Cheapest Stock Photos: 4 Awesome Sites To Check Out

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“Images speak better than content.” And that’s why you should use images on your blog posts. These awesome sites where you can find the cheapest stock photos are therefore for you. 

Visuals add quality to your blog. Don’t feel like me? Consider this situation.

Would you rather read a plain black and white blog post without any images or a colorful blog post with a lot of attractive images?

The second one, Right? Yes, because it is more inviting. Ain’t that what we all want? To invite more readers to come back again and again.

Thankfully, with these cheap stock photos (that are also beautiful) we can easily do that!

Before that, you would be wondering why not just use free images? Why not search any image on Google and use it on your blog?

NO! This is a mistake that can get you into trouble. BIG TIME!

I’ll tell you why! 

I know images are important but incomplete information can be risky and that’s why this post is written so that you not only understand how to legally use images on your site but also where to find stunning images.

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4 awesome sites to find cheapest stock photos

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This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Benefits Of Using Images On Your Site

There are many benefits of using beautiful images on a site. I would like to highlight a few for you.

1- Visual Branding 

To establish a new brand online is one of the biggest challenges faced by a beginner blogger.

Using beautiful stock photos can help you grow your blog rapidly. However, using similar types of images is recommended. Meaning, images that have a common theme. 

Mostly feminine stock photography sites have a common theme. 

For example, a pink theme with images having at least some pink color. Or a red theme with images in red. 

This way you can easily match your site images with your brand colors.

2- Website Becomes More Attractive.

Adding high-quality stock photos make your site more attractive. As we have already discussed in the above example that you are more likely to read a blog post with beautiful images rather than the one without any visuals.

Another thing is the blog becomes more readable.

3- Increased Social Sharing.

Social media is all about visual content. By adding images on your blog you are increasing your chances of getting more shares for your post and hence more visibility.

4- Establish A Connection With Readers.

A good blog post with relevant images is a great connection builder between a reader and the blog. This makes our reader visit again.

5- Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO is all about using target keywords smartly throughout the blog post. And two of the smart places to put your keyword are the alt tags and the title of the image. 

There are many more benefits of using images on your blog and you can find stock photos for cheap easily. 

But if I continue to count the benefits we will lose our topic. And that’s not what we want! 

Now, you must be thinking why not just use free images? Or Google images?

Here’s why.

Why Are Google Images Not An Option?

The images on google are not publicly available for everyone to use. These are the images created or published by other website owners like you and hence they have their claim on the images (content) they publish just like you have your claim on the content you publish.

Check out the screenshot that I took after a Google search below.

image copyright

As you can see these images are subject to copyright and hence anyone who uses these images can get in big trouble if they have not properly given credits to the owner (or asked for permission to use).

Proper credits mean a link direct to their website. 

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On the other hand, the images from these best stock photography sites are royalty-free. Meaning, you don’t have to credit every time you use the images on your blog. 

Free Images

Yes, there are many sites from where you can find free styled photography but the only problem with them is that you can easily find the same images used multiple times already by other bloggers. 

Therefore these are not new for you. They are already used. 

Also, if you still use free images on your blog you will have to give credits to the owner of the image and also the source. 

And this can be very intimidating. Collecting images and also the source every single time. Taking a lot of your time.

But if you want to check out some free stock photography sites here are some I recommend.

  1. Pexels
  2. Unsplash
  3. Freepik (for vectors)
  4. Pixabay

So what’s the solution?

These 4 cheapest stock photography websites.

Why Stock Sites Are An Option?

Stock photography sites are perfect to use on your site because of these reasons.

  • All of these images are prepared by graphic designers. Stock photos from these designers look professional and hence the branding of your site becomes a lot easier. And it doesn’t look unprofessional.
  • When you purchase a subscription to any photo stock website you are licensed to use these images for any website use without having to give credits each time (such a relief!).
  • The subscription plans are extremely affordable.
  • You can choose the theme and will get access to the image library from where you can choose the images you want to use.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of using a stock photo subscription it’s time I tell you about those awesome stock photography (cheapest) sites.

Cheap Photos: Stock Sites To Check Out

1- Ivory Mix 

ivory mix subscription

Ivory Mix is one of the best feminine stock photo subscriptions. Kayla Marie is the owner of Ivory Mix.

However, it isn’t a stock photo subscription only! But so many things more. Want to know?

When you take the Ivory Mix subscription you get these four things.

  1. Stunning Stock Photos and Graphic Templates (updated every month with more images)
  2. Converting Captions and Headline Templates (fill in the blank type)
  3. Workshops (on demand)
  4. Fresh Content and Ideas Monthly (updated regularly)

Meaning, a normal stock photo subscription will get you

  • More Traffic!
  • Ideal Clients!
  • Double Profits!


The stock photos are categorized based on different niches. For example, food, lifestyle, wellness, parenting, etc. 

