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101+ Best & Free Guest Blogging Sites List For Bloggers

free guest blogging sites for bloggers

If you want to build a strong backlink profile then there’s no better option than guest blogging. This post is a list of guest blogging sites for bloggers to start with. 

Sure there are other ways of building backlinks but they are not sustainable. 

The backlinks you have built using various ways can be lost because you have no control over them. The website owners are always updating their sites so they tend to remove links very often and replace them with either their content or to a higher DA source. 

But the backlinks built by writing for guest post sites tend to stay. These are removed only if the owner decides to take the blog post down. 

2020 for me was about trying different ways to build backlinks. I tried cold email outreach, Twitter outreach, and more. 

Trust me when I say this, guest blogging is the most respectful and tangible way of building quality backlinks. 

I say this because most of the pitches I sent were ignored and the few I got replies were removed sooner or later. 

That’s why I have concluded that writing guest blogs is a good way to build backlinks. 

And I want you to start guest blogging with this website’s list. 


free guest blogging sites for bloggers

I know this list isn’t as big as it should be but these are top guest blogging sites. I have either written for them or I’m planning on doing it. 

But I will keep on updating the guest blogging sites list and adding new sites as I find more. 

So I thought I should share my list of guest blogging sites with you too. 

Sugar? Let’s begin. 

You can scroll down to the next two sections if you already know what guest blogging is and how to do it. 

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when you write a blog post and send it to another blogger to be published in his blog. 

This way, you get a backlink to your blog, and sometimes you can also get paid. 

Head over to my detailed guide on guest blogging if you want to learn more. 

So now I have already told you above why guest blogging is important to build your backlink profile but there are a bunch more benefits of it. 

Let’s check them out. 

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging? 

Here are some of my favorite guest blogging benefits. Let’s see which one you like the most.

1- Reach A Larger Audience 

Writing on others’ blogs gives you a chance to show up to a different audience. 

That audience is the other blogger’s audience and if you are good at what you do, writing, then you can turn them into your audience. 

Plus, when you are writing for a high authority site, they have a large amount of traffic, then that’s even better. 

2- Gain Quality Backlinks

Of course, you get a backlink. 

That’s the goal right!? Wrong. Even though by guest blogging, you gain quality backlinks your focus should be on writing great content for the audience. 

However, the second goal can be building backlinks. 

3- Grow Blog Traffic 

Exactly what I am talking about in the first benefit. 

When you write for a high authority website that gets millions of traffic monthly, you get to add a link or two leading to your site. 

If a few of them click on them you will get free traffic. 

If that article stays on that site for long you get free traffic for long. 


Honestly, guest blogging is time-consuming. You will have to write lots of articles to get backlinks. But, there are many other ways to get blog traffic online.

Angela shares many easy tips in her blog traffic ebook. Make sure to check out.

blog traffic ebook by angela

4- Grow Blog DA (Domain Authority)

Your blog DA is connected to the number of backlinks. 

Yes, there are other factors too but backlinks are the most part. So when you earn more links your blog DA score improves. 

5- Become An Expert

When you write a lot of guest blogs, even for free, they help you become the topic expert.

Not because you are writing a lot of articles on a topic but because you are learning more about the topic. 


Now when you know everything about guest blogging, how and where to guest blog?

11 Free Guest Blogging Sites For Bloggers – The Ultimate List

So these are the top guest blogging sites. These are free. You can pitch them directly. 

Please note that this is an updated list. 

I realized that the sites were not categorized under their niche so it might be troubling you to access them. 

That’s why I arranged them based on their niche so you can easily scroll through different categories and choose those where you want to apply. 

I have also added links to their submission pages. 

1- Blogging & Writing Websites 

If you want to give your blogging tips then go through this list to submit your guest blog. 

1- Social Media Examiner 

Social Media Examiner publishes social media marketing tips to help small businesses grow. You can find the guidelines here. 

