11 best affiliate programs for bloggers

11 Best & High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers (Easy to Join)

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One of the best ways of monetizing a new blog is affiliate marketing. Here’s a list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers who are starting to make money. 


I have to write about the best affiliate programs for beginners because I have been getting a few requests. So here it is. 

But first, to start making money through affiliate marketing you must have a beginner-level understanding of what is affiliate marketing and how to do it. 

Therefore, if you don’t know it yet here’s a guide on how to start affiliate marketing for free. 

And if you know about it let’s not waste time anymore and get straight to the list. 


beginner friendly affiliate programs

This post may contain some affiliate links that is I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you that I would use to maintain this blog. Thanks for understanding.

Do I Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing? 

No, you don’t. 

Although there are also affiliate programs for beginners without a website having one makes the promotion process very easy. 

Plus, it also opens a lot of ways that you can promote the products so that your offer sounds more promising to your audience. 

Don’t have a blog? Take my free but the most detailed course to start a blog on your own.


One more thing I wanted to tell you. Will take no time. I promise. 

Should I Pay To Join An Affiliate Program?

No. You should never pay to become an affiliate for a company. Joining affiliate programs is always free. Also, there are many awesome affiliate programs for free that you can join, promote and start earning. 

Never fall into the trap.

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Network? 

It’s very important to choose the right network so that you promote the right products to the right people. 

Therefore, here I have listed some of the things to keep in mind when you are choosing an affiliate program to join. 

How To Start Learning Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to dig deeper into affiliate marketing (which you should because it has great potential) then you should start with Carly’s customized course on Affiliate Marketing for bloggers.

Carly's Affiliate Marketing Course For Bloggers

So it’s time to head over to the list of affiliate programs for websites that are not very old. 

11 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

I have tried to collect only those affiliate networks that bloggers from any niche can join easily. 

But to be sure please don’t join any network if you don’t find relevant products that your target audience would buy.

1- Amazon Associates

amazon affiliate program for bloggers

Amazon Associates is one of those affiliate networks that every beginner blogger dreams to join. 

It is because of the variety of product niches it has to offer. You can find a good range of products that would be perfect for your blog niche. 

Plus, it’s a good choice for beginners who are just starting.

However, their pay is not very high. But you get all of the products in one dashboard and you can also track your results. 

And you just need them to click on your link and when they enter the Amazon store the rest is done automatically. 

You can sign up for Amazon Affiliate for free but to qualify for the network you must make 3 sales in 3 months. 

If you fail to do so then you need to reapply for it. 

Become An Amazon Affiliate here. 

2- Commission Junction

commission junction affiliate program for bloggers to join and start earning money.

Commission Junction is another great affiliate program for WordPress bloggers. 

Do you know more than 1 billion website owners are making money from Commission Junction? 

And it is said to have partnered with top brands. Therefore, you can expect a good payout. 

You can sign up for Commission Junction and get instant approval. Then you get to choose from the merchants that you want to promote. 

Once you have made your list, sign up for an individual affiliate and get approved. 

Upon approval, you will get unique links that you will use for promotion. 

Sign up for Commission Junction here.

3- SkimLinks 

skimlinks affiliate network

You would love SkimLinks because it will automatically create affiliate links for you. However, you can also add links by yourself. 

But it’s great when you don’t have an idea how to smartly place affiliate links. 

SkimLinks pay $2.5 million every day to their affiliates. 

SkimLinks is a certified affiliate network with USDAA, EDAA, and IAB with complete GDPR compliance.

Join the SkimLinks Affiliate Program here. 

4- FlexOffers


FlexOffers is another great option for beginners to start making money from affiliate programs. 

It might be the biggest affiliate network present today. It has more than 12,000 merchants. 

However, the payment is very minimal as they cut a percentage of it. 

Sign up for FlexOffers here. 

5- Shareasale

shareasale affiliate program

Shareasale is the largest affiliate network and also a good option for beginners to join. 

One amazing about Shareasale is that they pay per click. Meaning, you can get paid for every sale that is made through your link plus every time a reader clicks on your link. (Even if he hasn’t purchased anything.)

Shareasale pays its affiliates on the 20th of every month and the minimum payout is $50. 

Become A Shareasale Affiliate Here. 

