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What if you could earn some money by selling crafts online? Do you know that you can make money crafting amazing handmade products from home? Follow these incredible ideas for homemade crafts, find yours on the list, and make some real money. 

No don’t hesitate now, I know the next thought on your mind would be “what if my idea is stupid and nobody likes it?” 

It happens. I remember the time when I was so nervous about starting this blog that it took me 2 months to finally gather all my courage and start it. But now, of all the decisions of my life, I can proudly say this is the one that I don’t regret. 

Much similar to my situation, one thing to keep in mind is NO IDEA IS STUPID!. In fact, I have learned that stupid ideas often make a wonderful difference. 

How to make money with homemade crafts?

Honestly, you can easily make money from homemade crafts by selling them anywhere. However, thinking about where to sell handmade crafts locally isn’t a good choice for beginners. 

Why? Because online business is much easier to set up than an offline business. 

Therefore you should start an online business.

What kind of crafts makes money?

As I mentioned earlier, NO IDEA IS STUPID! and it is very much enough. Whatever you love to create there are always some buyers looking for it. 

So, what crafts make money is not a question.

Every idea is welcome. Whether you

  • Create beautiful greeting cards
  • Design illustrated T-shirts
  • Make digital products
  • Create ebooks
  • Design Printables 
  • Make illustrations
  • Write content
  • And more.

Alternatively, no matter what you want to do you can always make money with homemade crafts.

Walk with me through the post and I’ll tell you the best ways to make money crafting the things buyers love!

Where to sell crafts and make money?

1. Start a Blog 

I can’t stress this enough. Starting a blog is a great way to start earning money. One of the famous bloggers Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents earns around $100,000 per month. Also, many bloggers are living their dreams by earning a full-time salary from a blog. 

If you ask anyone of the successful bloggers they will say “Quit your 9to5 job and start a blog right away!”

The best part about blogging is that you can blog about anything you want and you can display your homemade crafts to sell on it. 

Also, you can check out my 3 step guide and start a blog here.

If you are solely intended for your homemade crafts to sell then you should start a DIY blog on WordPress (my primary recommendation) and install the free WooCommerce plugin and set up your shop online. What next? Wait for the money to roll in!

2. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is the most popular choice for selling money-making crafts online. A lot of interested buyers visit daily to buy beautiful products for themselves. All you have to do is to show them your awesome products and they are yours!

Skillshare is a website dedicated to honing and teaching new skills to people like you and me. 

It is also a great choice because it is free for the first 60 days without filling any credential details and you are free to quit anytime. 

Etsy has made a dream come true for many creative people who are amazing at their crafts. 

3. Start on Instagram

It is not hidden from anyone that Instagram is one of the most famous websites available these days. Anything can easily become viral on Instagram. People in their spare time when they are not doing anything, are scrolling through the Instagram feed. Why not show them amazing crafts to buy?

If you wish to promote your products to an extremely large population then you ought to choose Instagram. For this, create a free business account so that you can have access to the insights of the posts and set up your online display. 

You can also connect your Etsy shop or your blog to this Instagram account and double your span. 

4. Create a Shopify site.

Shopify is an all-in-one way to make a sharp presence online. Meaning, if you want to have a website and a shop as well then you should consider creating an account on Shopify. 

It is just like selling online on Etsy. It is not so much different. 

If you use WordPress for your website or blog then just like a WooCommerce plugin there is a Shopify plugin to connect your website with your online shop. 

5. Start a Facebook page.

You may have heard of this before. Why? Because it works. Facebook is a favorite location for many people across the world. Yes, across the world! Who do you think has made Mr. Zuckerberg a billionaire? 

We people! 

Starting with Facebook can be a kick start for your business. You can reach so many people online. 

Facebook also allows its users to create a free page and maintain it. You can create a free Facebook page in less than 10 minutes and start promoting your products online. 

Tip- A lot of ways are there to boost your business such as paid advertising. Use these resources only when you feel an urgent need. 

All of the above-mentioned ways are to start a business online and sell your easy homemade crafts. You can go to anyone. 

What I think will be beneficial to a money-making business in terms of reach is to start a website, connect it to a shop where you can sell your crafts and promote your products on the famous platforms for a larger reach. 