2- is a popular website that publishes on a variety of topics. Follow this link to visit their contact page

3- Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform. Join Medium and publish your guest post there. 

4- Shout Me loud

Shout Me Loud is run by Harsh Agarwal. It is an award-winning blog. You can request to submit your guest post here

5- Income Diary

Income Diary talks about lots of things like money, blogging, and more. It has a DA of 58. Don’t leave your chance of getting published in Income Diary.

6- Bloggers Passion 

Bloggers Passion is maintained by Anil Agarwal and is a great source of information for aspiring bloggers. You can find the guidelines here. 

7- The Mogul Mom 

The Mogul Mom talks about blogging. Visit the submission page here. 

8- Copyblogger

Copyblogger helps aspiring writers to become better copywriters. They have a guidelines page that you can access here. 

9- Make A Living Writing

Make A Living Writing is managed by Carol Tice. She is a freelance writer and teaches her tips on her blog. If you have some writing tips then check her submission page. 

10- Writer’s Life For You

Writer’s life for you is maintained by Heather Ritchie. You can submit your guest post request here. 

11- Tia Says 

Tia Says also accepts guest articles. Visit the tia says contact page to find out more. 

Download this list of free 150+ blog post ideas to use while sending your pitches to these sites.


2- SEO Websites 

seo and money making guest posting sites

Here are all the websites that accept SEO articles. You can find the links to submission next to them. 

  1. Hubspot – Submit here. 
  2. Search Engine Land –  Guidelines 
  3. Kiss Metrics – Guest blog page
  4. Co schedule – Write for us page. 
  5. Solvid – Submit here.  
  6. Media Post – Write for them
  7. Getresponse – Write for them
  8. Content Marketing Institute – Write for them
  9. Outbrain – Submit your blog
  10. SEO blog – Guidelines

3- Lifestyle Websites 

Here are all the lifestyle blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to. 

  1. Lifehacker- Read the guidelines here
  2. The Huffington Post – Read the guidelines here. 
  3. Scary Mommy – Write for them. 
  4. Brit Mums – Read the guidelines here. 
  5. Elephant Journal – Submit your request. 
  6. Mamamia – Write for them. 
  7. Craftgossip – Read the guidelines here. 
  8. Living Rich With Coupons – Submit your request. 
  9. Mookychick – Write for us page
  10. The Bark – Read the guidelines here

4- Travel, Tourism & Fashion Websites 

travel & tourism blogs to write guest posts for

Here are all the travel, tourism, and fashion blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to. 

  1. The Travel Bunny – Write for them. 
  2. In the Know – Read the guidelines here. 
  3. Sheswanderful – Write for us page. 
  4. Go Abroad Guest blog page. 
  5. Global Grasshopper – Read the guidelines here. 
  6. Fashionista – Write for us page. 
  7. Love my Dress – Submit your request. 
  8. College Fashion – Guest blog page. 
  9. Hello Giggles – Read the guidelines here
  10. Just Jared – Write for us page. 

5- Food Websites

food blog s guest posts

Here are all the food blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to. 

  1. The Kitchen – Write for them. 
  2. One Green Planet – Read the guidelines here. 
  3. Today’s Mama – Write for us page
  4. Food Dive – Guest blog page. 
  5. Taste of Home – Read the guidelines here. 
  6. Disney Food bBlog – Submit your request. 
  7. So Good Blog – Write for them. 
  8. Eat Drink Better – Read the guidelines here
  9. Scottish Mum – Submit your request. 
  10. Vegnews – Write for us page. 
  11. Foodstuff Mall – Read the guidelines here. 

6- Health and Wellness Sites

health and wellness

Here are all the health and wellness blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to. 

  1. Mind Body Green – Write for them
  2. Wellbeing Secrets – Read the guidelines here
  3. Ideafit – Write for us page
  4. Tim Blog – Write for them. 
  5. Trail Runner – Read the guidelines here. 
  6. Teno Blog – Submit your request. 
  7. Life Cares- Write for us page. 
  8. Healthline – Read the guidelines here. 
  9. The Fit Flair – Write for them. 
  10. Rise and Beam – Read the guidelines here. 

