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How To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Get Clicks?

how to write catchy blog post titles

Your search engine success depends on how well your blog post titles convert. If your blog titles suck this post is about how to write catchy blog titles. 

Catchy blog titles, as clear from their name, are blog post headlines that are attracted to the eye. And if the same blog title is promising enough, it gets clicked. 

To bag the maximum clicks from the organic searches your job as a blogger is to write blog titles that make more and more readers want to click on them. 

If you struggle with writing attractive titles for blog posts then this post is for you. 

In this post, you will find some examples of catchy titles, how to write titles, and how to incorporate coming up with attractive titles as a regular practice. 

Because you need it in you. 


how to write a blog post title?

Let’s begin. 

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What is a Catchy Headline?

A catchy headline is that blog post headline on which the readers click to read further. There are many qualities of click worthy headlines such as 

  • Interesting to read.
  • Excites readers to click on it. 
  • And more.

Some examples of catchy blog titles are 

  • How To Start A Blog From Scratch And Make Money? 
  • 15 Promising Ways To Explode Blog Traffic

But there can be variations of these titles and therefore it is up to you to find out which one works for them.

And depends on your readers so you will want to try these different practices to come up with a good blog title. 

How to Write Good Titles: 9 Best Practices to Write Creative Blog Titles

These are some best practices that you can follow to write titles for your blog posts. 

Make Use of Catchy Blog Titles Generator

The first is to use a blog headline generator. 

If you can’t come up with anything interesting then use this free tool, Hubspot title generator

It gives a lot of ideas that you can use as your blog post titles. 

If you don’t like them you are free to change a few things and then use them. 

Add Emotions (Use Power Words)

The best way to connect with humans is with emotions. 

If you can add emotions to your article titles in a way that it hits their pain points then you can get a lot of clicks. 

For example, if your reader wants to grow blog traffic and he has tried everything to do this but nothing seems to be working for him. 

Then you write a super helpful blog post with actionable tips and you title your blog post “17 Effortless Ways To Double Your Blog Views” 

Your reader would click on it. Because he has struggled to increase blog traffic and all he wants are these “effortless” ways. 

The word effortless is used to connect with your reader. 

Much like this, we use ‘power’ words to connect with our readers. 

Here’s a massive list of power words by Jon Morrow that you can refer to. 

Ask Questions

Another great way to write blog titles is by asking questions. 

Questions make readers curious and if you can make someone curious then they click. 

For example, 

When I was learning about Pinterest I found these posts interesting.

  • Why is no one clicking on your pins? 
  • Why should you not pin the same image twice? 

As a loyal reader, I would click on them. 

These questions made me curious. As I was struggling to figure out the “mysterious” way Pinterest works, these questions were exactly what I wanted to be answered. 

I wanted answers to all these questions and that’s why I clicked on them to read more. 

This is what you can do. 

By targeting a specific group of people who have a certain problem you can easily keep them clicking on your posts. 

And more.

Make A Promise

No one clicks on your blog title to help you get one more blog view.

They click only if there’s something for them. 

And the secret to writing great headlines is by telling your readers what’s in it for them. They would click. 

How to do it? By making a promise. 

For example, I have bought so many courses online to learn to blog. There was a Pinterest course that I bought that was titled “Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest.” 

I purchased it immediately, however, the course was not that great. So I never promoted it online. 

But do you know what made me want to buy it? 

It was the promise “Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest.” 

That’s the power of a promise, when you tell your readers ‘this is what you can do after this’ they are more willing to read. 

Use Numbers

Using numbers in your blog post titles is a great technique to increase your number of clicks. 

Something interesting that I have noticed about numbers is that the bigger the number gets the more it becomes popular. 

For example, my blog post on 21 blog traffic tips has gained many views after I updated them from 15 blog traffic tips.  

Similarly, I got more traffic to this post that I updated from 7 types of blog posts to 31 types. 

So the bigger the list gets the more valuable it becomes.

You can also try using colons, brackets, and more.

Add Keywords

You can’t ignore SEO and that’s why you should be writing SEO friendly blog titles. 

You have to make sure to use your target keyword in your title. 

If you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed this becomes easy.

Below your draft, you will notice a column for SEO blog titles. 

There you can add your SEO title. Always try to add at least one target keyword. 

Avoid Click baits

Click baits can be risky. 

There is a big reason behind it. 

The promise is too good to be true. Take again my example of the Pinterest course. 

It said “Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest” and that’s practically not possible. I don’t know why I bought it the first time but what it promises is not possible.

Because the Pinterest algorithm is always changing. No one knows everything. 

So you see how this clickbait made me purchase the course but it didn’t fulfill the big promise it made in the title. 

That’s why you want to avoid them. 

Why? Because click baits often lead to a fake promise that you make in your title to get clicks but didn’t fulfill in your blog post your readers can get annoyed and might not return to your site.

But if you think that your post is extremely valuable and answers the question then you can use click baits. 

