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271+ Best Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money For You

221+ blog niche ideas that make money

If you have done your blog niche research before starting a blog you are already a step ahead of others. This list of blog niche ideas that make money is therefore very important for you. 

Writing about everything is one of the common blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make. 

I realized that a bit later after I started my first blog so unfortunately it wasn’t a success. And later on, I started this blog.

That’s why I thought to collect all the profitable blog niche ideas for you to make it easier.

In this post, I’ll tell you what a blog niche is, how to choose a profitable blogging niche, and amazing ideas to start a successful blog. 


221+ blog niche ideas that make money easily for beginners

But first, let’s learn a bit more about having a niche in blogging. Skip to the main list if you already know about it. 

What Is A Blog Niche? 

A blog niche is a common topic around which all of your blog posts will be focused. 

To understand what niche means in blogging let’s consider some famous blogs. 

  • Neil Patel only publishes digital marketing tips on his blog. His niche is digital marketing. 
  • Make A Living Writing is a popular website run by Carol Tice where she posts freelance writing tips. Her blog niche is writing tips.

There are many examples of niche blogs out there. 

For instance, a food blog will publish content related to food and recipes.

A fitness blog will mostly talk about fitness tips and closely related topics. 

And so on.

Now that you know about blog niches, here’s why having a blog niche is profitable.

Does Your Blog Need A Niche?

Yes and no. Meaning, there is no rule that you must find a blog niche and write about it. 

However, if you want to earn income (quickly) from your blog then you should go for the blog ideas that make money. 

Plus, a niched blog grows much faster than a non-niche blog. 

Here’s why. 

Pros Of Running A Niche Specific Blog

These are some of the benefits of having a profitable blog niche. 

1- Established Target Audience. 

Writing on a specific topic would be like writing for a specific group of people who are genuinely interested in learning what you teach. 

For example, 

WP beginner shares WordPress tips and the bloggers who are looking to improve their WordPress performance read their blog regularly. 

Similarly, my blog is focused on beginner-friendly blogging tips.

If you need, then head over to this guide on Target Audience

2- Become An Expert. 

Publishing information on a particular topic establishes you as an expert on that topic. 

Look this way, you are more likely to take health advice from a blog that publishes health tips. 

When you publish blog posts around a topic and link them appropriately then Google also considers you as an expert and ranks your site.

If you publish whatever comes to your mind, Google will be doubtful and not sure where to show your site.

3- Grows Your Blog Domain Authority. 

Okay, this might be something that I have observed. 

I’ve seen my blog DA grow from 0 to 12 in 10 months for this blog because I think I have been publishing blogging tips on this blog. 

However, on my book blog, I published whatever I wished and couldn’t see any DA growth. 

You can check your blog DA using this free tool by Moz.

One thing I want to put is that this is my observation and I have been trying other tricks also. 

4- Types Of Blog Content. 

This one’s a bit easy. 

When you know your blog niche you will not have to worry about your blog content. 

For instance.

All I do is find out the most popular topics for blog posts in my niche and write it for my target audience giving my opinion. 

Also, I have a blog topics list saved in Google Docs. Whenever I find a unique blog idea I would add it to my list. 

If you want to learn how to plan your blog content here is a content marketing guide for you. 

5- Find The Right Products. 

There is no way you will earn a commission by promoting cookware on a fitness blog. 

Therefore, with a specific blog niche, you will know products that your target audience would be interested in. 

I have a lot more benefits of having the most profitable blog niche but these are the ones that concern you. 

Okay, so now when a blog niche is important how to find it? I’ll tell you that after you have gone through the blog niche list. 

Most Profitable Blogging Niches That Make Money

I have divided this list into categories. Along with each category, I’ll also give you ideas to earn income from it.

  1. Lifestyle Blog Niches.
  2. DIY And Crafts.
  3. Online Money Making Ideas.
  4. Travel.
  5. Food.
  6. Health And Fitness.
  7. Science.
  8. Hobbies And Interests.
  9. Entertainment.
  10. Product Reviews.
  11. News

Now let’s discuss each one of them in detail and divide them into less competitive blog niches. 