You can pick images that match your business. The library is updated every month. Kayla makes sure to add at least 100 new images every month.

She has a beautiful collection of Canva templates. It includes

  1. Pinterest Templates
  2. Lead Magnet Templates
  3. Presentation Templates
  4. Info-Graphic Templates
  5. eBook Templates
  6. … and more



You can choose from two options. 

  1. Quarterly – $67 without bonuses.
  2. Annual – $197 with bonuses.

Don’t get me started on bonuses! Yep, there’s more.

BONUS 1 – Access to all the Ivory Mix Premium Courses.

BONUS 2 – 12 Month Planner with Content Planned For 365 Days.

When you choose the annual plan you save 97%.


Still not sure? Take these free photos by Kayla and then decide. Yes, she sends free images every month.

2- Pixi Stock

pixistock membership

Pixi Stock is another feminine stock photography site owned by Alicia Powell.

Alicia Powell is known for her beautiful stock photos. Just like Kayla, she also has a lot to offer in her VIP membership.

  • Access to 4500+ beautiful stock photos. (200+ new photos added every month)
  • More than 3000+ Canva templates. (50+ new added every month) 
  • 365 days of content planned.


With one year of content planned you get

  • 800+ social media prompts
  • Thousands of hashtags in 40+ niches, 
  • Caption starters
  • And more.


Canva templates include

  • ebooks, 
  • Pinterest pins, 
  • Engagement graphics, 
  • Course materials, 
  • Stories, 
  • Carousels, 
  • Slide decks, 
  • And more.


Included in your PixiStock membership is your access to:

  • The Styled Stock Photo library (4000+ stock photos)
  • The Canva + graphic template library (3000+ Canva templates)
  • The done-for-you Social Quotes
  • 365+ Social Media Content Calendar System – 800+ prompts, hashtag research, caption starters
  • Inside the Brand Builder’s Lounge, a private community for members.
  • The Learning & Design center with design training, and tutorials


You can have the Pixi Stock VIP Membership at a price of $197 for a whole year. 


Want to try first? Get Alicia’s 30 free photos. Sign up now. Yes, you will receive monthly new photos.

3- Creative Market

cheapest stock photos creative market

Who doesn’t love the Creative Market? I mean it’s my go-to place for all of my blogging needs.

If you don’t know what Creative Market is, it is a place where buyers and sellers come together. Awesome creators sell their amazing creations at a very lower rate and sellers like us bloggers purchase them.

You can find literally everything there. From themes to templates, blog graphics to social media graphics, fonts to vectors, and many more things.

Some of the awesome things that you can find on Creatine Market are 

  • Stunning Photos.
  • Social Media Graphics.
  • Blog Graphics.
  • Fonts.
  • Templates.
  • Web Themes.
  • And more.

Gladly, the Creative market also has a beautiful library of stock photos. These photos are categorized according to the niche and it’s a guarantee that you will find something for you.


You can find packs of stock photos starting from $2. Yes! It’s that cheap.

But the awesome part is you can take affordable stock credits and get all of these stock photos with all the other cool stuff with it.


creative market plans


Do you know Creative Market also give 6 free goods every month? Sign up here.

4- The Envato Market

envato market's cheapest stock photos

Yes, Envato Market is another cool place to find professional-looking stock photos.

The Envato market is known for its amazing digital assets and products but it has some really beautiful, high quality, and affordable stock photos.

Some other things that you can find are 

  • Graphic Templates
  • Stock Videos
  • Music Tracks
  • Web Templates
  • Presentation Templates
  • Fonts.
  • And more.


You can purchase individual photos or have a membership. 

Option second is what I think is beneficial. Because after having a membership you can have unlimited downloads for all of these things listed.

When you know that you need them (photos and other digital assets) then why put money each time when you can have unlimited downloads at a small price?



I’m glad you asked! Because I’m about to reveal something super awesome. 

Monthly – $33/month (It’s great if you want to try out first)

Yearly – $198/yr (that is $16.50/month)

If you look at it closely that’s 50% savings. Massive discount. 

Plus you get access to awesome digital products for a whole year.


Also, make sure to optimize images for SEO to increase your chances of ranking higher.


So these were my favorite 4 sites where you can find the cheapest stock photos online that are also beautiful as well as professional looking. 

For feminine stock photos, you must opt for the top 2 options. And if you want some professional nonfeminine type photos you can always choose the last 2 options. 

But did you notice these are not only stock photo sites? Yes, they offer a lot of other valuable things and that’s why these are the best sites. 

I’m sure you know which option you want to go after. All of these options are perfect for you if you are a blogger or a business owner.

PRO TIP – Whichever site you choose make sure you are compressing these images before uploading them on your site. Because these can be of very large size. I use this free site tinyJPG to compress my images.

Do you have any questions in mind? I would love to answer them for you. 

Do you have any specific theme that you use on your website? Do you like it?

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4 awesome sites to find cheapest stock photos

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