which bluehost plan is best for bloggers

Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Bloggers & Why?

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So you have chosen Bluehost to start your blog? And you want to know which Bluehost plan is best for bloggers? Let’s clear that up for you. 

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Whether you want to start a blog or looking to migrate your blog from your old crappy host, Bluehost is a great choice.

I always say that Bluehost is a fantastic hosting provider for new bloggers. 

Today, you will learn why. You’ll compare various Bluehost pricing plans. And will pick the right plan. 

So why not you save the post and help me grow? 

the best bluejost plan for bloggers

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What is Bluehost Web Hosting? 

bluehost web hosting

Bluehost is a WordPress recommended web hosting that is perfect for new bloggers.

Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites currently.  

It has been my hosting partner for 1 and a half years now. And I love Bluehost services. 

I recommend it to other bloggers because I trust their services. 

When I say that my website has never crashed down, I mean it. 

But there are many benefits of starting to use Bluehost that you must look at.

8 Reasons Why To Pick Bluehost As A New Blogger

24*7 Customer Service

Bluehost has a wonderful customer support system. And this is one of the best reasons why you must choose Bluehost for starting your blog. 

First, they have many contact options. 

  • Call
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Social media

Second, their support team is very helpful and friendly. If you get stuck somewhere they will help you. 

Just like they helped me. Every time. 

Affordable Pricing Plans

Since you are starting, their pricing plans are perfect. 

Bluehost offers the basic plans for only $2.95 per month. We will discuss more on this below.   

Fast Website Loading Time

Your site will take 3 to 4 seconds to load. A fast loading site is important when you want to rank on Google.  

Beginner Friendly Dashboard 

Your dashboard is beginner friendly so you can easily start working on it. You will be tempted to work on it. Like me! 

Good Uptime Value

The uptime value of Bluehost is 99.99%. Meaning, if your site ever goes down it gets restored quickly. 

Bluehost makes sure your website runs smoothly. 

Free Migration Services 

For advanced bloggers, if you want to switch to Bluehost then it is free. 

You don’t have to hire someone to do that. Bluehost offers free migration services. 

Safe & Secure Site

Your site is safe from any attack. Spam attacks are real. But with Bluehost, you are safe. 


At last, you know Bluehost is a reputable company. It has been powering websites since 2003.

So these were the reasons why I love & trust Bluehost. Ready to get yourself a blog? 

Let’s show you Bluehost web hosting prices. 

Bluehost Plans Explained: The Best Bluehost Prices

You get three pricing plans to start a blog on Bluehost. 

The Basic Plan

The basic plan is an ideal choice for a blog or website. I currently have their basic plan. 

Here are the advantages of Bluehost basic plan:

  • Full control over your website. 
  • 50 GB storage is plenty for your blog. 
  • 24*7 customer support to help you work on your blog. 
  • Free CDN to serve optimized website speed.
  • You also get a free SSL certificate to secure your readers’ information. 

Bluehost Basic Pricing Structure

  • $2.95 per month with a 36-month package.
  • $3.95 per month with a 24-month package
  • $4.95 per month with a 12-month package 

Who is it great for? 

The basic plan is best for new bloggers who are just starting. 

Start your blog with the basic plan today.

The next is….

The Plus Plan 

Bluehost’s plus plan is a modified version of the basic plan. Meaning, you get all the benefits of the basic plan plus some more.

Let’s see what you’ve got. 

  • You can start unlimited websites. 
  • Unlimited space to store data. 
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Free CDN 

Bluehost Plus Plan Pricing

  • $5.45 per month with a 36-month plan
  • $6.45 per month with a 24-month plan
  • $7.45 per month with a 12-month plan 

Who is it great for? 

The plus plan is perfect for small business owners. It is also a good choice for starter and advanced bloggers who want to explore more benefits and launch multiple sites. 

Start your blog with the plus plan today. 

And the final option we have is….

The Choice Plus Plan 

The choice plus plan gives you additional benefits. Domain privacy and daily backups are the stars of this pricing plan.

  • You can start unlimited websites. 
  • Unlimited space to store data. 
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Free CDN
  • Domain privacy
  • Daily backups

You get a Codeguard service that backups your site daily. It is very helpful when you accidentally delete an important page from your site. I have done it once.

However, you can also get codeguard as an add-on with the basic and the plus plan. 

Bluehost Choice Plus Pricing Structure

  • $5.45 per month for a 36-month
  • $6.45 per month for a 24-month
  • $7.45 per month for a 12-month

You will notice that the pricing is the same as the plus plan. But you will have to pay for additional services like codeguard pricing. 

Who is it for? 

Small businesses and bloggers who want to grow their business should consider taking the choice plus plan. 

Start your blog with the Choice plus plan today. 

There is also a pro plan that is for big businesses. It starts at $13.95 that includes all these services with expert support.

Pros and Cons Of Bluehost 

Here are some of the pros and cons of starting your blog on Bluehost. 


  • Free domain for a year (costs $11 to $15 per year)
  • 24*7 customer support
  • 5 Free domain emails (costs $20 to $25 per year)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • Renewal charges are high 
  • You will have to pay for addons if you want to try them.

By now you must have picked your plan. Let’s now get you a blog. 

How to Start a Blog On Bluehost? 

I love Bluehost because starting a blog is super easy and quick. 

You will get your blog in 10 minutes maximum. 

Just follow this step by step process. 

Sign up page

Go to the Bluehost signup page. You will see a screen like this.

bluehost web hosting

Click on “Get Started” and then “view plans“. You can also choose WordPress hosting.

Select Your Pricing Plan 

Choose the pricing plan you want to go with. Click on that. 

bluehost pricing plans

Choose Domain Name

Enter your domain name on “create a domain name” and click next. 

If you are migrating your old blog then type on “use a domain you own” and click next. 

You haven’t picked a domain? Just scroll down and click on “I’ll create a domain later”.

choose bluehost domain

Fill Basic Details 

Now, fill out your basic details. Or you can sign up with Google. 

bluehost account details screen

Choose Payment Package

Pick whether you want to purchase a 36 or 24 or 12-month plan. 

Honestly, I go for a 36-month plan as it would save me half of the price. 

payment plan and package extras on bluehost screen

You can opt for package extras if you want to try them. 

Complete the Payment

Finally, enter your payment details, read the terms and complete the purchase.

payment details on bluehost

You will shortly receive a confirmation from Bluehost on how to set up your password. 

Now you can see how the dashboard works. You can start preparing to launch your blog. Yay!

Some FAQs On Bluehost & Its Hosting Prices

What if I want to cancel the subscription?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to cancel the plan.

What are some Bluehost alternatives? 

Some of the Bluehost alternatives are:

Can I pay monthly?

No, You get plans for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years basis.

Can I upgrade to a plus plan if I started with basic? 

Yes, you can. You can contact their customer service for the same.

Conclusion – Which Bluehost Plan Is Best? 

The best Bluehost plan for bloggers is the basic plan of $2.95 considering they want to keep their expenses minimum. 

But if you want to try out the advanced benefits then you should take the plus and choice plus plans. 

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I trust Bluehost because I have been using it for 1 and a half years. That’s why I recommend them. 

I am sure you will also love it. 

So, start your blog with Bluehost today and become a part of the Bluehost community.

What do you like the most about Bluehost? Which plan did you choose? 

Let me know in the comments. 

And please pin this post to help me grow as a blogger. 

how to choose the best bluehost plan for bloggers

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