All of these above-mentioned blog niches are highly competitive because there are already so many blogs that were started before and now they are making money. 

So it would be a little difficult to compete with those already established blogs and get higher rankings. 

To find a less competitive blog niche you have to narrow it down to one specific topic. 

Below are some money-making ideas for blog niches that are narrowed. You can however narrow them even more. 

Just keep in mind that there should be people who are interested in your topic.

1- Lifestyle Niche

lifestyle blog niche

Lifestyle blogging is one the easiest ones. Because of its variety. You can cover a lot of topics in a lifestyle niche. 

Also, you can find great opportunities to make money from a lifestyle blog. Such as,

  • Sponsored Posts –  Get Blogged is a great place to find opportunities even when your blog is new.
  • Display Ads – You can monetize your blog with ads and make money.
  • Lifestyle Niche Products – Make money promoting lifestyle products from a famous affiliate network like Amazon Associates.

Here are 20 sub-niches of the lifestyle blog niche.

  1. Personality Development
  2. Motivation
  3. Culture
  4. Nutrition
  5. Health
  6. Interior Design
  7. Self Improvement
  8. Simple Life Hacks
  9. College Student Life
  10. Religion
  11. Relationship Advice
  12. Mental Health
  13. Beauty
  14. Cosmetics
  15. Productivity
  16. Minimalism
  17. Frugal Living
  18. Cleanliness
  19. Makeup Brands
  20. Fashion

Two great examples of lifestyle blogs that make money are Abby Lawson and Nadalie Bardo.

Abby sells her digital products and Nadalie sells her ebooks. 

2- DIY And Crafts.

diy and crafts blog niche

People go crazy for learning new arts. And platforms like Instagram and Pinterest favors DIY videos because their audience loves them.

So, if you have that spark of creativity this niche can be yours.

The best way to make money in this niche is to monetize your blog with ads. However, you can also sell your courses and promote affiliate products like Skillshare.

Here are some of the high-demand blog topics in the DIY niche.

  1. Art
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Painting
  4. Do It Yourself Paper Models
  5. DIY Lifestyle Hacks.
  6. Watercolor
  7. Woodwork
  8. Design Tutorials
  9. Sketching
  10. DIY Gardening
  11. Tutorials
  12. DIY Crafts
  13. Videography
  14. Photography
  15. Motion Videos
  16. DIY Food Recipes
  17. Illustration
  18. Acrylic Paint
  19. How To Draw This?
  20. Graphic Design

A perfect example is Brighter Craft run by Emily. She has monetized her blog with Mediavine and drives blog traffic from Pinterest.

However, you can also sell products online.  

3- Online Money Making Ideas

online money making blog niche

This is one of the most popular blog topics out there and so is a bit competitive. However, I’m able to grow my blog DA to 12 from zero in 10 months (I know it’s not awesome but good for example) because I was writing specifically on blogging tips for beginners.

You can niche down this topic to find your perfect niche. 

You can monetize your blog easily with ads, affiliate products (best), and digital products. Sponsored posts aren’t awesome here but you can still find good opportunities.

Blogging ideas in the online money-making niche are

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Blogging tips 
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. SEO 
  5. Blog Writing tips 
  6. Freelance Writing
  7. Link Building
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Small Business
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Freelance Tips
  12. Online courses
  13. Social Media Marketing
  14. Virtual Assistance
  15. Video marketing
  16. Coding and Development
  17. Blog Traffic Growth Tips
  18. Niche Planners
  19. Content Planning
  20. Etsy

4- Travel Blogs.

travel blog niche

If you love traveling a lot then you can start your travel blog and help your readers find their next destination. 

You can share with your audience the best places you have visited, hotel tips, etc. 

To monetize your blog you can put affiliate links, sponsored products, and create courses.