How to make money crafting?

There are unlimited ways to make money crafting at home. Here is a list of all those easy ideas for handmade crafts to sell and earn money.

Best crafts to make money 

1. Illustrations.

Illustrations to make easily

You can make catchy illustrations and easily display them on your blog. For example, you can sell online avatars. People love buying stuff to decorate their blogs. 

Check out how Angela from Stray Curls sell her illustrations online. Her comic Stray Curls about the everyday struggles of a curly-haired girl is also very popular.

2. Easy Printables. 

Creating Printables is one of the easiest works to do. You can create them effortlessly. The good news is that people are active buyers of printables. 

The only thing is that they must be appealing to the buyers. Make sure you create printables that are relevant to the buyers. 

Some of the examples that you can consider are –

  • Playbooks, notebooks, and sketchbooks for those moms who want them for their kids.
  • Diet plan, Food Chart, and more for fitness freaks.
  • Grocery list planner for daily housewives.
  • Daily diary for teenagers.
  • And the more you think the more the list goes on.

3. Self-designed Clothes.

You can also find this one really useful. If you are a lover of art and you can create unique art then this can be a consideration. 

You may have seen many times people wearing plain T-shirts with only one illustrated piece of art. These are sold by people like us in their shops.

Check out how Jas and Joe, a couple, sell super cute kids clothes on their Etsy shop Creative Jas Designs that you fall in love with the moment you see them.

Home Crafts that make money

4. Homemade Soap.

Well, this may sound uncommon to you but selling scented soaps is what many people are doing to make money today. 

It is also a fun craft to make and sell. If you want to have a deeper look at this point just open Pinterest and search for homemade soaps. 

You can follow this DIY tutorial to learn how to make homemade soap.

A source by Tanya Anderson from Lovely Greens.

Also, you can take inspiration from Pinterest. 

5. Scented Candles.

Easy made homemade scented candles

Just like the previous one you can easily sell online homemade scented candles in beautiful shapes and sizes. 

People love buying them. You can also learn how to make scented candles. To get started go to Pinterest or watch DIY tutorials on YouTube. 

Whenever I would start with my Etsy shop, I will also like to sell scented candles. I mean, I know it would not be as easy as it sounds when I say “it’s just a wax that is to be melted” but it really is fun!

6. Jewelry and accessories.

A friend of mine, who also owns an Etsy shop, crafts such beautiful jewelry pieces that you can resist. 

Just imagine when it comes to girls, they are capable of emptying your whole shop. 

Also, if you have a deeper look at the items that you can make it is a rich list.

  • Earrings ( they are super easy to make).
  • Bangles
  • Anklets
  • Pendant.
  • Chain
  • Bracelets

I don’t know all of these accessories (I don’t think I’m a girly kind of girl) but you can have a fair idea of the types of business that you can start online.

7. Stuffed Toys. 

Homemade crafts to make and sell

Stuffed toys are loved by kids and kids are loved by everyone, almost every kid (you must have looked at my expression when I say it!). So it is not a surprise that mom and dad buy their kids a lot of stuffed toys.

Start selling them. It is a profitable business. Always remember to use colors that are easily attracted to a kid’s eye. 

I don’t know why I said that. 

8. Father’s Day special.

It’s a season special. Learn some wonderful father’s day homemade crafts and sell them online. 

A good thing about season specials is that they bring with them a lot of sales. 

Don’t you see it? Wait let me clear it with an example. 

When winters come only then you are excited to buy woolens. Right? You don’t buy them in the summer. Because it is a waste of money. 

Similarly, it has also a bad thing which is when the season is off, your sales are not going to be high. 

If you just want to start a side business then a seasonal sale is perfect. Another thing to do is to create some crafts for Mother’s Day special. 

9. Valentine’s Day Special.

Aye, that’s special! Just like Mama Papa days it is also a season special. But these can always be in high demand. Why? Do I need to tell you that!

Create some homemade crafts for Valentine’s Day and watch the money roll in!

 10. Handbags and Purses.

Many ladies will love to buy your handmade purses for themselves and many gentlemen will love to buy your handmade purses for their lovely ladies when they will see that you are selling them handmade purses that are vegan.

It will be a save for animal skin. You will be promoting a good message. Win! Win!

