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The author of this go to place for new and aspiring bloggers to find actionable blogging tips to grow their blogs and businesses

My signature are like nothing else on the market, create content that helps my readers solve their problems. I aim to help my clients by writing amazing content that makes them the incredible brands they are.

I started as a book reviewer. It was the first time I ever got published online (I got paid $10 for the first book review) and the idea thrilled me. So I started a book blog and after a few months I started this blog. 

I learned SEO and copywriting in my 2 year journey. I saw that businesses and bloggers are not leveraging their blogs correctly. Most websites don’t have a blog. Many aren’t publishing anything. 

They were just giving away the most powerful & free marketing tool. 

That’s why I started blogging. It is a go to resource for bloggers and small business owners to find easy to apply blogging tips so they can grow their business as well as income.

I publish everything from starting a successful blog to growing blog traffic, to managing it and monetizing it successfully.

Who Is My Blog For? 

This blog is for anyone who wants to start a blog, make money from it, and want to become a better writer. It helps aspiring bloggers grow their blog traffic, make money blogging, build an email list, and build a brand online.

This is why I created this ultimate walkthrough for you to start a blog and grow it. It is a finely picked collection of all those blog posts that you would ever need to become a successful blogger.

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