Welcome To The About Page Of Tia Says

Hi there! I’m so glad that you came to read this section of my blog. I hope you find some easy and actionable blogging tips to try on your blog.

A Bit About Tia Says

Initially, I started Tia Says to publish writing tips for beginners who want to start writing. Later when I learned more about blogging I started publishing blogging tips also. 

Who Is Tia Says For? 

Tia Says is for anyone who wants to start a blog, make money from it, and want to become a better writer. It helps aspiring bloggers grow their blog traffic, make money blogging, build an email list, and build a brand online.

This is why I created this ultimate walkthrough for you to start a blog and grow it. It has everything you would ever need to become a successful blogger

It only publishes beginner friendly tips that are actionable and bring results. Visit the blog to find out more. 

If you want to start a blog follow my 3 step guide.

Or are you looking for tools to run your blog? Visit the resources section. 

Also, I have a small shop, if you want to check out. 

A Bit About Me


I’m Ekta Swarnkar, the author behind Tia Says and an SEO content writer. 

I have been writing when I was 17 (I started as a book reviewer) and started learning SEO writing when I started my blog. 

Other than writing for websites, I have also written book reviews for many writers and online portals when I had no idea what is blogging. 

After making money as a book reviewer and freelance writer, I started Tia Says. 

And starting this blog is one of the decisions I’m proud of. 

If you want me to write for your website visit my services page. 

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