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45+ Insanely Creative Ways to Save Money!

45+ Insanely Creative Ways to Save Money

You may feel that you don’t need to save money. Why do we follow some ways to save money when we have enough to enjoy life. We all don’t feel it until a serious problem comes to us and we regret it. I know the reason. Actually, Our minds are easily attracted to all the luxurious baits that we can never reach the decision of saving money for however important it is for us.

Life is unpredictable.

This is the very explanation of why some people are planning to save money and also why the remaining people don’t think about it at all. A good reason why we should think of it is to

Save money live better.

If you have some savings kept then you can easily solve big problems. So, a wise and right thing to do is to start saving money now and give yourself a better future.

Let’s have a flashback for you to better understand what I mean.

You must have asked for a piggy bank in your childhood from your parents. And you have collected a coin daily in it. The day when you had used your money you were very proud.

Why? Because you had made good use of your savings.

You were useful in a good way.

Effective Ways to Save Money Fast!

Why is saving money important?

Before answering this question I have to answer another one. I know you are like “Hey Ekta, why all of a sudden you want us to save money, we are not old?”

So, my dear friend, I know you may feel that this is not an age to save money but it is. When you start saving now you will have it in the future. You don’t have to worry later.

Saving money is an important aspect of your present and future. Its impact on your present shows an effect on your future. When you have some money saved you are willing to live life more happily. You are more daring. And you are looking to give yourself a stable future.

Some benefits of saving money are

  • If you start saving a little now then you will have big savings in the future.
  • Gives you the power to control some unwanted expenses.
  • Helps you give satisfaction.
  • Lets you live with freedom.

What exactly means saving money?

Saving money means to reduce your unwanted expenses and keep that money for future use. It must not be confused with no spending money.

Some people when told to save money, quit spending money even in the necessary requirements. This way they end up not knowing many important things about life.

When someone asks them “How to save money fast?” they will tell them to stop buying anything and keep money saved.

It is wrong.

Saving Money simply means you reduce the money spent on things that you feel are not so important. Therefore, it is part of smart thinking.

And you always want to be smart, not stupid. Right? Right!

How to save money?

Once you have decided to save money you have already taken a smart decision. Cheers!

But saving money is not a one or two days task. It is, in fact, a practice of years. So what to do? You have to learn how to save money every month and collect that saved money every year.

It is time for thinking differently. Make it a habit to save money wherever you can and watch coins piling up.

Now you will be like “Hey Ekta, so how to save money up? How to save money fast? How to save money more?”

Control your curiosity, dude! You have a good friend. Me, Of course!

Don’t worry, I have prepared a long list of the best tips to save money quickly.

Get yourself seated comfortably because all you need is in here below. Use these super simple tips to save money. You won’t be regretting it.

Here is the list of all the awesome ways to save money.

1. Plan your savings.

The first thing to do is to plan your daily savings. Keeping it all scheduled is a good way to control wastage. For this, you can follow these helpful tips on how to save money every day.

  • Make a save money planner. Compare the expenditure before and after deciding. Record your expenditure and savings.
  • Or you could prepare a save money chart. Decide an amount that you will be spending every day then you can keep the remaining in your savings.
  • If you don’t know how to prepare a planner or chart then you can also join some apps that help you save money. It will give you a pre-designed schedule for your savings.

All of these steps are good and you can use any one of them. I prefer a self-made planner because I’m more of a pen-paper girl.

If you want to be strict then you must follow this step.

2. Set goals.

Setting goals will keep you connected to your task. It will always remind you of your goal whenever you forget to avoid unwanted expenses.

It can be overwhelming! Right? To have saving goals. That’s why I say that you follow the “START SMALL. THINK BIG” mantra.

Start with weekly goals. Slowly set monthly goals and then move to yearly goals. And you would have acquired the special power to save money.

You will notice a change in yourself. You will become more likely to save money more.

3. Make a budget on a monthly basis.

Budgeting your daily requirements leads to spending less. And saving more!

I would like you to plan your budget by yourself. Do not take the help of any mobile application for this. Because you know your expenses much better than any app.

Divide the money into separate amounts for specific needs. Do not spend money without checking it’s requirement scale.

A requirement scale is a level given by you for certain things on a scale of its need. Keep that scale to your mind or if you like then you can create a scale in a paper sheet but I think you can memorize your important needs. Isn’t it? (*wink)

4. Use 1 day Rule.

Set a daily value of expensive things you can buy. Go by that digit. If you have brought the items that you can buy on that day then wait for the other day for new stuff.

Start online shopping. You can save the item in your cart to purchase later.

The ideal number of products you can buy each day can be 2 to 3.


5. Money bills.

Money bills cover almost all of your necessary expenses other than food and personal. If not maintained, they can swipe up whooping money easily. For this, here are some useful tips on how to save money bills.

