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The Best Blog Planner To Manage Your Blog And Thrive!

the ultimate and the best blog planner for bloggers to manage their blogs and thrive

Can’t manage your blog? Is blogging proving too much to you? You, my friend, need the best blog planner. 

I won’t lie to you. Blogging isn’t just writing and publishing. There comes a list of tasks in between. 

To grow your blog you need to work on it. In such cases, blog planners help. 

I used to not believe in that. I was an “I would keep that in mind” type of person. 

Tracking was not my thing. 

But also, I used to take a month’s gap between publishing blog posts. Managing the blog was proving difficult to me. So I had to find a solution. 

Blog planning. 

Guess what?

Blog planning does help. 

Goal setting does help. 

Tracking does help. 

So, I ended up creating the best blog planner that helped me get results. And today, I’m sharing it with you. 

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the best blog planner for bloggers

Why Do You Need A Blog Planner? 

For me, the first step to do anything is to be intentional about it. 

I started my blog with many goals

  • Improve my writing skills.
  • Get published online.
  • Make money blogging. 

A blog planner helps you define those goals. 

Do you know that writing your goals makes you want to achieve them? 

But it’s not only about goals. 

It’s about the process that you follow. 

Things that are planned and organized well end great. 

I learned this in my 11 to 16 months of blogging. 

Then I decided to follow a planned approach to improve my blog SEO and planned to update my blog planner regularly. 

And it helped. 

I was able to grow my blog domain from 8 to 20 in those 5 months. 

So, if you are struggling to keep up with too many blogging tasks it’s time you start prioritizing those that are needed. 

And plan it with my blog planner. Here’s what you will get. 

The Best Printable Blog Planner 2021

tia says blog planner for new bloggers that is also printable

The printable blog planner has everything you need to manage your blog. 

It has more than 50 pages that include a lot. 

Here’s a quick overview of what you will be getting.

Goal Setting

This section is dedicated to setting realistic goals. The best way to achieve goals is to divide them into simpler goals. 

So, I have designed this section in a way that you set yearly goals then divide them into monthly goals then weekly, and finally daily goals. 

These are the pages you will get. 

  • Yearly goals. 
  • Month planner.
  • Weekly planner. 
  • Day planner (7 pages of each week with a to-do list)

Blog Traffic 

To grow blog traffic you need to keep track of everything. And it can be frustrating. 

So, I have included separate pages to simplify blog stats tracking for you. 

  • Yearly stats tracker.
  • Monthly stats tracker sheets (12 pages of each month, with daily tracking)

Income Reports

Keeping track of your blog income will not only keep you sane (as there will be many sources you will be earning from) but also help you grow it. 

So, I have included separate sections for popular sources. 

  • Income tracker
  • Blog expenses tracking sheet
  • Affiliate links and password keeper
  • Affiliate sales tracker
  • Product/services planner
  • Product sales tracker
  • Social media sales tracker

Blog Post Planner

This section includes these things. 

  • Yearly blog post ideas
  • Monthly blog post planner
  • Blog post planner page
  • Blog post promotion checklist

Newsletter Planner

Yes, it has one section for newsletters too. 

  • Yearly newsletter ideas.
  • Monthly newsletter planner.
  • Newsletter planner page. 

Social Media

If you are wondering if I have left Social media then, ahem ahem, I have included a dedicated section to social media too. 

Check out what it has got. 

  • Yearly social media followers tracker (includes all popular platforms) 
  • Facebook page planner
  • Yearly social media link clicks tracker.
  • Facebook group planner
  • Yearly social media sales tracker.
  • Instagram planner
  • Pinterest planner
  • Twitter planner
  • And a sponsored post planner 

Other Pages 

It also includes some other important pages like 

  • A beautiful cover page
  • A back page
  • A positive quote
  • 4 Other tasks planner 
  • 4 Extra sheets in case you need to add more ideas

Have A Look At The Whole Blog Schedule Planner 

all pages that the blog planner has part 1
all pages that blog planner has part 2

This blog planner has 59 pages in total. 

It is themed with a beautiful minimal peach-shaded color which looks just perfect with tint. 

You will get the planner in two forms. 

  • Blog planner pdf format
  • Individual pages. 

You can download both formats. I have kept the individual pages in pdf format so that you can print them more than one time. 

This way, you can use the same planner as many times as you want. 

Guess what? 

It is very affordable. It costs only $15.

You can get this great planner (that you can literally use for your whole life) for only $15

So what are you waiting for? Get the planner now! 

Make the blog planner yours!

Please pin this post to help me reach more overwhelmed bloggers! I’m on a mission to save blogs!

printable blog planner for bloggers

You will need this guide to create a strong plan to grow your blog.

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