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8 Tips On How To Get More Page Views On Your Blog?

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Almost every new blogger asks this question: why is my blog not getting traffic? Or how to get more page views on my blog? If you are struggling to grow blog traffic then keep reading. 

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You are a blogger, you have read every article online, tried all of the tricks but you couldn’t drive traffic to your blog. 

Don’t worry, today you will learn why. And how to attract more traffic to your blog. 

You will find out the mistakes that you are making on your blog that are costing you no traffic. 

But also, how to fix them. 

So if you want to get more page views then this post is for you. 

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why your blog is not getting blog traffic

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Let’s begin with why your blog isn’t getting any traffic. 

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Blog Traffic

You might think that you are doing things right but you probably are not. 

And it’s not your fault. It’s because trends change very often. 

But not our strategies. So you should not only be up to date with the latest trends but also analyze your strategies. 

To find out what is working for you. 

Here are some things that are blocking your potential blog traffic. 

You Don’t Know Your Target Reader

Do you? Do you know who that person is? What’s his name? Age? Problems? Pain points? Hobbies? Interests? 

If not, then it’s not hidden why you are not getting traffic. 

If so then you are probably writing for 3 types of people.

  • Everyone
  • No one
  • Or you think your target audience is people like you. 

No, you are not your target audience. 

You could make it work that way but it will take a lot of time. 

Instead, create a target audience profile so detailed that you know what they are struggling with. 

How would you create a target reader profile? 

The answer is Google Analytics. I know that you don’t like it much but once you get into it you will learn a lot about your target audience. 

Go to the Audience tab on your GA dashboard and write all of the information on paper. 

You will learn so much about your target audience. 

Check out this newsletter that I sent recently, I have shared the same process of creating a target audience profile.

And if you are not on my email list (get a free SEO checklist) then make sure you are, I share practical blogging tips.

You are Not Writing for Your Target Reader

Next, if you know your ideal reader you are not writing for them. 

You are writing content that you want. And so no one is coming to read it. 

The truth is, your readers care only if you have something to offer that they want. 

Instead, find out what your readers want to learn about and write about it.

Let me give you an example. 

A few months ago, I asked on Twitter what they want to read. 

Yep, directly. 

I tweeted a poll asking what they want to read. Affiliate programs and two more. 

Many of them clicked on affiliate programs and I created a blog post on it. 

Do you know that post has got 40+ comments in the first month only? 

Hence, creating content for your target audience means finding problems and then providing solutions. 

How do you know what are their problems?

By researching on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Quora. 

And yes, I know it is boring and time consuming but it is also necessary. 

And it will bring you results. 

Just try it once. 

You Don’t Have an SEO Strategy

Now you are not getting any organic traffic because you don’t have an SEO strategy. 

Maybe because you think that you will drive enough traffic from social media. 

Or you are afraid to learn. Maybe you tried some strategies and it didn’t work so you don’t want to continue. 

Trust me, organic traffic is the best type of traffic. 

And it is not difficult to get. Yes, it may take some time but it is possible. 

Those strategies didn’t work for you because they are outdated. 

And Google changes its algorithms very often. 

Like, a while ago, keyword stuffed content was ranking on Google. 

Now such content gets banned. 

Nowadays, content that is optimized for the user’s problem ranks. Search intent.

So you need to start learning SEO and implement it on your blog. 

Create a strong strategy, give it time and watch your stats grow. 

I say this because I see mine growing every day. 

You are Not Diversifying

Maybe you read it somewhere to focus on one traffic source and you are not doing anything else. 

This way, you are not getting traffic from your current source (because you are building it) and missing other sources. 

If you are doing so then it would trouble you in the future. 

Why am I saying this? 

When I started blogging, I started using Pinterest only, it brought me a lot of traffic but then the algorithm changed and my traffic went down. 

At the time, I had no other sources. 

That’s when I learned to diversify traffic from many sources. 

And that’s why you should too. 

Yes, you should work on SEO and Pinterest but also other sources like social media. 

Do you know when Pinterest failed me Twitter saved me? 

And now I am trying Facebook (join my Facebook community here) and it is growing.

I have added another source of traffic in 2 months.

But how would you do that?

Get your profiles on all social platforms and see where your audience is. 

Check out your competitor’s profile and see if people are engaging with their posts. 

If so then you need to get these people to engage with your content.

You Don’t Promote

Now, I know you are shying away from showing up in public. 