Here are popular blog topics that make the most money in this niche.

  1. City Guides
  2. Travel Tips
  3. Group Travel Planning
  4. City History
  5. City Culture
  6. Religion
  7. Family Trip Planning
  8. Restaurants
  9. Food 
  10. Famous Cuisine 
  11. Travel Budget Plan
  12. Saving For Travel
  13. Hiking
  14. Mountaineering
  15. Skiing
  16. Backpacking Tips
  17. Discounts and Coupon Codes
  18. Historical Monuments
  19. City Fashion
  20. Camping

LifeHacker is a super famous travel blog if you want to take inspiration. 

5- Food Blogs

food blog niche

If you love cooking then sharing your recipes with people who want to try them is a great option. 

Pinterest loves this niche because around 80% of the Pinterest audience is US women. 

And a majority of them are housewives who love to cook tasty food for their kids. 

So, if you know great recipes it’s time to start a blog. 

Promoting affiliate products is a great way to make money from a food blog. 

High demand blog topics in this niche are 

  1. Cuisine Types
  2. Indian Food
  3. Healthy Food
  4. Diet Plan
  5. Mexican Food
  6. Ingredients Based Food Recipes
  7. Vegan Food Recipes
  8. Sea Food
  9. Baking
  10. Gluten-Free Food
  11. Desserts
  12. Children’s Food
  13. Budget-Friendly Food
  14. Organic Food
  15. Festival Food
  16. Country’s Famous
  17. Food For Patients
  18. Fermented Foods
  19. Cleanliness And Hygiene
  20. Kitchen Cleaning

Orangette is a great food blog run by Molly Wizenberg. 

6- Health And Fitness.

health and fitness blog niche

Health is a major concern of most people these days. 

People want to stay fit and healthy and if you are interested in fitness (or health) tips then you can start a blog. 

You can also combine both topics. 

So, here are some common blog topics you can write about. 

  1. Diets. 
  2. Nutrition And Supplements
  3. Mental Health
  4. Confidence Boost
  5. Self Care
  6. Meditation
  7. Mindfulness
  8. Personal Development
  9. Social Life
  10. Yoga
  11. Weight Loss
  12. Self Love
  13. Health Problems And Remedies
  14. Gym Equipment
  15. Healthy Food
  16. Hygiene
  17. Massage Therapy
  18. Social Wellness
  19. Essential Oils
  20. Stress-Free Life

You can monetize your blog and sell your products online. 

7- Science And Technology Blogs

Science and technology blog niche

You will be able to attract a lot of audiences in this niche because science makes people curious. 

The easiest way to make money from a science blog is to display ads however, if it’s a technical blog then you can make money promoting gadgets online. 

Technology is one of the blog topics that make the most money because of expensive products. 

If you have an interest in any subject you can start a blog.

Here’s a list of sub-niches in both fields.

  1. Chemistry
  2. Discovery
  3. Physics
  4. Environment
  5. Natural Science
  6. Animal Science
  7. Geography
  8. Astronomy
  9. Cars
  10. Air Conditioners
  11. Video Games Tutorials
  12. Bikes
  13. Laptops And Mobile Phones
  14. Online Teaching
  15. Technical repairs
  16. Luxury Cars
  17. Car Equipment
  18. Adobe Photoshop
  19. Nature Photography
  20. DSLR

You can also start your stock photos shop every month as Kayla from Ivory Mix does.

8- Hobbies

hobbies niche

Hobbies are one of the most overlooked topics by many beginners but it has a lot of potentials. 

You can start a hobby blog and monetize it using affiliate links and as always, ads. 

Here are some ideas for starting a hobby blog.

  1. Illustration
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Sketching
  4. Photography
  5. Writing
  6. Creative Writing
  7. DIY Crafts
  8. Painting
  9. Knitting
  10. Soap Making
  11. Gardening
  12. Makeup Tutorials
  13. Adventures
  14. Book Reviews
  15. Movie Ratings
  16. Dancing
  17. Speaking Skills
  18. Sculpting
  19. Acting
  20. Poetry

Angela from Stray Curls runs her blog to teach people about online businesses using her creative illustrations. 

