more. 

You can write headings in a different format. Like a question, controversial, simple, confusing, and more to see what works. 

4- Segments Your Email Lists. 

Segmenting your email list is a great way to get better results. 

Some subscribers are connected with you but some have recently signed up and don’t know you enough. 

If you send both of them an affiliate product, sure the first group may buy but the second group would be annoyed. 

Therefore, segment your email list into diff groups and send different emails to them. 

5- Send Mobile-Friendly Emails. 

Make sure that the email software that you chose sends mobile-friendly emails. 

Your subscribers can use a mobile phone or a laptop to read your email therefore it must be optimized in both ways. 

Mailerlite has options to customize your emails in desktop as well as mobile modes.

6- Angela’s 7 Email Sequence

Angela has written a guide on how to send personal emails along with templates that helped her make 3k in 1 week only. She also explains everything in her ebook.

angela's 7 email sequence

Check out the 7 emails ebook here.

These were some simple email marketing guidelines that if you follow will help you get better at it. 


So this beginners guide was all about what is email marketing and how to do it. 

There is no wonder why email marketing is a great way to start making money from your blog. All you need is an email list that is nurtured. 

That’s why you should grow your email list fast with the best practices I have listed above. 

And you now know how to grow an email list, create an impressive freebie and write great email sequences. 

Your subscribers will be engaged if you send personal messages. 

If you liked this email marketing guide, pin it on Pinterest. 

the email marketing guide for bloggers

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  1. Excellent email guide here Ekta. Especially as social media becomes more chaotic and unstable, growing a list seems to be vital to your blogging success. I doubled down on building my email list after spending years ignoring it. Lesson learned. Letting your readers get your posts quickly and easily sent to their email inbox is a no brainer.


    1. Right, I realised it just a few days back. That’s when I learned that you should have a few people to check your blog again and again. Thanks for your comment.

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