best premium themes for beginner bloggers

5 Best Premium Themes For Beginner Bloggers!

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Looking for a decent WordPress theme for your website? Great! This post absolutely for you. Below you will find the best WordPress themes for blogs. So read along because don’t you want to learn about what your theme should be able to do?

Want the straight answer? My best WordPress theme is the Astra theme by Elegant Themes.

Okay, so,

Do you know that a theme can make or break a website? No? I’ll tell you why.

It is no secret that a great WordPress theme can do wonders for your blog (it will help you with so many SEO factors – we will come to that later), at the same time a randomly taken theme can hurt your blog both internally as well as externally.

So, the most important part becomes your selection. But don’t worry I have made it a lot easier for you. This list is a collection of the best WordPress themes for small business owners, like you and me.

So you just have to pick your favorite from these bests. And your dream project will get a prettier blog theme in no time. 

But first, for a theme to install you will need a website, if you don’t have your own website get one easily in less than 10 minutes. I’ll wait. 

Okay, done? Great!

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best premium themes

You are adorable, didn’t anyone told you that?

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Okay, let’s get started. 

You must know what to look for in a theme before selecting one. That’s why the next section is important for you to read. I promise I won’t take much of your time.

What Is A “Best WordPress Theme”?

The best WordPress themes have some qualities that will help you set up an awesome blog easily. Here are those listed below.

1- Is the WordPress theme mobile-friendly?

With more than half of the total world’s population using mobile phones you will want to make sure that you are not disappointing this big number. Luckily, my list contains the best WordPress themes for mobile devices. (I told you I have picked the best ones)

Such themes are also called responsive themes.

2- Is the WordPress Theme Update Free?

Well, there is no benefit of purchasing a theme that doesn’t have free updates. The reason is that if a theme is not updated then the plugins will not work properly and it can harshly affect your SEO also.

The theme that you will buy must have free updates for a lifetime (as long as you are using the theme).

3- Is the WordPress Theme SEO-friendly?

If a theme is not SEO- friendly then there is no reason you should consider going for it. SEO is the backbone of a website and if a theme does not supports it, nope.

What WordPress theme is that if it is not SEO friendly? I mean we all want to rank on Google and if the theme is stopping us to do so, that theme is not good for your blog.

What happens if a theme is not SEO-friendly?

First off, the site will load very slowly. Do you know that almost 70% of readers abandon a site just because it takes more than 2 seconds to load? 

Yes! And if this is the ratio than the selection can’t be casual. Again, my list has the best WordPress themes for SEO.

Why Premium Themes Are The Best Option?

The answer is simple, a free theme can’t provide all these features (or limited functionalities). 

My first blog was running on a free theme and I couldn’t even change the fonts. Hence, If you are wondering,

Are premium themes worth it?

Then let me assure you, the premium theme that you will choose from this list is worth every single penny.

The benefits of premium WordPress themes are just incredible. 

The best of all, the themes I am talking about are not costly, these are perfect for your blog (keeping in mind you are a beginner).

So, now when you know what to look for in a WordPress theme and why a free theme is not an option, it’s time I introduce you to my list of best WordPress themes for bloggers.

5 Best Paid WordPress Blog Themes

1- DIVI Theme By Elegant Themes

Divi WordPress Theme

DIVI theme, in no doubt, is the most loved blog theme. It’s one of those awesome feminine blog themes that come with extraordinary features. For that reason, it’s not only a favorite of female bloggers but also a choice for male bloggers.

Why DIVI would be perfect for you?

The reason is it’s classic drag and drop feature. When I was started this blog, DIVI easily became my ideal choice. 

On WordPress, theme installation will lead you to install a plugin called The DIVI Builder. It will help you design your website the way you want. In its ultimate drag and drop style.

Yes, no codes! It’s that simple. (I can feel you if you don’t know how to do codes, DIVI theme just makes us all a player!)

I personally love the DIVI theme, but the drag and drop feature is not the only reason, it has various other benefits that made me fall easily.

Let me list them below. 

DIVI Layouts

divi layouts

There are 1000+ layouts you get to choose for free.

After purchasing the theme you get to choose from the various layouts for your website. Meaning, according to your needs.

If you are a fashion blogger choose the fashion layout, if you are an agency then pick the agency layout.   