I know because I have been like this once. 

Remember I told you that Twitter saved me? Well before then I was not confident of sharing my opinion on Twitter.

But as my traffic went down, I decided to make Twitter work for me.

I promoted my posts and started getting traffic.  

Lesson learned, promote your posts. 

What should you do? 

Promote your posts on platforms where your readers are. 

At the same time, don’t over promote. 

Make it an equal balance of promoting and engaging. 

You are Not Consistent

If you have been reading my posts you already know what I am going to tell you. 

But if not then here’s my story. 

I took a break in August and didn’t publish any posts. 

And my DA went from 19 to 16. 

Just because I was not consistent. 

So, you should consistently publish new content on your blog. 

It can be 1 post per week or 2. Whatever suits your schedule. 

Just make sure that you are consistent. 

Otherwise, your DA may fall like me. 

You Don’t Invest in Learning

This is crucial. 

Many bloggers don’t invest in learning and keep on applying so-called tricks that are supposed to work. 

But they don’t. 

And then they give up on blogging. 

Some think they would invest when they start earning. 

I thought the same way. 

But it wasn’t helping. And I was wasting the time and money I invested on hosting. 

So I decided to purchase courses and started learning. 

SEO. Pinterest. Affiliate Marketing. 

And I am so glad that I took those courses. 

But I also realize that I was wasting time. 

I lost many potential sales. 

Because I was saving money. That was in return costing me more.

So go and buy those courses you have been eyeing and learn the strategies. 

Work on your blog. Then keep slaying your income goals. 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

You are Still Using So-called Tricks

You are using tricks that you read somewhere and expecting your blog flooded with traffic. 

I know tricks work. But they don’t when you want big traffic. 

Okay, commenting on a blog will get you traffic but not a lot. 

It won’t move the needle. 

Why should you not be focusing on these tricks? 

Because these tricks waste your time. 

The time when you could have written guest posts or updated an old blog post or learned SEO. 

So don’t waste all your day trying tricks that you learned somewhere. 

Focus on things that matter. 

So how would you learn all of this so quickly? What if you can get all of this in one place?

The Traffic Bundle By Angela

blog traffic bundle by angela

Angela created a great bundle for bloggers to help them grow blog traffic. 

And this bundle has everything you need to get more views on your blog. 

Check out the traffic bundle here.

So what’s included? 

The SEO blueprint  

angela seo blueprint

A no-fluff guide on how to plan and execute a master SEO strategy on your blog. 

This guide will give you exactly what to do. 

You will not have to try unlimited SEO strategies only to find out that they failed. 

You will learn easy-to-execute strategies, use the right tools to put the cherry on top of your Blogging SEO. 

The secret sauce to skyrocketing your blog traffic 

angela blog traffic ebook

It is an ebook filled with 180+ pages that will teach you how to hone in on your audience and give them exactly what they want. 

You will get a deeper dive into 

  • creating the perfect audience profile, 
  • finding the right topics to write about
  • many tips to get traffic from various sources.

So you are not trying so-called tricks but tips that work. 

Make more sales with Holiday traffic

You know holiday traffic is the best way to grow your income. 

But you are not sure how to benefit from it. 

So Angela created this holiday guide to help you boost your income in holidays and snag those extra sales that you keep missing now. 

And the bundle also includes some bonuses. 


A) – Identifying your Target Audience – your workbook to find your ideal reader so you create blog posts and attract them to your blog. 

B) – Copy & Paste Email templates – that you can send and get backlinks, guest post approvals, sponsored posts from big sites. 

C) – 50 Facebook Groups – to help you find your blogging tribe and learn from them. 

Check out the Blog Traffic Bundle here. 

Conclusion – How To Get More Blog Views? 

So now you know why your blog is not getting blog traffic. 

But you also know how to get more blog views. 

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You will probably hear two things about blog traffic. 

  • You don’t need lots of blog traffic to make money from your blog – yes you don’t, but you still need some. For that, work on getting blog traffic. 
  • Blog traffic doesn’t mean anything if your content isn’t converting – yes, true. So focus on learning your audience’s needs and they will convert. 

Now get the traffic bundle and work on a master strategy.

Which mistake were you making on your blog? Is there any that I have left? 

Also, please save this post and help me grow. 

how to get more page views to your blog

Have you checked out these blogging mistakes that you are probably making on your blog? Find out what they are and stop making them. 

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