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6 Affordable Feminine WordPress Blog Themes For Bloggers

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Is your current blog theme giving you a hard time? Time to move to a better theme for good. Need help finding? Check out these best feminine WordPress blog themes.

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Maybe this is your first time choosing a blog theme, or you want to revamp your current blog look or maybe you want to get rid of your slow loading blog. 

Whatever the case, it’s very important for you to only pick the best wp theme for your blog. 

That’s why you must not choose any theme. You should look out for all of the important features in your theme. 

This post will help you with that. 

You will learn how to choose the best WordPress theme for your blog. 

You will also get a list of the best WordPress themes for beginner bloggers from which you can pick your perfect. 

And they are all feminine. Complimenting your personality. 

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feminine wordpress blog themes for female bloggers

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

So, let’s start with the basics. 

9 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best WordPress Blog Theme

To choose the best WordPress theme for your blog you should make sure it has all of these things. 

Must Be Mobile Friendly

Before anything, your theme should be mobile friendly. More than half of the searches are mobile based. 

Meaning, if your blog theme does not automatically adjust to fit into a mobile screen, or if it isn’t responsive then you are missing a lot of potential traffic. 

And also upsetting a lot of people who could have loved your blog in the first place. Just because they didn’t see the mobile version of your site.

It Should Load Fast

Next, your WordPress theme should load fast. Like, in less than 2 seconds. 

Speed is a ranking factor. So if your site isn’t fast loading then you probably won’t rank higher in search results. 

So make sure to pick a quick loading theme.

SEO optimized To Rank On Google 

You also want your WordPress blog theme to be on your side to help you rank higher. 

That is, it should be SEO optimized.  

Many blog themes in WordPress aren’t great for SEO.

Light As Feather

Your blog theme should simplify blogging right? It should not be clogged with too many CSS and JavaScript files. 

Unfortunately, many WordPress themes install unnecessary codes on your site. And you don’t even get to know about it. 

In short, you must choose a clean theme. 

Easily Customizable With Drag & Drop

The theme should be easy to customize. You want to make it easy. 

So make sure that the theme you pick should have page builders so that you can customize it with the amazing drag and drop feature. 

That is, without any coding language required. 

It Should Be Cost Effective 

Also, you want an affordable theme. 

If you are a beginner then you may want to consider WordPress themes that are cost effective.

But don’t worry, all of these feminine blog themes are affordable.

Must Have A Child Theme

Make sure you get a blog theme that gives a free child theme. 

It is a replica of the original theme. You will make edits to the child theme so the main files are not changed.

Free Updates For Life

Lastly, you should purchase a blog theme that gives you updates for free. 

And it must be updated regularly. 

Such that you get the latest version that is compatible with WordPress. 

24*7 Customer Support For Help

The theme that you purchase should have a customer service option. They must provide help whenever you need them for free.

Without any extra fees. 

So now you know everything that your new blog theme should have. 

Now, let’s show you the list of hand picked feminine WordPress themes for blogs. 

6 Of The Best WordPress Blog Themes For Beginners

As I said, these are simple and great feminine WordPress themes but you can also compare them to each other to pick your favorite. 

Astra Theme By wpastra

The Astra theme is my favorite. I use it on this blog and so I have put it first on my list. 

You will love the Astra theme because of many reasons. 

  • Beginner friendly. 
  • Responsive. 
  • Optimized for speed. 
  • SEO optimized.

It is a great theme that is optimized for speed. 

Did you know that my blog used to load in more than 12 seconds but after shifting to Astra theme it now takes less than 2 seconds? 

Intriguing right? 

But it is not the only reason you would love it. 

Free Starter templates – Astra has 150+ templates that you can install in one click and make a few changes to give your site a professional look. 

You can customize it using Elementor. It is a drag and drop page builder.

And you can find lots of feminine based templates to customize your home, about, contact, and other pages.

You will get updates almost every 15 days. Plus, they give you a child theme. 

The people at Astra are so supportive. They even support their free theme users.

And you can get this pretty theme for only $59 per year. 

Get the Astra theme today!

But if you want to try it first then check out the free version that is also very good.

You will not get the advanced customization options like 

  • Header
  • Fonts 
  • Footer, etc. 

But it is still awesome. 

DIVI Theme By Elegant Themes

Almost everyone will tell you to try the DIVI theme. 

Because it is one of the prettiest themes out there. And it has a classic drag and drop theme builder that allows you to create a fancy website in a few clicks. 

Meaning, you don’t have to worry about difficult codes. 

Some of the things you can do to customize your site. 

  • Font and text styling
  • Add effects
  • Drop shadows
  • Animations, background images gradients, and more. 

You also get tons of starter templates. 

But that doesn’t mean it is not good at the technical aspect. 

