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13 Evergreen Content Ideas For Bloggers To Get Traffic Forever

13 evergreen content ideas for bloggers

To create content that lasts longer you need unique ideas. This post is therefore a list of the best evergreen content ideas for you. 

In my beginner’s guide to evergreen content marketing, I told you why you need to have evergreen articles on your blog. 

If you haven’t read it then I would recommend that you give it a quick read. 

It will tell you why you need to write evergreen blog posts and also a 7 step process to write them. 

Then you should use these evergreen blog post ideas to write timely content on your blog. 

This way, you will be writing blog posts that may not rank now but sometime in the future. 

Fret not, if you ever run out of these content ideas I have also shared a process on how to find blog post ideas. 


13 blog post ideas for evergreen content for new bloggers

Here’s a quick overview if you haven’t read the guide. If you have them you can skip the section. 

What Is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen content is those blog articles on your blog that remain valuable for a long time. 

These posts have information that remains relevant to the target audience. 

Some of the examples of evergreen content on my blog are 

Both of these are evergreen pieces on my blog and I try to keep them fresh and updated. 

Why You Should Create Evergreen Content For Your Blog? 

You should have evergreen content on your blog to boost your organic reach. 

Evergreen content stays relevant for a long time and if you update them regularly using the best SEO practices you can get organic traffic to those posts. 

Therefore, evergreen blog posts are good for SEO. 

Not all blog content ideas are equal. Some of them can’t be called evergreen. Therefore to create timely content you have to find the best blog post ideas. 

These were the ways when you run out of ideas, for now, I have done the research. 

13 Evergreen Content Ideas To Start With

This is a list of evergreen blog post ideas for beginners to create content for your blog. 

How-To Tutorials 

You can always create a how-to tutorial and turn it into an evergreen topic in your niche. 

And readers love tutorial posts. It is because these posts are super informative and you are guiding your readers to do something. 

And they just have to follow the exact process that you are teaching and do nothing else. 

Do you know the most popular post on my blog is “how to find your target audience?” It is because I share a step-by-step process to help my readers find their target readers. 

You can also create how-to content on your blog.

Lists Of Something 

Lists are never going to die. And readers love them. 

You can create so many variations on lists. For example, 

  • Top influencers in your industry. 
  • 14 best ways to do something
  • 10 free tools you use

And so many more! 

I published a list of beginner-friendly affiliate programs for new bloggers and I got more than 40 comments in only 30 days. 

It is one of the popular posts on my blog. 

Beginner’s Guide 

Always create 2 to 3 beginner guides on popular topics in your niche. 

Beginner guides help you establish authority and get backlinks too. I have plenty of beginner guides on my blog two of these that worked well for me are 

Plus, you can make a few tweaks to keep them updated.

FAQ Posts

This is a great way to get your blog posts in the #0 or “people also ask” section. 

So how do you do it? 

All you have to do is answer the questions on a topic. And where do you find those questions? 

The “people also ask” section. 

people also ask section

You can also use tools like Answer The Public to find out the exact questions that your target audience is asking. 

Glossary Post 

This is another awesome way to get organic traffic. 

Check out this awesome wordpress glossary by wpbeginner. 

It ranks on the first page of Google for the term “blogging glossary.”

Over time you can rank your massive glossary but make sure that you keep it on one topic only. 

Strategy Post

Do you have a strategy that works very well for you? 

It’s time to convert it into a post and get some backlinks for it. 

All you have to do is to articulate your strategy well using the right keywords and then share it with other bloggers in your niche to check if they are willing to link to it. 

Most of them might not be but that’s okay. Focus on getting high-quality backlinks. You don’t need plenty. 

Topic Clusters 

Do you want to hear a secret? 

You can rank for competitive keywords! 

All you have to do is to create topic clusters. These are a group of 4 to 6 blog posts on a similar topic. 

For example, you want to write a guide on SEO. So there are other topics like link building, guest blogging, site audit, and more that you would want to cover but if you do it in a single post then it would become a long boring guide. 