How to save on electricity bills?

  • Switch off the unnecessary lights or fans. Reduce the use of big appliances wherever you can. 
  • Do not watch excessive television.
  • Don’t use Air Conditioners.

6. Go for Online Shopping.

You can easily save money by shopping online. Yes, it is true. Some tips on how to save money here are

  • All you have to do is set some filters.
  • Buy things that are extremely necessary. 
  • Unsubscribe all those emails that always lure you to buy from them.

7. Cut useless Grocery items.

Groceries are important. It can be really hard to save here. What you can do here is an ideal selection of requirements. Follow these tips on how to save money on groceries.

Cut the items that you don’t use.

I have an interesting story related to this. When I was a kid, my mom used to give me spinach and I hated it. Now, I am a big girl but I know spinach is healthy and I don’t hate it anymore. But what I deleted from my list is mustard. I really don’t find any use of it.

How to save on grocery shopping?

Buy products on the basis of your monthly consumption and after analyzing the remaining products of the previous month.

8. Food.

Being a foodie myself, I find it difficult to save here. But in order to gain something you have to sacrifice something.

Here, my friend, your gaining would be money, and sacrificing would be extra food. 

Want to know how to save money on food?

  • Prepare a monthly food chart. Stick to it.
  • Try to prepare most of your food by yourself.

Take a case, your per day expense on food is around $5 when you buy, but when you prepare your own food by yourself that will cost you roughly $2 to $3 dollars.

You can save a minimum of $2 per day that means $60 dollars in a month and $720 dollars in a year on food. See, I told you the bigger picture is better.

9. Unhealthy Snacks.

Cut unhealthy snacks as much as possible. Alternatively, you are giving yourself a healthy lifestyle. Analyze how much you generally spend on snacks. Then try to spend only half of it on some healthy snacks while keeping the remaining in your savings.

10. Coins clashing!

You have to tip yourself daily for doing such a nice job of saving money. C’mon give yourself some credit, you are doing a fine job. Add a coin in your piggy bank daily. Set yearly goals. Fill one bank then another and another.

11. College hacks.

I know you are thinking “College is for fun if I worry about saving here how can I have fun?” (I know that it is for studies) That’s why you can follow these tips to save money in college.

  • Saving money as a college student can involve saving in those things that you use daily. 
  • Save money on books. Try not to buy new books. Issue them in your library card. 
  • Don’t buy extra notebooks. 
  • Study online.

12. Drink more water!

Well, that simply means to avoid drinking costly beverages. Health is a concern, isn’t it? Beverages are not healthy for you and your savings. Say no to them.

13. Have a regular body checkup.

Keep your health the first concern. Have a full body checkup once in a month. Avoid the risk of serious diseases. Because diseases when come bring a long hospital bill and bitter medicines.

14. Manage Part-time jobs.

Earn extra cash by doing some freelance gigs. Keep that money in your savings. Take some to treat yourself. Yes, you deserve it.

Read the post here to find out the best and effective online sites that pay you big money for freelance gigs.

Similarly, you can read these awesome ways to make easy money online.

15. Walk your routes.

A simple and effective way to save money on gas or to save on diesel is to walk more often. To make it fun download a walking app and set daily goals in terms of steps.

Also, use a bicycle for long distances.

Again, it is a step forward towards your health. And Mother Earth will be very proud of you!

16. Cancel magazine subscriptions.

These are actually some unwanted expenses. You do not really need them when you already have an Internet connection. However, you can subscribe to some of your favorite magazines online and stay updated.

17. Grow some vegetables yourself.

And use them in your daily food. What you will find is a more proud person, a tastier meal, and a happy life. But you still have to wake up and live the next day, Right? It hurts but it will be fine.

18. Follow save money quotes.

I know I may sound silly. However, it is effective. You get inspired daily to save more. You are told daily that you are doing good work. Slowly you will get rid of your bad habits. You are happy.

When I was a kid, I got a school assignment to write a quote. I still remember I chose to write on water conservation and the quote that I had written was.

Save water in the tank, like money in the bank.

a 10-year-old girl

I realize it now if you flip it can still work fine. Just kidding, it is a 10-year-old girl’s quote.

19. Get save money ideas more.

Read books that give some serious advice on saving money. Or you can also follow some blogs on saving money. These update daily tips on how to save money. Look for them and implement them in your daily life.

20. Go vegan.

Meat is costly and excess can be unhealthy. Reduce your monthly consumption or maybe decide a day in a month to treat yourself with a tasty meal.

Eating vegetables can be healthy. To make it a fun game, watch youtube recipes, and try different vegetable dishes.

21. Start a blog as a side business.

I can’t stress this enough. A blog is a wonderful means of earning money. You do not have to quit your daily job for this. If you wish then you can manage some time for it.