9- Entertainment Blogs.

Entertainment blog niche

Entertainment is a powerful topic. 

If you can entertain people then you can consider starting an entertainment blog.

These are the best ideas to start an entertainment blog. 

  1. Fashion Updates
  2. Makeup products
  3. Makeup Tutorials
  4. Clothing Trends
  5. Comedy
  6. Inspirational Stories
  7. Controversial Posts
  8. Fashion Commentary
  9. Fashion Online Shopping
  10. Hairstyle Trends
  11. Emotional Stories
  12. Celebrity News
  13. Business 
  14. Finance
  15. Industry News
  16. Weather News
  17. Famous Person Profile
  18. Poetry
  19. Drawing And Sketching
  20. Music

This niche is great for making money. Suppose, you run a celebrity fashion blog then you can add your affiliate links. 

Another option is displaying ads. is a popular website that shares funny posts.

10- Product Review Sites.

Product review site niche

Many bloggers make money by recommending products to your readers. 

These websites earn income mostly through product promotions. 

So, if you are interested in something start a blog and write genuine product reviews. 

If you need help here are some common ideas. 

  1. Web Hosting Reviews
  2. SEO Product Reviews
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Movie Reviews
  5. Song Reviews
  6. Cosmetics
  7. Sports Shoes
  8. Mobile Phones
  9. Laptops
  10. Subject Books
  11. Vehicles
  12. Branded Products
  13. Clothing
  14. Digital Products
  15. Technical Products
  16. Games
  17. Email Marketing Softwares
  18. Affiliate Products Of Other Bloggers
  19. Skincare Products
  20. Lifestyle Products

11- News Blog.

news blog niche

Last but not least. If you can’t think of anything else you can start a news blog. 

If you can keep up with the trends on a specific topic and write creatively then you should consider starting a blog. 

Here are some ideas to follow. 

  1. Weather News
  2. Industry News
  3. Business
  4. Finance
  5. Stock Market
  6. Stats Of An Industry
  7. Educational News
  8. Politics
  9. Current Affairs
  10. Hollywood
  11. Celebrity News

Want more? Here are 51+ more blog niches that you can research. Make sure you don’t miss them.


How To Find A Blog Niche? 

Here are some points to consider while choosing a blog niche. 

  • Make sure you can write on it for a long time. 
  • Something you are knowledgeable about. 
  • Check out the various monetizing methods. 
  • See your blog niche growth in Google Trends. 
  • Does it have a target audience? 
  • Analyze similar blogs. 

I haven’t covered a lot on choosing a blog niche in this post because I have a detailed guide on it. 

Check out this guide if you want a step-by-step guide on finding a perfect blog niche.


So these were popular blog niche ideas that make money. 

By now I’m sure you have some ideas for your blog niche. 

If not, there’s nothing to panic about. You are more likely to discover your perfect blog niche after blogging for a while. 

But that doesn’t mean that you start writing on completely different topics. 

This list and the blog niche guide are to help you choose a topic that interests you so you can start a blog and start writing on it.

You can always narrow it down later.

So, I hope you have found your blog niche. Great! Now here’s a guide on how to make money blogging for beginners, follow this to start your blog.

Do you have any questions? please let me know in the comments section. 

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  1. Loved this post – you mention a lot of useful ideas here! I always feel like stating you are a lifestyle blogger is rather broad (that’s why i have an even smaller niche within that – minimalism) it helps with standing out in the crowd. 🙂

    1. Absolutely, I have realized that a narrowed topic is much easier to compete with. That’s why I have included low competition blog niches only. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you so much for all these great tips, Ekta! They’re great as usual! I’m thinking to start a lifestyle blog as well soon. 🙂

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