DIVI theme is SEO friendly, responsive, and loads fast. 

So it is a perfect solution for your site looking feminine, simple, and ready to rank on Google. 

You can get the DIVI theme at an annual rate of only $89. 

Check out the DIVI theme here. 

Avada Theme By Themeforest

Are you looking for a theme that can help you open your ecommerce store? Do you want to open a shop? 

Then your premium WordPress theme for business is the Avada theme. 

It is an incredible theme that so many people trust. It has been a bestseller for 9 years. 

Avada is integrated with WooCommerce so you can easily open your online store. 

More benefits of using the Avada theme are –

  • Mobile friendly
  • Built for performance
  • 120+ design elements to create an extraordinary site
  • 84 prebuilt sites so you are not starting from scratch. 
  • And you can create a female based theme easily.

You can get the Avada theme for lifetime for only $60.

Learn more about Avada here. 

Chic Collection By Bluchic Themes

Do you love pink? Or Peach? Minimal? 

You would love the Chic collection of Bluchic themes. 

Because Bluchic themes have a wonderful collection of feminine WordPress themes for female bloggers. 

And they are love! 

You would love it because you won’t have to do much. 

You get beautiful pages already made. Whether it is your homepage, about page, services page, contact, shop, portfolio, testimonial, or FAQ page they have got it covered. 

Just so you know, they also give matching stock photos so your brand remains consistent. 

But that doesn’t mean that Bluchic themes aren’t optimized for performance. 

  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive design
  • GDPR cookie consent
  • WooCommerce ready

You can check out all of their themes and other products by visiting the Bluchic shop.


Get their boldest theme ChicBloom for only $129 here.

Creative Market

Do you want to try a more affordable option? 

Then you should check out the pretty premium WordPress themes for blogs in Creative Market. 

There you can find themes from as low as $19. 

For example, a pretty feminine theme is Amelia May for only $39. 

It has a Genesis framework, meaning your site is the most optimized for SEO. 

And you will also get fonts with it. 

Get Amelia May for your blog here! 

Amelia May is just one example, but you can check out the other feminine WordPress themes for blogs. 

Explore the Creative Market’s beautiful WordPress blog themes here.

Blossom Themes

Are you a coach? Or a food blogger? Fashion blogger? Or a lifestyle blogger? Entrepreneur? 

You need to check out these cost effective feminine WordPress themes. 

Because they start at only $49. 

And they are pretty! 

If you want to have a user friendly, light, clean, and responsive theme that is also feminine then Blossom themes are awesome. 

They are also optimized for performance.

  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile friendly
  • Speed optimized
  • Strategically placed CTAs to help you get more leads. 

I love their CoachPress theme, it’s very minimal and professional. 

But you can check out the other feminine blog themes by Blossom themes. 

Check out the Blossom themes here. 

So these were some of the best WordPress themes for bloggers. 

Now, if you have any questions then here are some FAQs about premium WordPress themes for blogs. 

Some FAQs On Premium WordPress Blog Themes

How much do WordPress themes cost? 

Normally, a good theme will cost you between $40 to $130 but if you want to get an affordable option then check out the various premium WordPress themes for blogs at Creative Market

Are premium themes worth it? 

Yes, they are. Free themes will always limit you with functionality. So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits and give your site a professional look then investing in a premium WordPress theme is worth it.

Do I need to invest in a premium theme? 

If you want to. Maybe you are not happy with your current free theme then you should consider getting rid of it. Because it is only limiting you.

Which WordPress theme is the best? 

The Astra theme is one of the best free as well as premium WordPress themes for bloggers.

What is the difference between free and premium WordPress themes? 

With free themes, you can’t customize them completely like the header and footer. You get limited fonts too. But with premium themes, you get full control to customize your site the way you want.

Conclusion – The Best Premium WordPress Theme

Wondering if it’s worth going pro then you should. If your blog design matters to you then you should invest in a WordPress blog theme. 

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If you are serious about your blog – which I know you are, then you should consider doing it. 

But if you are not sure or are not ready to invest but still frustrated with your current blog theme then you should try the free version of the Astra theme.

It is a great theme. Plus, you can also install the free child theme. 

And as I said before, their support theme is very helpful even if you are using the free version. 

So tell me which is your favorite WordPress theme? Are you using any other theme? Or have you used any one of these before? 

Also, please pin this post and help me grow. 

feminine wordpress themes for bloggers

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  1. Thank you for sharing Ekta, I currently have the Astra theme but I have been contemplating on getting the Pro. I didn’t know what difference it will make on my blog. But your blog post gave me the information I needed. I am struggling in the speed of my site. So I am hoping that if I invest in the pro version, it will help with my site speed. Thanks for sharing these insight! Helps me know I am in the right track!

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