You know what, if the blog works wonderful then you don’t have to worry about saving money.

Follow my in-depth guide to start a money-making blog in 7 quick steps.

Or get take my free email course to get all the tips delivered to your email.

22. Waterproof your house.

It is to avoid unnecessary expenses. Prevent your house from ill weather. Imagine if your house is not waterproof then how much you have to pay for its maintenance.

Therefore, search for other places also where you can prevent big damage. And get them sorted.

23. Switch off Air Conditioners.

Now you are committed to saving money. You will find your AC is taking high electricity units and that can be avoided. Once you decide to turn off the AC and turn on fans you will see a good amount of your savings are coming from this zone.

24. Change your Mobile plan.

In place of choosing an unlimited plan (costlier) select a per month plan (cheaper) in which you can use the remaining services the next day.

Track your usage and delete those options that you find useless.

25. Share your Entertainment.

Get connected with your friends. Share common interests with them. If you ask your friend to share with you their CDs and DVDs collection, I’m sure they will say yes. Tell them your special goal to save money and they will get motivated to start their own.

26. Share your clothes.

Just like your entertainment, you can use some of your friends’ clothes to avoid unnecessary shopping. Eventually, you can give your friends some of your clothes.

Spend some good time with your friends in a garden. Don’t go to any expensive place. You know why!

27. Learn to stitch.

You should be able to repair your stuff in case it is broken. If you look at these minute ways to save money then only you will be able to make a big deal of saved money.

You can learn stitching and other stuff on skillshare. Join for free and get 60 days free subscription.

Similarly, learn to repair damaged things. Buy only when you check it on the requirement scale and it can not be repaired.

28. Avoid food waste.

Food waste is a serious problem that must be solved. There are 2 to 3 pounds of food wasted every day. If you think about it then you will realize that if everyone decides to save food then it can only be solved. Some of the tips to save food are

  • Reuse the leftovers.
  • Prepare enough food.
  • Use the refrigerator to store the leftovers.

29. Switch to LEDs.

LED lights save much energy than compared to CFL bulbs and others. Changing your lights can be a great decision. Some else tips to how to save money on light are

  • Keep your windows open and enjoy natural light. 
  • Always switch off the lights when leaving a room.
  • You can also not use lights in rooms that you rarely use.

30. Sell your extra stuff.

Online sell those things that you find no longer of your use. Earn money from it and keep it to your savings. There are websites on which some people sell their old stuff and some people buy it at a second-hand price.

For this, you can sell your extra stuff on websites like depop and eBay.

Below I have some insanely creative ways to save money. Now when I say insane I mean insane.

Creative Tips to Save Money

31. Do your laundry by yourself. Save money by not sending your clothes to your washing center.

32. Reduce the quantity of detergent in half. You will notice that it produces the same lather.

33. Gift your friend hand made items. They present more value and you will end up saving money.

34. Instead of going in your favorite eating places alone make a habit to go out with friends once a week. Sometime they will pay and sometimes you do it for them.

35. Select 2 or 3 places and go there only. You will make new friends there and they can help you with amazing deals and discounts.

36. Do your haircut. Yes, learn to cut your hair by yourself and save the money.

37. Take a trial session of a gym. These are generally free of cost. Learn some good exercise and then do them in your home. Do not waste money on gym fees. Or better do yoga daily.

38. Rent your car to earn some extra cash.

39. Paint other houses. In short, explore all those types of part-time jobs in your area that you feel you can do.

40. Babysit your neighbor’s kid.

41. Pet-sit your neighbor’s pet. Only if you like them. They can bite you!

42. Work in malls as a part-time accountant.

43. Use less toothpaste daily. Haha lol, it works.

44. Cut the use of paper towels.

45. Try to make your own bread. Learn to make some daily use products. Like ketchup, detergent, and more.

46. Keep patience and do not lose hope.

Final Thoughts

Saving money will not make you rich overnight. It is also not something that will solve all your problems. It is just a good habit which when taken in good use can bring some good results.

I have shared a list of all those good tips to save money that I feel are capable of bringing good results. It is not that these are enough. It is also not that you can not explore new ideas. All you need is to ask yourself daily how to save money more?

In the end, I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post. It only makes me believe that you are willing to save money for your better future.

I also want to tell you don’t involve yourself in saving money so much that you forget to live your life. The Ultimate goal is to live happily, Remember?

That’s it. Enough of me talking.

Now your turn.

Tell me about the tips that you used to save money. Or do you have any new and amazing ideas to save money? If so, please share it with me. I would love to save money more!

Ekta Swarnkar

I'm Ekta Swarnkar. I'm a B2B Copywriter for SaaS and Marketing companies and blogger at Tia Says. I started this blog to publish blogging and writing tips for beginners to help them grow their blogs. I also share the best tools they can use easily.

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