11. Baby Blankets

A newborn baby deserves comfortable handling. Why not make some super cute baby blankets and turn the newly made parents shopping into baby shopping goals? 

Here is a baby blanket idea. 

 12. Fabric Keychains. 

Homemade crafts to make and sell

Online selling is successful for products that are unique and extraordinarily beautiful. Keychains could fit in the case well. 

Learn some basic keychain creating techniques and make them easily.

 13. Printed Mugs.

Many illustrators sell their illustrations by printing them on plain coffee mugs and make a big chunk of money. 

You can also use this effective craft for making money.

Ah! These crafts to make money at home are waking up the curious side of me!

14. Wind Chimes.

Homemade crafts to make and sell

Oh I love them and their chime! If you start an online store to sell wind chimes, I am definitely buying from you! 

Now just imagine how many people will be like this when you will display in front of them your beautiful wind chimes.

You might think I am a shopping addict. But trust me, I am not. No I am not!

15. Knitted Scarves or Woolens.

Impress your buyers with some of your incredible knitting skills. Sell beautiful woolen scarves online and earn a lot of money!

List Of Easy Homemade Crafts

One more list of some useful DIY crafts that make money from home. 

16. DIY Colorful Confetti Trays – Learn how to turn boring trays into sparkling confetti trays!

17. DIY Mini Mountains (Paper Holders) – Mini mountains to sell.

18. DIY Cute Ribbon Toys for Children – Kids will love these cute ribbon toys.

19. DIY Sugar Scrubs – Watch how to make a sugar scrub.

 20. DIY Stylish Wall Clocks – Modern wall clocks can take some of the practice.

21. Origami Flower Bowls – Much simple!

 22. Decorated Flower Pots/Vases – Decorate these cute pots and sell them online.

 23. DIY Glass Pendant Necklace – Beautiful necklace and simple to make.

24. DIY All-Time Napkins – Have a look at the price that you can also earn by selling them.

25. Colorful Needle Case – Simple and cute needle case to make and sell.

26. Wooden Serving Trays – Learn how to make a wooden serving tray.

27. DIY Cardboard Photo frames – Simple photo frames to sell.

28. Easy Drawstring Bags – Drawstring bags are the most simple to make. Watch how she makes a round drawstring bag easily.

 29. DIY Color Block Box – Beautiful color boxes to keep small stuff.

 30. DIY Notepad -Make and sell these crafty notepads that people love to buy.

 31. DIY Mobile Cases – Learn how to turn transparent plastic cases into colorful mobile covers.

How to Promote Your Newly Started Craft Business to a Large Audience?

I hate to be the one to tell you this but starting a craft business, however difficult, is not the happy ending of your fairytale.

Instead, it is just a beginning. Just starting an online store will not automatically show your products to the buyers. You have to promote your business all the time and everywhere. 

To do this, follow these steps.

1. Write blog posts about your crafts.

Describe your beautiful crafts so that you can lure more buyers to your shop. You may find it weird but if you write DIY tutorials or how-to posts about your craft and tell people how these little crafts have made you money so easily, it will help you with more visitors in your shop. 

Read this post here to learn how to write viral posts.

2. Promote on Social Media.

Just like I said earlier in this post, the best way to reach the maximum population is to start a website where you can sell your products (or connect to an online shop) and promote on all of the famous social media platforms. 

This way you can attract people from all sides. How? See, those who are not on Instagram will get the news from Facebook, some will come from Twitter and more and more.

3. Start an Email list. 

Personally send your buyers the announcement of your upcoming amazing crafts and show them how useful it is for them. An email list is responsible for turning visitors into buyers. 

Use an email list to start right.

4. Offer deals.

Deals are said to convert into amazing sales. Launch exciting offers regularly and win your customers effortlessly.


Above, I have shared with you some of the best ideas for homemade crafts that make money. If you follow any one of them with the right approach you can easily make money in crafts. 

According to me, it is the simplest and effortless way to make money because here you are doing something that you love doing. And hard work seems fun when you love the work you are doing. 

There you go! 

Which one of those are you going to try first? Do you have any more ideas? Are you planning to start an online business? If so, let me know I’ll love to visit your shop! 

Please Pin me for later!

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