When I started monetizing my blog, I sent an application and got rejected. At that time, I didn’t know about the proper legal pages that you should have on your blog. 

So if you don’t have legal pages make sure you get these before applying for affiliate programs.

6- Impact

impact affiliate program for beginners

The impact is a new affiliate marketing platform. It was established in 2008.

It works similar to Commission Junction. That is, you join the affiliate network and then you will have to sign up for individual merchants. 

The benefit of having this system is that you can track your results on one dashboard only. 

I have been using Impact for a while and it works super awesome. 

Sign up For Impact Affiliate Program here. 

7- Clickbank

clickbank affiliate network

Clickbank is a popular affiliate network because of the wide range of products it has to offer.

Clickbank has been in the industry for over 17 years now. 

Plus, it has products for which you can get paid up to 75% commission and some products that have recurring payments every month. 

Some of these features make Clickbank a good choice for beginners to start affiliate marketing. 

Join The Clickbank Affiliate Program here. 

8- Awin

awin affiliate network

Awin affiliate network was formed after merging two affiliate networks Zanox and Affilinet. 

So it is a new network. But it still has more than 211,000+ active affiliates. 

One thing that you should know about Awin is that it has a variety of products that are not digital so if your blog niche is something related then you can join the network.

Join The Awin Affiliate Program Here.

9- Bluehost

Bluehost is my present web hosting provider and that’s why I joined the Bluehost affiliate program.

It is one of those high-ticket affiliate programs for beginners that pay very well. Bluehost pays $65 on every purchase. 

If you are in a food niche or any other then you may think if joining a web hosting program is good or not. And if you don’t want to then you must not. 

However, if some of your readers want to start their food blog inspired by yours then in that situation you can join the Bluehost affiliate program and share your affiliate link. 

Join The Bluehost Affiliate Program here. 

10- Mailerlite


Mailerlite is the email marketing software that I’m currently using and loving. That’s also the reason why I became an affiliate.

PRO TIP – Promote products that you have used and have a pleasant experience with. I would never promote a product for money if it isn’t good for my readers. 

For example, I had purchased a Pinterest course but I never signed up for an affiliate because I didn’t like it. 

Back to Mailerlite, for every successful signup, you will get $30 and the minimum payout is $60. 

Sign up for Mailerlite Affiliate Program. 

You can also sign up for the email marketing software that you are presently using. 

RELATED – Getting Started With Email Marketing. 

11- Grammarly

grammarly proofreading tool

Grammarly is the best affiliate program for beginners who are just getting started. 

Because, as a blogger, you use Grammarly to fix errors and run spell checks for the content you write. 

So, if your readers also want to produce error-free content then you can use your affiliate link and recommend the Grammarly tool. 

The Grammarly affiliate program pays $25 on every premium purchase. But I love that they pay $0.20 on every free signup. 

Become Grammarly Affiliate here.

So there were some of the best affiliate programs for beginners. However, you can also join affiliate programs of individual brands of your choice. 

For example, I’m an affiliate of Angela’s affiliate program. She sells her amazing courses and digital products. 

Some FAQs On Easy Affiliate Programs For Beginners

1- How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing? 

You can start affiliate marketing with my affiliate marketing for beginners guide. It’s very easy to start affiliate marketing.

2- How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates promote the unique links given to them and whenever someone buys from their links they are paid by the merchant.

3- Where Can I Promote Affiliate Links?

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you can promote them in many ways. For example, some places where you can promote these affiliate programs are Pinterest, social media, email list, and on your blog.

4- Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? 

Yes. You can. It is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog. I remember when I first got the email that I made a sale. It was truly amazing. You can make money from affiliate marketing if you have awesome content.


To sum up, these were my 11 top affiliate programs for beginners. 


I wanted this list to be extremely relevant for beginners who have just started blogging and want to earn income from their efforts. 

That’s why I have included only those affiliate programs that accept beginners. 

However, to be accepted your website must be complete, and always make sure that it has important legal pages. 

Another thing is that getting results may take time so don’t expect to get quick sales.

Your site must have helpful content that supports the products you are promoting. 

So, I hope you have chosen which affiliate network you are joining. 

If you liked this post please share it with your friends. 

11 best affiliate programs for bloggers

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