So you can create the main post on SEO and sub posts on those other topics and link them internally. 

Over time your posts will start ranking. 

Common Mistakes In Your Niche

Another great evergreen content idea is to create a massive list of common mistakes. 

People do their best to avoid mistakes and that’s why these blog posts are popular. 

For example, I updated my blog post about the first-year blogging mistakes I made on my blog and it got so many views. 

Why? Because new bloggers want to avoid those mistakes and old bloggers find them relatable. 

Blog Series 

Blog series ranks quickly. 

Do you know that I wrote a Pinterest series? The third post of the series got indexed within 30 days. 

Can you believe it? 

My best guess is because I had interlinked the parts immediately after publishing them. 

BTW, I’ve linked the Pinterest series below if you want to have a look at them. 

Comparison Post 

You can create comparison posts of the products you use. 

This way you can add affiliate links and make some money with them. 

Or you have two ways of doing something. You can compare both methods to see which one brings better and faster results. 



Checklists work well. These are list posts but centered around one topic. 

For example, I have written a guest post for Ana and it is a checklist for the best SEO practices for 2021. 


Resources Post

You might have heard that creating a resource library isn’t that helpful but it is not true. 

I have a resource library where I have collected all the tools that I use for running my blog and I get a lot of visitors to it monthly. 

I’ve recently optimized it with keywords and I’m sure in some days it will start ranking. 

Best Blogs In Your Niche

This is a great way to get some backlinks as well as build relationships with other bloggers. 

Do you follow some bloggers in your niche? Then reach out to them and make a massive list of your favorite bloggers. 

So these were some of the best blog post ideas for bloggers. If you want more then download this list of 150+ blog post ideas. 


How To Find Evergreen Content Ideas? 

Here are some ways I use to find evergreen content ideas. 

Google Search 

The first step is always a quick Google search. You will get amazing blog post ideas by doing a Google search. 


The two places I check are 

  • The “People Also Ask” section and
  • Google recommended keywords. 

Google shows examples of those questions that people are asking. You can answer these questions and get on the first page.

Using Tools

You can also use tools like Google Trends and Buzzsumo

Google Trends is a free tool that shows a graphical trend of a keyword in one year. You can also compare two different keywords to find out which one would be better to target. 

google trends content research tool

Buzzsumo is a premium tool that shows the top-performing content based on their social shares. 

Finding The Right Keywords 

Many times while doing keyword research I find potential ideas for another topic. 

And I end up creating content on those keywords. 

You can also use the same trick to find ideas for writing blog posts. 

Competition Analysis 

I kept the best for the last. 

Finding the top-performing content ideas of your competitors and then creating a better version of them puts you forward in the race. 

You can use Ubersuggest to find out the blog posts of your competitors. 

Using Blog Post Ideas Generator

If you are not sure how to get blog post ideas then you can use the free tools. 


So these were the best evergreen content ideas for bloggers to start creating blog posts. 

If you haven’t skipped over then you know how to get content for blogging in 5 ways. 

And with this list, you have enough blog post ideas to write on your blog. 

Again, you need to figure out what is the best topic for blogging and then create evergreen content on it. 

If you have any questions please add them to the comments section. 

Otherwise, share this post. 

evergreen blog post ideas

Do you want to create a blog content strategy for a whole year? Read this post. 

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  1. This was super helpful! I have been looking at ways to write more evergreen content for my blog and I like that you have a full list and you actually go into details for every post type! ☺️

  2. i’ve learned evergreen content is the best for maintaining traffic. i’m always trying to write content that can be promoted any time of the year & for years to come. loved all these suggestions! thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  3. I found it truly helpful, Ekta! Though, I don’t market or monetize my blog but definitely, those who are looking forward to it, your contents are quite beneficial for them! It’s for me too though, perhaps it may help me going forward! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable content!

    1. Thank you so much Biren for reading my post. Yes, to monetize your blog effectively you must plan your blog content smartly. That’s when a content strategy helps.

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