To my busy & frustrated blogger friend,

You want your blog to THRIVE and make you lots of MONEY but it’s just TOO much work.

You can’t just figure out how to manage the NEVER ENDING blogging tasks.

You find yourself stuck in the CONSTANT wheel of creating and publishing.

You can’t figure out what to PUBLISH next.


Aghhh, how dare I hit the nerve. 

But you can’t deny the CRUEL truth. 

No matter how much you hate being on Social Media you HAVE to show up.

You have to build your community. 

That was the plan, right? To build an ENGAGING audience who loves you. Trusts you.

I get it.


Imagine, if you could


Create a content plan that you can follow and be done with it. 

Keep track of all your blog traffic stats in one place. 

Keep track of Affiliate Sales track in one place.

Life would be a LOT easier, RIGHT? 


The Ultimate Blog Planner

yearly blog planner

What’s the ultimate blog planner? 

59 pages of blog management system so that you can plan your blog for a whole year! For only $15. 

 So you can do complete blog tracking easily.

How did I come up with this idea?

tia says blog planner for new bloggers that is also printable

My blog was a disaster. 

No planned content. No schedule. No Social Media. 

You can relate. I was about to quit. But I didn’t want to do it!!!

We both love our blogs.

So I learned content planning. I had sleepless nights of research and learning. 

And I created this upgraded version of the blog planner. 

And it allowed me to keep track of everything. 

If I can then YOU CAN TOO!!

How can it benefit you?

With the blog planner, you can easily

 Plan Blog Content In Advance

Record your ideas in yearly blog post sheets, organize your blog post in planning sheets, and plan your monthly content easily. 

So you always know what to publish next. 

Slay Income Goals

Analyze your blog income and expenses to always grow it. 

Remember Every Password

Ensure you know the passwords of all your accounts by keeping them in one place. 

Sort Social Media

Plan and track your social media in advance to keep it growing. 

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest you have got it covered. 

Wait! That’s it for 59 pages? 

No, there’s still a lot. Thanks for asking, BTW. 

Per day tracking sheets

Weekly planning sheets

Monthly planning sheets

Product and services planning sheets

 Newsletter planning sheets

Sponsored post planning sheets

And a lot more for only $15.

So you know that your awesome blog thrives! 

Here, have a look at all the pages.

all pages that the blog planner has part 1
all pages that blog planner has part 2

Why is it different?

Print Many Times

You can print each page as many times as you want because that’s how I created it!!

Each page is a separate pdf so if you run out of space you can print it again. 

The best part, use the same planner for managing your blog next year!!

Beautiful Design

It’s a minimal but beautiful peach and tint brand that is perfect to match your feminine blog.

For only $15!