7- Digital Marketing Websites

Here are all the digital marketing blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to.  

  1. Creative Bloq – Write for us page. 
  2. Marketing Profs – Read the guidelines here. 
  3. Benchmark Email – Write for them. 
  4. Contact Pigeon – Read the guidelines here. 
  5. Referralcandy – Write for us page. 
  6. Click Z – Read the guidelines here. 
  7. On Crawl – Write for us page. 
  8. B2B Marketing – Submit your request. 
  9. The Sits Girls – Read the guidelines here. 
  10. Making Different – Write for us page. 

8- Art and DIY Websites 

art and diy blogs

Here are all the art and DIY blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to. 

  1. Craft Bits – Write for us page. 
  2. Fine Craft Guild – Guest blog page. 
  3. This Is Colossal – Submit your request. 
  4. Contact Music – Read the guidelines here. 
  5. Digital Photography – Submit your request. 
  6. Lemony Blog – Write for us page. 
  7. Urban Adventure – Read the guidelines here. 
  8. Buzztowns – Submit your request. 
  9. Milwaukee Magazine – Write for us page. 
  10. Crazy Leaf Design – Read the guidelines here. 

9- Home & Garden Websites 

Here are all the home & garden blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to.  

  1. Roohome -Write for them. 
  2. House Affection – Submit your request. 
  3. Grafomap – Write for us page. 
  4. Design Like – Read the guidelines here. 
  5. Keira’s Life – Write for us page. 
  6. Paze Rank – Write for them. 
  7. The Almost Done – Submit your request. 
  8. Big Blog of Gardening – Read the guidelines here. 
  9. Yard Surfer – Submit your request. 
  10. DIY Danielle – Read the guidelines here. 

10- Finance Websites 

Here are all the finance blogs that you can send your guest blogging requests to.  

  1. Bella Wanana – Write for us page. 
  2. Modest Money – Read the guidelines here. 
  3. Finance Wand – Write for them. 
  4. Inc Magazine – Read the guidelines here. 
  5. Bigger Pockets – Write for us page. 
  6. Oil Price – Submit your request. 
  7. Money Crashers – Write for them. 
  8. Finance Online – Read the guidelines here. 
  9. Money Saving Mom – Write for them. 

Money Mini Blog – Submit your request.

Best Practices For Guest Blogging 

So here are some best practices for you to follow before and after pitching to these free guest blogging websites. 

1- Read Their Guidelines 

Make sure you read their guidelines before sending them a request to maximize your chances of getting accepted. 

The blogs mentioned above are linked to their write for us page and you can find the guidelines there. 

Always read the guidelines. 

2- Send Your Previous Work

This little trick has helped me get replies to my pitches. 

I just add 2 to 3 links to my other guest posts on similar topics and the person reading my emails replies to me. 

When you show them your already published works they will have a chance to understand your writing style and if they like it they would reply. 

3- Write For Their Audience 

Most important. 

When starting, bloggers make the mistake of writing to their audience and they never get their article published. 

It’s because these sites are well known for their work and their target audience persona is more advanced. 

So you can either blog on a website that produces content similar to yours. Or do a quick market research before writing a post. 

You can follow this guide to find a target audience. 


So this was my free guest blogging sites list. 

Now when you have a bunch of websites to pitch your guest post request to I’m sure you will end up getting those quality juicy links. 

If your niche is not in there, don’t worry, I’ll be adding more websites to my free guest blogging list. 

For you to write a perfect blog post that gets accepted check out this post on how to write SEO-friendly articles.  

Guest blogging for SEO is crucial, especially when you plan on ranking for some keywords. These sites will hopefully give you a head start. 

I hope you liked this post. If so don’t forget to pin this post. 

11 free guest blogging sites to write for

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