These professionally designed layouts are just perfect for beginners. Plus, it’s a great way to save time.

Mobile friendly – 

DIVI theme is a mobile-friendly (highly responsive) theme. Initially, the theme comes set to responsiveness but if you want then you can make a few tweaks.

It is one of the best WordPress themes to customize with the drag and drop feature.

40+ Website Elements For Free

To design your site you will get elements like slider, testimonial, forms, and more for free. Not only that the designing options are just endless. 

For instance, effects, font styling, border options, animations, text shadows (trust me the list can touch the sky).

Hands down, DIVI is the next level theme and perfectly great for beginners.

Don’t believe me take a live demo.

24*7 Support

If you are not sure how to install the theme or have any queries in theme setup or installation, you get 24*7 support from the theme developer team. Ain’t that awesome? That’s why DIVI is loved.

All of this and more comes in two price ranges. 

  • A yearly subscription of $89 (you will get access to 80+ themes with DIVI) Meaning a theme for $1 
  • Lifetime access of $249. (same as above)


2- AVADA Theme By ThemeForest

The WordPress theme AVADA is great for bloggers who want to start an online store. It is one of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce.

With more than 600,000 installations, this theme has become the best selling theme of all time. Some of its alluring features are-

  • Responsive on any device.
  • SEO friendly.
  • WooCommerce plugin to sell products.
  • Avada Custom branding plugin to establish a brand that will stick.
  • Professional customer support and many more.
avada theme features

The reason why I love the AVADA theme is that all these features (many more) come in a small investment of $60 for a one-time payment.

I want to take the live demo here.

3- Isabelle By Bluchic Themes

Did somebody ask for a feminine theme? Introducing you to the Isabelle theme by Bluchic Themes. The love of female bloggers for this beautiful theme is not so surprising as this theme gave them the confidence to present their website in front of the world.

Don’t believe me take a live demo here.

The features listed below will inspire you to check out this theme at least once. 

  • Responsive layout
  • Woocomerce compatibility.
  • Easily customize colors.
  • SEO friendly and more.

The theme comes with a small investment of $79 for lifetime value. 


4- Astra Pro by WPAstra

Astra theme is known for its lightweight, fast and beautiful design. Astra theme is installed 1000,000+ times by happy website builders. I’m using the theme on my blog. You can read the full review here.

On purchasing the theme you will get various pre-built website layouts so you don’t have to worry about the design and look of your site.

Another amazing thing about Astra is that it is super fast and surprisingly lightweight. Meaning, your site will load incredibly quickly (the average loading time is less than a half-second) so you will always have happy readers.

astra pro features

You will also get access to amazing plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Yoast, WooCommerce, and more.

A genuinely great thing I love about Astra is that they have a free theme for everyone and you can upgrade to advanced features (later).


5- Blossom Feminine Pro by Blossom Themes

Blossom Themes

Want a simple yet feminine theme for your personal website? Blossom Feminine Pro is for you. This theme is one of the best WordPress themes for personal website because it is very simple.

The features of the Feminine theme include –

  • Google AdSense Optimized Advertisement Areas.
  • Advertisement Widget To Help You Make More Money!
  • Speed Optimized
  • Smooth, Attractive, and Advanced Slider
  • Friendly and Quick Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Clean Code and more.

Get this beautiful theme for $49 (lifetime) only. Click here to get the live demo.


So these were my best WordPress themes. Premium themes can sound like not a good investment when starting, I get it. But the truth is, it helps in many ways.

A great theme will look up for your site speed, SEO, code structure, layout, branding, user experience, and literally a million more things without you worrying about it ever again.

Each of the listed themes is absolutely great WordPress themes for small business owners, so if you are just starting these themes are perfect because these are affordable as well as super easy to choose. 

I hope you have found the best theme. 

Please let me know in the comments section. Have you installed a theme yet? If yes, which one is your favorite?

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best premium themes for beginner bloggers


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  1. Thank you for sharing Ekta, I currently have the Astra theme but I have been contemplating on getting the Pro. I didn’t know what difference it will make on my blog. But your blog post gave me the information I needed. I am struggling in the speed of my site. So I am hoping that if I invest in the pro version, it will help with my site speed. Thanks for sharing these insight! Helps me know I am in the right track!

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