Write Shorter Headlines

You might wonder how long a blog title should be. 

It should be short and to the point. 

Not only that, longer titles are trimmed when shown on the search pages. 

Like this one here. 

This might become one of the reasons your readers didn’t click. So you have to make sure that the visitor reads it completely. 

This you can determine by the same Yoast SEO plugin. 

You get 55 to 60 characters to write a blog title however, the plugin determines the SEO title length. 

Keep the line green and you are good to go. 

Do A/B Testing

At last, you would want to try out these different types and check which variations work for you. 

Below I will tell you how to practice writing multiple blog post titles. 

Fortunately, you can easily change blog post titles in WordPress. This way you can try different titles to find out what is working for your target audience. 

If you send emails to an email list then using email software like Mailerlite you can find out which headline worked better. 

So how do I write my blog post titles?

How To Write A Blog Post Title?

I used to write dramatically inspiring blog post titles and I got clicks but those clicks were only hurting my blog. 

These inspiring titles made big promises that are to be fulfilled within their content. 

At that time, my content was not that promising. So I noticed my blog bounce rate increasing and average time on the website decreasing. 

I figured out it might be because of blog post titles and I quickly updated them to simple titles. 

Since then I have been using a simple formula to write blog post titles. 

My Formula

The goal here is to be simple. I don’t want to overexcite my readers and then upset them by not giving a lot. 

I want my readers to assume they are getting less and then give more. 

This way they are likely to stay longer and return to my blog again. 

Here’s the formula I use:

  • For How to post – How to + do something + in 7 steps? 
  • For List posts – 15 Ways To Get More Clicks 

And if I’m writing a guide I’ll make sure to include the word in my titles. 

Such as,

Beginner’s guide to Content Marketing

I don’t try to over-sell. I think it’s risky in the long run. But I do use all the practices to try different options every now and then. 

How To Keep Writing Best Titles For Blog?

To keep writing good blog post titles you have to practice them. How? With the formula and the best practices that I have given you above.

But how to start writing catchy titles? Here’s how.

Pay Attention To Headlines You Click On

The first step is to be attentive. 

You might not have paid attention to them but great headlines are everywhere around us. And we click on them regularly. 

Yes, they are. If you haven’t noticed them yet then don’t worry.

From now on you have to pay attention to them.

Write those blog titles on which you clicked on a new document and use them as ideas. 

This will help you distinguish between random and the best blog titles.

Once you figure out what’s unique with the attention-grabbing headlines you can easily practice creating new ones.

Check Pinterest & Google For Inspiration

If you are not sure where to find blog title ideas then where can they be? 

Google and Pinterest. Well, these are my go-to sources for anything. Google shows the best-performing results while Pinterest shows creative blog titles.

Google shows the best blog titles because the results you get on the first page for any keyword are the best of all. That’s why they are ranking. 

So, you can check out what type of article titles are ranking for a keyword so you can write similar to them.

I use Pinterest to find inspiration to create pin titles. Pinterest usually has attractive titles. 

These are generally clickbaity. You might want to avoid clickbait titles. 

You know why!

You will get more blog title ideas to add to your document.

Write Multiple Headlines For A Blog Post

Once you have enough ideas it is time to practice what you learned.

How? Well, you have a list of catchy blog post titles. Use it to create your version of headlines. 

So you practice writing catchy titles for your blog posts and any other content you prepare. 

CopyHackers recommend that you should write at least 50 headlines for a blog post before finalizing one. 

I think that’s a lot. But yes, writing multiple headlines is helpful.

Therefore, write at least 15 to 20 headlines for a single blog post and then choose the best one. 

Now how would you determine which one is the best?

  • Use free headline analyzers like Coschedule Headline Analyzer.
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask yourself which one you would click on. 

Once you have found your best title you can use the others while designing your pins.

Over time you will start writing the best blog post headlines. 


So this is how to title your blog post by creating a list of catchy titles and using them for inspiration.

If you are just starting it might be a bit difficult for you to write them but once it becomes a daily practice it is easy. 

Try these tricks to create headlines for these 150+ blog post ideas.


So now that you know how to write a title for your blog post that gets clicked it is time you figure out how to write good blog posts.

Here are some articles you might want to start with.

As I said above, over time you will learn to write catchy blog titles and these posts will help you write good content on your blog. 

So, this was all I know about writing catchy blog post titles. If you have any questions or if I have left something, let me know in the comments below. 

I hope you found this post helpful. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Or why not subscribe to my newsletter and get blogging and writing tips straight to your inbox every week?

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    1. Hey Cristina,

      For Recipe posts particularly I think it would be best if you keep the heading simple. I mean it must first tell readers what your post is about.

      Then you can always use words like tasty, delicious or best to add more spice to you headings

      I think you should test out different things here. That’s what I did!

      Pinterest is the best place to test out different headings, create 4 to 5 pins with different headings and test which works better.

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